Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matt Hasselback To Be Released

The Seahawks have no apparent intentions on bringing Matt Hasselback back this season. This has been speculated for sometime now, but is it the right move. No one cam deny he has had lack luster performances over his career, but will they improve with Tavaris Jackson? I say absolutely not, but they did give him $8milliom over 2 seasons which is mind boggeling. Jackson hasn't really shown much to make me think he is a worthy back up let alone a starter. Maybe this move is to make sure there a bottom 2-3 team in an attempt to grab that top spot for Andrew Lock next season.
There is some interest with in the Seahawks organization to sign Matt Leinart, which would reunite Carrol and him from there USC days. Though Leinart was a huge dissapointment in Arizona, I feel this could help jump start his career. The Seahawks have Mike Williams who seems poised to have another solid season, as long has someone can get him the ball. The winner in all this is Hasselback if he finds a new home. Maybe Cleveland? Him and Holmgren have a history, and I think McCoy would benefit from a veteran guy to learn from, and possibly watching for a season or two and being patient. But seriously this is a move I don't think makes the Seahawks better.

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