Saturday, October 8, 2011

Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis passes away

With the sad News this morning of the passing of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. Davis was undoubtedly one of professional sports most escentric And outspoken owners, who at times has been accused of holding back the franchise he loved. Al loved the outspoken players, if you ran a great 40 you knew the Raiders my draft you. We ask our readers now what? With his passing does this help the Raiders move forward or does this set them back? We want to know your thoughts. Regardless our thoughts and prayers are with the Davis family the raiders franchise and all NFL fans. His presence on NFL sidelines will be greatly missed!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fantasy football shake up

The 2011 NFL Season has come with many surprises, good and bad for fantasy owners. Everyone who drafted Chris Johnson knew they were taking a chance with his hold out. Fantasy owners who took Vick against mine and many other advice have to be worried. Part of Vicks problem is the Eagles, the Eagles are so worried about Vick getting scrambling and getting injured they have told him to stay in the pocket. Vick is far more likely to be injured staying in the pocket with The Eagles offensive line problems and let's be honest he is far less exciting to watch in the pocket.

Other big picks have Been Steve Johnson Ryan Fitzpatrick and Fred Jackson all guys that I Told those who read our pre draft articles to take. Arizona's Fitzgerald Wells and Kolb have been solid producers. In San Diego While Philip Rivers has Been solid and Vincent Jackson looks like he is finally ready to be the top tier guy he has always suppose to be there has got to be a lot of concern about Antonio Gates. and how about MIKe Tolbert?

Some PLayers we suggest you guys take a look at picking up is Roy Helu of the Redskins. Randy McMichaels TE back up of Antonio Gates. Greg Little WR in Cleveland. Nate Bureleson Wr Detroit. And Michael Bush, if Bush is available in your league grab him! He eventually will get a few starts and can give some big points. We all have expendable guys on our benches.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1 recap

Week one was full of many suprises. I don't think anyone though Ben Roethlisberger would look so bad in the Steelers opener, horrific! How about Mike Tolbert getting more targets then Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates. Certainly the Bengals come from behind win was suprising.
Then you had the Norm, ADrian Peterson pounding attack, Tom Brady looking poised and showing why he is the best in football. And MJD with a very solid outing.
Already we have received emails wondering if Cam Newton is a must own, absolutely not! He looked good Sunday but I would bet the in the next 2 weeks he won't total the same yardage combined. Also people emailed us after last notes Broncos game saying that they were going to drop Orton, don't even think about doing that you will regret it!
Alot of people have to be concerned if you have any of the Colts receivers, Chris Johnson, and jamaal Charles. But I promise it is just week one, but with that other than Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark the rest of Indys guys are dropable, and need to be dropped.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 1 Reciever outlook

Week one of the NFL season is finally upon us, which means it is Fantast season aswell. Here are the receivers we think are week 1 must starts.

1) Vincent Jackson, SD the past few years he has dealt with suspensions, hold outs and of course the lock out. Finally he seems happy and poised to show his big play capabilities. Against Minnesota his pure size and speed will be no match for the Vikings under sized secondary, he will start week 1 with a bang.

2) Greg Jennings, GB, no matter who the packers play Jennings will get his touches, he is a top tier Reciever in a high power offense.

3) Andre Johnson, Hou, with Fosters Hamstring a worry expect less running and much much more passing.

4) Larry Fitzgerald, Ari, no doubt Kevin Kolb will be out to prove he was worth the trade and contract, these two will connect early and often.

5) Calvin Johnson, Det, injuries at RB have set the offense back, but with Stafford healthy and Calvin Being the physical beast he is, expect big numbers.

6) Roddy White, ATL, with Jones playing opposite of him double teams should be few and far apart.

7) DeSean Jackson, Phi, he will want to prove he is worth a pay raise

8) Reggie Wayne, Indy, no Peyton but Wayne is still a stud and Kerry Colins can still through the deep ball.

9) Mike Wallace, Pitt, he is Big bens go to guy and expect plenty of targets

10 Dwayne Bowe, KC last year wasn't a fluke, he has steve Breaston to take some pressure off which will help.

11 Hakeem Nicks, NYG the giants are going to pass and pass alot

12 Brandon Lloyd Den, another guy out to prove that last season was not a fluke, with Orten still there expect much of the same

13 Chad Ochocinco, NE, Tom Brady will make Ocho feel right at home with alot of targets week 1

14 Brandon Marshall, Mia, QB is a concern but this guy is a play maker

15 Santonio Holmes, NYJ, Sanchez loves to throw this guy the ball

16 Dez Bryant, Dal, a new go to guy will step up this year

17 Kenny Brit, ten, he avoided a suspension I think finally this guy will perform

18 Wes Welker, NE, onething you know is that Welker will get 10 targets a week

19 Mike Williams TB, he is Freemens go to guy

20 Percy Harvin, Min, with Rice gone Harvin will now have to be McNabbs top target

21 Austin Collie, IND, he won't have the year he did last, but expect consistency

22 Miles Austin, Dal, expect a cut in his targets and production, but he is still a solid guy

23 Anquan Boldin Bal, this will be Boldins season

24 Mario Manningham, NYG, plenty of balls to go around for the Gianta

25 Plaxico Burress, NYJ, expect coach Ryan to want and to get him involved early and often

26 stev Johnson Buf, guy has the talent maturity a question, but he will get his catches

