Thursday, February 13, 2014

Welcome Back

    Finally after a hiatus , we have decided to return to blogging. Shortly after starting this Blog I began writing for a few other bigger blogs,  then between having our first child and work I had to take a break.  With the new year here, and a 2nd child on the way,  it's time to start back up.  While we will continue to cover all sports, the main emphasis will be on the NFL, fantasy and news.  We will be covering all teams across all sports, but we will also be going deeper into the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati reds Franchises.
    There will be a few other guest bloggers posting as before, and Ryan will also be apart of this.  We have decided that a new Domain name  will come soon, and as well as a owned domain.  We plan on offering fantasy football leagues ran off page for readers.  A few great opportunities have come up in the past few weeks to hopefully gain us some following in order to spread the word about site, and get followers and fans!  
     I know it has been a while since we regularly posted to this site, but we hope some of our previous followers are still out there willing to give us a read!  For those still with us, we want to hear from you as we are getting organized for our relaunch here, and the domain soon.  What is missing in your daily sports feeds?  I know for us, the days we turn on Sports Center and they don't cover LeBron,  or A-Rod, or lately Michael Sam, it's a win.  Speaking of Missouris Sam, while this is absolutely a big story, and a huge step in the right direction for a sport that few players have ever admitted to being gay.  Is this because few gay players have played?  I highly doubt that, so hopefully this starts a culture change for players to be able to come out, if they want.  Personally I don't care what another persons sexual orientation is, nor do I think it hinders or improves there playing abilitys.  But I think in Michael Sam's case him and his team did this for two reasons. The first because he was willing to share, and good for him a person shouldn't be ashamed!  Secondly they did it for the reason we are now seeing, all we have seen on every station, news paper, and magazine is this guy.  Instead of a 4-5 round pick we are now talking about a guy who will have a Tebow effect, meaning this pre seasons OTAs mini camps ect ect, will be shoulder to shoulder with cameras, which will sell tickets.  This guy made himself a household name, thus he made himself a lot of money!!  Good for him too!  
    Anyway in the next few days we will have new post covering Michael Sams, The Cleveland Browns, NFL Draft, MLB,  and bud Selig vs A-arod!