27 Sidney Rice Sea, he is the guy in seattle so no matter who is throwing he will get targets

28 Danny Amendola, Stl, guy is a soon to be fantasy stud if he is available pick him up, he will pay off

29 Julio Jones, ATL, great size speed and hands

30 Braylon Edwards, Sf he will want to prove people wrong, and he is playing for a contract

Saturday, September 3, 2011

We are back!!

We are finally back, in the past few weeks we have been at numerous NFL camps. Coming soon we have numerous interviews we will be posting. Also we have been able to see first hand some of fantasy footballs top players. So stat tuned

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Draft Day

  Our first live draft with our fantasy readers took place today, and for some it was a succesful draft, for others not so much.  You can alwasys tell what people are new, and what people come into a live draft with a plan and that have done some research.
  Now while I feel my team would compete with most any fantasy teams anywhere,  that maybe bias.  But lets take a look here.  Im going to break down my team by position, not by draft order.

At Quarterback I drafted Matt Schaub,  I have been saying for a few months that i thought this was going to be the season Schaub finally lives up to all the preseason hype of the past.  I also like him in a middle round rather than using a second or third pick on a Brady, Brees type QB.  As a back up I was able to snag Joe Flacco in the 10th round.  I also had the last pick of the draft and went on a limb and took Kyle Orton.  With the last pick worth a shot.

At  Runningback I feel I made my biggest impact,  I got Adrian Peterson, Derren McFadden, Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, and took a shot on Reggie Bush.  AP needs no explanation, McFadden is also solid if he stays healthy!  Now Benson's stock is falling in allot of fantasy leagues, but keep in mind this guy will get 300 carries this season, most average backs will put up descent points with that ammount of carries, and at best he is my 3rd runningback.  Thomas Jones holds little value, but if Jamaal Charles goes down he will fill any for him and could be a big time contributor.  Reggie Bush I feel has a chance to turn his carreer around but Im not going to be hurting if he dont produce since Im 5 deep, and chances are he is going to be released soon by me anyhow.

At  Reciever I got Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin, AJ Green, and Lance Moore.  Mark my words Jennings will be the number 1 reciever at seasons end, I would bet the farm.  Anquan Boldin will finaly produce as a top 10 guy, I got Brandon Llyod correct last season this year my guy is Boldin.  Aj Green has a chance to put up really nice numbers as cincys #1 guy but questions at QB could hold him back especially if they start Dalton, If Gradkowski plays he could have a really nice year.  Lance Moore is in a contract season, on a team that will pass 40 plus times a game.

At tightend I took Dallas Clark, Zach Miller.  Dallas Clark is extremely safe especially with the offensive line problmes Indy is looking at, Manning could be dumping the ball off to clark allot.  Zach Miller too Seattle I think was a good move, but dont take him too early, and dont rely on him as a number 1 tightend you will get burnt.

Kicker I took just one Nate Kaeding.  San Diego will score allot he will get me descent points.  I dont believe in drafting 2 kickers at all.  There are alwasys kickers on the wire.

Defense I took the Pittsburgh Steelers,  easy for me here,  dont look to much into kick off returns when picking you defense because kicking from the 35 will bring far to few kick off return oppurtunities.  The only time i will ever take multiple defenses during a draft is if i have a chance to get a top 5 or 6 defense late. Now during the regular season I will keep 2 on my squad but No need to jump into bed with two of them through your draft.

Kyle Jackson,  was the big winner out of all the readers,  He scored Arian Foster, Mario Manningham, and Calvin Johnson,  I will be seeing you in the tittle game.
    We have 2 more leagues we are going to have for our readers so if interested you must contact us soon

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Q&A

We have recieved over 50 emails from readers regarding the upcoming fantasy football season and draft. We answered a good amount by email already but these following questions we thought would help allot of readers.
Darrin from Colorado Springs asked, I have the last pick in the first round of my fantasy draft, then I also have the first pick of the second round. Are points system is a basic point system 6points for every touchdown 1 point for every 10 yards, then for QB's 4 points for every 25 yards passed. My question is should I take the best 2 available or should I take a RB and a QB?
This is a good question, so much of the answer depends on what happened in the 11 picks before your picks come up. Personally I would take the best available, but keep in mind there is 22 picks before you get you picks again. If a Vick or Rodgers falls too you it would be hard to pass, especially on Vick because he will score rush and pass points. But it is imperative you get a RB at this point! Honestly if Ray Rice or Maurice Jones-Drew was there I would go with best available Runningback and I would almost certainly take either a second runingback, depending on who is left, or best wide out. With those picks guys like Greg Jennings and Calvin Johnson should be available. Simple put if Vick was to fall to you take him and best available Runningback, if Vick isn't there take either RB WR or RB RB. You can always score a quarterback in later rounds, guys like Matt Schaub who I think is finally going to have a monster season.
Carmine from Toledo emailed us and asked, is it more imperative to have a top 10 quarterback or a top 10 Runningback?
Almost all the time it is far more important to have a top 10 Runningback. A good portion of leagues give Runningbacks 1 point for every yard from scrimmage, and 6 points for every TD. Then in allot of leagues QB's get anywhere from 4-6 points for each TD thrown, 6 points for each TD rushed, and 1 point for every 25 yards. So if my Runningback rushes for 90 yards and a TD he got me 15 points. If a QB passes for 250 and a touchdown that could be as little as 14 or as many as 16. In most cases a top tier RB will out score a top tier QB. Unless Vick rushes for 8tds this season you can bet on that.
David for Illinois emailed and asked, we are starting a new league this year and it is going to be a keeper league I have pulled the first pick and obviously want to draft someone who will be apart of my team for years to come. I want that guy to be Chris Johnson but I'm worried he won't play the hole season due to his current hold out. What SFO you suggest?
Great question, and in every fantasy draft this is a concern keeper or not. There is no way the Titans are going to let Johnson miss any significant time. But he could be abit rusty early on but for the long term he is a safe bet. And he has allot to prove this season, in a keeper league I like him more than ADrian Peterson. Just keep an eye on the lockout but unless anything changes I say take him! Onething though, I believe next season Ray Rice maybe the Number 1 or 2 ranked Runningback in the league, he is going to be a monster for the next 4-6 years.

We will be answer another 6 reader emails tomorro, keep the question coming in. Email us at one of the following: or Also we still have open spots for readers who would like the chance to win a $300 dicks gift card by winning in one of our readers fantasy leagues.

Friday, August 12, 2011

NFL Preseason First Take

You always here people say that you cannot take much from preseason games, to that I say watch me. I believe you can get as much info from the little bit the stars play to the multiple drives the second team plays. We got some really good insight last nite into some of the big questions. Let's start in Denver, I do understand Tim Tebow didn't see all of The Cowboys Starting Defense but he had such confidence and seemed extremely comfortable in the huddle last nite. He had good timing with his receivers, he went through his progressions extremely well, and moved in the pocket like a veteran. After last nite I believe Orton will be moved with in the next few weeks and the Tim Tebow era will begin by week one. There are allot of people who just don't like this guy but he is probably one of the hardest working guys out there, and he is physically a beast.
In Philedelphia my concerns were proved true, it doesn't matter what kind of secondary you got if your linebackers aren't that good. The lack of defensive line pressure, lack of pass rushing, and lack of linebacker ability will have the Eagles playing in high scoring games still this season.
In Arizona Kevin Kolb looked comfortable and in his little play moved the ball down the field. Larry Fitzgerald is poised to make up for last season and blow up, though loosing Breaston will hurt, it won't be too hard to surpass last seasons numbers.
How about those Seahawks, I have to admit 2 weeks ago I honestly believed they were one of the worst 3 teams in the League. But now I can admit I was wrong. The signing's of Zach Miller and Sidney Rice will prove to be huge, and it don't hurt to be in the NFC West. Them and the Cardinals will battle for the Division.
The most impressive performance last nite goes too?... No Suprise here the New England Patriots. Ryan Mallett was exceptional, so any concerns about what will happen if Brady gets hurt should be gone. Mallet is the future of the Patriots, or so you would think. Tom Brady still has 5 years maybe more of exciting ball left in him so it will be interesting to see if the Patriots can hold on to the both of them. But the way they moved the ball with ease was astonishing to me. Rex Ryan has to be worried about what was seen last night, but he certainly would never say that.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chris Johnson Still a No Show

Chris Johnson is one of the most electric players in the NFL, and one of the fastest runners. He is the first back that can be compared to Barry Sanders with his speed and latteral ability. So you would have to think that the Tennesse Titans Front Office, Coaches, and Players are nervous about the possibility of playing with out him.
Last season this was a concern of the Titans, people speculated he would of held out before last season, well the should of given Johnson a contract up to his value then! Simple fact is this guy is a franchise guy, just like DeSean Jackson, he is set to make just under $600,000 this year which is the last year of both their rookie contracts.
Though I do feel people need to honor contracts and I hate seeing guys hold out for more money while they are tenured, the simple fact is Runningbacks have a small window in the NFL.
The shelf life of an NFL Runningback is the age of 30, then they are looked at as invaluable, example LT. So that means they will really have just one big contract. So with Johnson a year away from his big money and again only set to make $600k on a team where he is there go to guy I understand why he is holding out.
What else you have to keep in mind is that looming around always is that pesky franchise tag. So that is concern for these guys, if a team tags a player they will get the leagues top average at there position but it is only a 1 year deal so if they were to get injured the will take a massive long term hit.
As far as a fantasy football, this could have a huge effect on every single league. If it is looking like a deal may not be reached do you still take him in the first round? If not someone will steal him in the second and or third and probably be the favorite in your league.
I don't believe for a second that he will sit the entire season, and I do believe that Titans front office will step up and do what is right for a guy who sells tickets. Let's hope it gets done soon!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

">Printable Quarterback Rankings

With everyone's fantasy drafts fast approaching we not only wanted to rank each player we wanted to make printable list for our readers. So each positional, combined, PPR, Defense, special teams, and our top 200 will all have a link in which readers can follow and then print. Above is the link to our quarterback rankings. We will post all by tomorro, and then on Wednesday our updated top 200 rankings will be released. If anyone has any problems opening the link, and or printing the sheet please let us know.
Also anyone with fantasy question email me at or email mike at We are also looking for ore readers to take part in with us!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fantasy football PPR Rankings

Fantasy Football PPR Rankings

1. Arian Foster Hou
2. Chris Johnson Ten
3. Ray Rice Bal
4. LeSean McCoy Phi
5. Andre Johnson Hou
6. Jamaal Charles KC
7. Adrian Peterson Min
8. Maurice Jones-Drew Jac
9. Roddy White ATL
10 Aaron Rodgers GB
11 Frank Gore SF
12 Michael Vick Phi
13 Steven Jackson Stl
14 Peyton Hillis Cle
15 Larry Fitzgerald Ari
16 Darren McGadden Oak
17 Drew Brees NO
18 Matt Forte Chi
19 Hakeem Nicks NYG
20 Greg Jennings GB
21 Tom Brady NE
22 Calvin Johnson Det
23 Dallas Clark IND
24 Reggie Wayne IND
25 Rashard Mendenhall Pit
26 Antonio Gates SD
27 Peyton Manning IND
28 Wes Welker NE
29 Mike Wallace Pit
30 Dwayne Bowe KC
31 Jahvid Best Det
32 Phillip Rivers SD
33 Jason Witten Dal
34 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG
35 Miles Austin Dal
36 DeAngelo Williams Car
37 Dez Bryant Dal
38 Vincent Jackson SD
39 Jermichael Finley GB
40 Vernon Davis SF
41 Felix Jones Dal
42 Michael Turner ATL
43 Knowshon Moreno Den
44 Ryan Matthews SD
45 DeSean Jackson Phi
46 Jeremy Maclin Phi
47 Matt Schaub Hou
48 Brandon Marshall Mia
49 Tony Romo Dal
50 Steve Johnson Buf

Fantasy Football Defense Special Teams Rankings

Defense Special Teams Combo Rankings
1. Green Bay Packers
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. New York Jets
5. Philadelphia Eagles
6. New England Patriots
7. Atlanta Falcons
8. Chicago Bears
9. San Diego Chargers
10 New Orleans Saints
11 Kansas City Chiefs
12 New York Giants
13 Detroit Lions
14 Miami Dolphins
15 Oakland Raiders
16 Dallas Cowboys
17 St Louis Cardinals
18 Cleveland Browns
19 Minnesota Vikings
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21 Seattle Seahawks
22 Cincinatti Bengals
23 San Fransisco 49ers
24 Tennessee Titans
25 Indianapolis Colts
26 Houston Texans
27 Buffalo Bills
28 Denver Broncos
29 Arizona Cardinals
30 Washington Redskins
31 Jacksonville Jaguars
32 Carolina Panthers

Fantasy Football Kickers Rankings

Fantasy Football Kickers

1. Neil Rackers Hou
2. Josh Brown Stl
3. Nate Kaeding SD
4. Stephen Gostkowski NE
5. Rob Bironas Ten
6. Billy Cundiff Bal
7. Garrett Hartley NO
8. Mason Crosby GB
9. Nick Folk NYJ
10 Alex Henery Phi
11 Sebastian Janikowski Oak
12 Adam Vinatieri IND
13 Matt Bryant ATL
14 Ryan Longwell Min
15 Dan Carpenter Mia
16 Jay Feely Ari
17 David Buehler Dal
18 Robbie Gould Chi
19 Jeff Reed SF
20 Shaun Suisham Pit

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Tightend Fantasy Football Rankings

Tightend Rankings

1. Antonio Gates SD
2. Dallas Clark IND
3. Jermichael Finley GB
4. Vernon Davis 49ers
5. Jason Witten Dal
6. Owen Daniels Hou
7. Kellen Winslow TB
8. Marcedes Lewis Jac
9. Greg Olsen Car
10 Chris Cooley
11 Jimmy Graham NO
12 Brandon Pettigrew Det.
13 Zach Miller Sea.
14 Tony Moeaki KC
15 Tony Gonzalez ATL
16 Dustin Keller NYJ
17 Rob Gronkowski NE
18 Ben Watson NE
19 Aaron Hernandez NE
20 Jared Cook Ten
21 Jermaine Gresham Cin
22 Todd Heap Ari
23 Brent Celek Phi
24 Heath Miller Pit
25 Visanthe Shiancoe Min
26 Anthony Fasano Mia
27 Kyle Rudolph Min
28 Ed Dickson Bal
29 Fred Davis Was
30 John Carlson
31 Lance Hendricks Stl
32 Jacob Tamme IND
33 Joel Dreesen Hou
34 Jeremy Shockey Car
35 Tony Schefflwe Det
36 Dante Rosario Den
37 Evan Moore Cle
38 Shawn Nelson Buf
39 Martellus Bennett Dal
40 Travis Beckum NYG

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantasy Football Reciever Draft Rankings

Here are our Fantasy Football Reciever Draft Rankings. When Drafting a Reciever in anygiven round we suggest taking the best available via our rankings. We will also be releasing our top 200 combined rankings soon.

1. Andre Johnson Hou
2. Roddy White ATL
3. Greg Jennings GB
4. Calvin Johnson Det
5. Larry Fitzgerald Ari
6. Hakeem Nicks NYG
7. Vincent Jackson SD
8. Mike Wallace Pit
9. Miles Austin Dal
10 DeSean Jackson Phi (watch status of his holdout)
11 Reggie Wayne IND
12 Dwayne Bowe KC
13 Mike Williams TB
14 Dez Bryant Dal
15 Brandon Lloyd Den
16 Steve Johnson Buf
17 Jeremy Maclin Phi
18 Marques Colston NO
19 Wes Welker NE
20 Santonio Holmes NYJ
21 Mario Manningham NYG
22 Percy Harvin Min
23 Kenny Britt Ten
24 Anquan Boldin Bal
25 Brandon Marahall Mia
26 Austin Collie Ind
27 Pierre Garçon IND
28 Sidney Rice Sea
29 Steve Smith Car
30 Santana Moss Was
31 Braylon Edwards 49ers
32 AJ Green Cin
33 Michael Crabtree 49ers
34 Chad Ochocinco NE
35 Mike Thomas Jac
36 Johnny Knox Chi
37 Malcontent Floyd FA
38 Julio Jones ATL
39 Lance Moore NO
40 Jordy Nelson GB
41 Robert Meachem NO
42 Roy Williams Chi
43 Plaxico Burress NYJ
44 Mike Williams Sea
45 Mike Sims-Walker Jac
46 Davone Bess Mia
47 Deion Branch NE
48 Hines Ward Pit
49 Steve Breston KC
50 Donald Driver GB

Fantasy Football Runningback Pre-Draft Rankings

Here are our 2011 Fantasy Football Pre-Draft Runningback rankings. When looking for any position we recommend you take best available from our list. Also to help you further we will be releasing our top 200 combined rankings.

Runningback Rankings

1. Adrian Peterson Min
2. Arian Foster Hou
3. Chris Johnson Ten (watch hold out status)
4. Maurice Jones-Drew Jac
5. Jamaal Charles KC
6. Ray Rice Bal
7. Rashard Mendenhall Pitt
8. Frank Gore SF
9. Steven Jackson STL
10 Michael Turner Atl
11 LeSean McCoy Phi
12 Peyton Hillis Cle
13 Darren McFadden Oak
14 Matt Forte Chi
15 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG
16 Ryan Matthews SD
17 DeAngelo Williams Car
18 LeGarrette Blount TB
19 Jonathon Stewart Car
20 Knowshon Moreno Den
21 Cedric Benson Cin
22 BenJarvis Green-Ellis NE
23 Felix Jones Dal
24 Shonn Green NYJ
25 Jahvid Best Det
26 Ryan Grant GB
27 Frew Jackson Buf
28 Mark Ingram NO
29 James Starks GB
30 Daniel Thomas Mia
31 Ryan Williams Ari
32 Mikel LeShoure Det
33 Marshawn Lynch Sea
34 Pierre Thomas NO
35 Ryan Torian Was
36 Mike Tolbert SD
37 Joseph Addai IND
38 Chris 'Beanie' Wells Ari
39 Michael Bush Oak
40 C.J. Spiller Buf
41 Willis McGahee Den
42 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ
43 Brandon Jacobs NYG
44 Reggie Bush Mia
45 Roy Helu Was
46 Thomas Jones KC
47 Danny Woodhead NE
48 Montario Hardestry Cle
49 Darren Sproles NO
50 Ronnie Brown Phi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks

1. Aaron Rodgers GB
2. Drew Brees NO
3. Michael Vick Phi
4. Tom Brady NE
5. Phillip Rivers SD
6. Peyton Manning IND
7. Matt Schaub Hou
8. Ben Roethlisberger Pitt
9. Matt Ryan ATl
10. Josh Freeman TB
11. Tony Romo Dal
12. Eli Manning NYG
13. Sam Bradford Stl
14. Joe Flacco Bal
15. Matt Cassel KC
16. Matthew Stafford Det
17. Kevin Kolb Ari
18. Jay Cutler Chi
19. David Garrard Jac
20. Mark Sanchez NYJ
21. Tim Tebow den
22. Ryan Fitzpatrick Buf
23. Donovan McNabb Min
24. Jason Campbell Oak
25. Kyle Orton Den
26. Matt Hasselbeck Tenn
27. Chad Henne Mia
28. Colt McCoy Cle
29. Bruce Gradkowski Cin
30. Alex Smith SF
31. Tavaris Jackson Sea
32. Cam Newton Car
33. Vince Young Phi
34. Blaine Gabbert Jac
35. Shaun Hill Det
36. Josh Beck Was
37. Matt Flynn GB
38. Jake Locker Ten
39. Jimmy Clausen Car
40. Christian Ponder Min

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Randy Moss Retires

With the announcement that Randy Moss has retired from the NFL, we ask our readers is it a bluff? Or has he hung his cleats up for good? Last year Moss had one of the biggest drop offs in production for a star player. The last half of the season the only reason he was brought up in conversation was because Titans coach Jeff Fisher refused to play him. I still believe he has football left in him, his actions not his skills, are what got him benched last season.
It is hard for me to believe that he is done, he size and speed, yes he still has some speed,
I believe still equals a stand out. Obviously he wasn't going to play in Tennessee even with Fisher now gone, so I ask you our readers, is it over for his Hall Of Fame career?
He is undoubtedly one of the greatest receivers ever! He missed time holding out and refusing to play and is still atop alot of receiving catagories. He at times was misunderstood and at other times down right irrational, but his domanence cannot be questioned. But if the right team went to Moss would he say no? Philly, Saint Louis, and possibly Cleveland are some great fits for Randy, and I don't believe for a second he could say no to any of them. Bit what do you think? Is it over or will he play again?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are the Eagles Now the Team to Beat

In a matter of two day the Eagles traded Kevin Kolb to Arizona for Rodgers-Cromartie, a great defensive back. Then they signed Nnamdi, out of no where pretty much too. Every was so sure he would end up lining up across from Revis, but instead he will help the Eagles defense.
What these moves have done is take Some pressure off the offense. The Eagles defense gave up points in bulk last year, and as many big plays as Vick made they gave up. Now it would appear that they have just as am explosive of a defense as they do Offense. Now the big question is does this make them the NFC favorite, personally I still like the Packers. The Eagles don't impresse me with there passing game enough, and there D-line isn't that great, and a d-line can break a defense. Andy Reid is a great coach and if Vick stay healthy and DeSean Jackson plays the hole year, and LeSean McCoy produces they will no doubt be a playoff team, and probably in the NFC championship. But I feel Green Bay has a better Defense By far, quarterback is a push, the Packers separate themselves at Reciever though.
No question though, the past two days were huge for the Eagles future, and you got to wonder what the Jets will do with the extra money now.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The New England Patriots traded for Chad Ochocinco from the Bengals today, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter the Bengals in return recieve 2 draft pics, one this year and one next year.
This come's one day after they accuired Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins, who help selidify there offensive line in a way they've missed since trading Richard Seymore to the Raiders.
Ochocinco and the Patriots restructured his remaining 3 year deal to fit with in the patriots salary cap needs. The 10 year veteran caught 67 passes for 831 yards and 4 touchdowns last season, a down year but he shared the field with Terrel Owens. It was a drop off from his 2009 campaign were Ochocinco had caught 72 passes for 1,046 yards and 9 touchdowns. In all Ochocinco has had seven 1,000 yard seasons through his 10 year career.
Ochocinco will give Brady a deep threat he lost last season after they traded Randy Moss after week 4 to the Minnesota Viking's. According to Ocho and Bill Belichick they have a friendship that was formed a few years back, and one that is non football related. According to Ocho "It became a friendship beyond a football player and Coach. He became my friend"
Belicheck confirmed this by saying "I like Chad. I like him as a player, I like him as a person. I like his enthusiasm and the fun he has in football and how he competes on the football field."
This really puts pressure on the Jets to make a real move on Nnamdi or another defensive free agent.

Free Agency Question Marks

With News that the Seahwaks have signed former Minnesota Vikings Reciever Sidney Rice makes my question the Tavaris Jackson move that much more. If they were planning on bringing in talent why wouldn't they go after a free agent QB, or maybe a Kevin Kolb? I do realize Jackson and Rice have a history from play together at the Vikings, but Im not buying into Tavaris Jackson as a consistent NFL starter. Then news that Matt Leinart resigned with the Texans means that he will not be reunited with Coach Pete Carrol.
The Patriots traded draft pics to the Washington Redskins for Albert Haynesworth, if anyone can straighten this guy out it would be the Patroits fanchise, they kept Randy Moss focused for a while. If the Patriots are able to get Haynesworth back into shape he could be back to the pro bowl caliber talent he was just 2 seasons ago while he was apart of the Tennesee Titans Franchise.
The Reggie Bush to Miami rumors could be huge! In Miami he will get more touches no doubt, I think Bush if given the chance, could benefit from 15 plus touches a game. If the Dolphins are able to trade for Kyle Orton Miami could be a very improved squad, as long as Brandon Marshall plays an entire season they could be making a run at the Jets and Pats for the Division.
Then of course you have the holdouts, Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson, and Frank Gore. I don't believe many people are surprised about Jackson and Johnson, there 2 of the biggest play makers in the NFL today and there both scheduled to make under $600,000. All 3 of these guys could be holding out for a while so it is something to watch because all three of these guys are Fantast Football impact players. I expect Jackson to be in camp soon but it sounds like Gore and Johnson could be awhile.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The New York Jets Make Free Agency Splash

I didn't buy into the rumors that Holmes could end up in Washington. Especially now that McNabb has been shipped to the Viking's. So I wasn't suprised by the signing, I was surprised though by the deal. Reportedly the deal is a 5 year $50 million with $24 million garunteed. They have now set the price for receivers and it is hefty! But with that said it is a move they needed, and according to sources they aren't done.
The rumor that the Jets are interested in throwing a huge number at Nnamdi Asomugha is a scary thought. Can you imagine him and Revis together, that would intimidate the best Quarterbacks in the league. The one problem I see with this is in order for them to sign him, it will take more that Revis' $11.5 million a year deal, and that could cause internal problems with Revis' ego. But if they figure out how to get Asomugha signed the Jets would have to be one of the favorites to win the AFC.
There is also a rumor that the Jets have interest in Randy Moss. I don't believe for one second that Moss is done, I truely believe he still is and can be one of the premier receivers in the League. Moss would be the deep threat they need to open the field up. That will make things easier on an aging LaDanian Tomlinson, and Shonn Green who the Jets hope take over the bulk of the carries this year.
The Jets could end up being the winner of the Free agency Frenzy this year, they could be set up for a great playoff run this year for sure!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Matt Hasselback To Be Released

The Seahawks have no apparent intentions on bringing Matt Hasselback back this season. This has been speculated for sometime now, but is it the right move. No one cam deny he has had lack luster performances over his career, but will they improve with Tavaris Jackson? I say absolutely not, but they did give him $8milliom over 2 seasons which is mind boggeling. Jackson hasn't really shown much to make me think he is a worthy back up let alone a starter. Maybe this move is to make sure there a bottom 2-3 team in an attempt to grab that top spot for Andrew Lock next season.
There is some interest with in the Seahawks organization to sign Matt Leinart, which would reunite Carrol and him from there USC days. Though Leinart was a huge dissapointment in Arizona, I feel this could help jump start his career. The Seahawks have Mike Williams who seems poised to have another solid season, as long has someone can get him the ball. The winner in all this is Hasselback if he finds a new home. Maybe Cleveland? Him and Holmgren have a history, and I think McCoy would benefit from a veteran guy to learn from, and possibly watching for a season or two and being patient. But seriously this is a move I don't think makes the Seahawks better.

The Bengals won't Move Palmer

Bengals owner Mike Brown insist he won't trade Carson Palmer. Palmer who is tenured for four more years, wants out of Cincinnati, a team who has only had 2 winning seasons in the last 20 seasons.
According to Brown he won't trade Palmer because he see's it as a matter of Principle. He said 'Carson signed a contract. He made a commitment. He gave his word. We relied on his word. We relied on his commitment. We expected him to perform here. He's going to walk away from his commitment. We aren't going to reward him for doing it."
This is a prime examole of why the Bengals are in a horrible place as a franchise. Palmer could bring in draft pics, draft pics that you in return build towards your future. The Bengals are so far under the salary cap they can afford to throw some big money at any of the Quarterbacks out there. If the allow Palmer to just retire on a matter of 'principle' the franchise can expect another 5 years of loosing seasons. They are in no place to base decisions like this on principle! But that is why the are the Worst Franchise in all of sports!

Baltimore Ravens Free Agents

There is word that the ravens plan to release some fairly big name players that could help allot of NFL team. Names like Heap, McGahee, and Mason. All three are guys who will have an impact elsewhere. Mason had a strong second half of the season, I guess the expect Anquan Boldin to step up. Mason I think will end up in either Cincinnati, or possibly New York with the Jets. Both good fits, McGahee is kind of tricky there are a few suitors but with his injury proneness It is hard to tell who will want to step up and pay him. Ive heard from a few sources that the Miami Dolphins could be a strong possibility.
Now Todd Heap is the most interesting of all these guys. The past few season fans have been waiting for him to break out and it just really never happend. But Ive predicted he would finally have a break out year this year, but it looks like it will be else where. With Heap there will be allot of interest across the league, but don't be surprised if he stays in the division!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Let Free Agency Begin

Finally the NFL lockout is over and the NFL season is set to open. No more labor stoppage talk, no more focusing on the Billions of dollars the NFL generates or how it is divided.
So now with Free Agency set to begin, and camps ready to open, signings and trades are going to begin to pop off in an astounding way. Players are already behind, so teams will won't to sign players as quickly as possibly in order to get players into camp. I believe first and foremost though teams must get the Rookie draft picks signed and into camp, there really going to struggle early.
So the next few days we will do our best to keep our readers updated as signings and trades happen and a few times a day we will be posting a run down on all the moves and rumors that we get through our contacts. So stay tuned, the next 5-7 days promise's to be some of the most exciting day's in NFL Preseason history.

Is Terrelle Pryor Eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft?

It appears that former Ohio State Star Quarterback Terrelle Pryor may not be eligible for the NFL's supplemental Draft. In a Email sent to by NFL Spokeman Greg Aiello "It is for players whose circumstances have changed in an unforeseen way after the Draft. It is not a mechanism for silly bypassing the regular draft." He went on with some examples describing 'unforeseen' changes as players who were kicked off their college team, declared academically ineligible or graduated and then decided to leave school. So according to Aiello Pryor does not fit into those guidelines.
This comes as an end is in sight for the lockout and I'm sure is a huge blow to Pryors camp. But by no means is this a done deal. If the NFL rules on this I'm sure Pryor Agent Drew Rossenhouse will take it to court. The word unforeseen seems to fit Pryors circumstances to me. He had full intentions of returning to Ohio State this season, the heat just got to hot for him so he had to leave. I'm sure Pryor did not 'foresee' sports Illustrated reporting all his wrong doings to the world.
If Pryor isn't allowed into the Supplemental draft this seems all to familiar for Ohio State fans, of course I'm speaking of Maurice Clarett. Pryor could be a great NFL player and has way more talent then Clarett I think. Pryor can play Quarterback, Tightend, Reciever, or in a wild cat setting. He has great size, 6'6 230 pounds, and a cannon for an arm. So regardless when he is allowed into the league he will get a chance to start at some point, I just hope it is this season.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Top 10 NFL Players

This maybe his last real chance for another ring    

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Peyton Manning
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Troy Polamalu
  5. Chris Johnson
  6. Drew Brees
  7. Ben Roethlisberger
  8. Andre Johnson
  9. Demarcus Ware
  10. Clay Matthews
  There is a case to be made that Troy Polamalu is the most important player in the league.  The difference in the Steelers Defense when he plays is drastic.  When he is in the line up there a top 4 Defense in the league, when he is out, they give up big plays and big yards last season was a testiment to how truely valuable he is.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Top NFL Quarterbacks

Top NFL Quarterbacks

1.) Tom Brady
2.) Peyton Manning
3.) Aaron Rodgers
4.) Drew Brees
5.) Ben Roethlisberger
6.) Matt Ryan
7.) Eli Manning
8.) Michael Vick
9.) Phillip Rivers
10) Joe Flacco

Assistants On The Rise

Assistants on the Rise

1.) Rob Ryan, Cowboys
2.) Brian Schottenheimer, Jets
3.) Perry Fewell, Giants
4.) Greg Olson, Buccaneers
5.) Bill O'Brien, Patroits
6.) Ron Chudzinski, Panthers
7.) Russ Grimm, Cardinals
8.) Derren Perry, Packers
9.) Winston Moss, Packers
10) Dirk Koetter, Jaguars

Top 10 NFL Running Backs

Top 10 Running Backs

1.) Adrian Petterson
2.) Chris Johnson
3.) Maurice Jones-Drew
4.) Jamaal Charles
5.) Arian Foster
6.) Ray Rice
7.) Rashard Mendenhall
8.) Steven Jackson
9.) Darren Mcafadden
10) Frank Gore

Top 10 NFL Recievers

Top NFL Recievers

1.) Andre Johnson
2.) Calvin Johnson
3.) Roddy White
4.) Larry Fitzgerald
5.) Greg Jennings
6.) DeSean Jackson
7.) Reggie Wayne
8.) Brandon Lloyd
9.) Dwayne Bowe
10) Brandon Marshall

Top 10 NFL Tight Ends

Top 10 Tight Ends

1.) Antonio Gates
2.) Vernon Davis
3.) Jason Witten
4.) Dallas Clark
5.) Kellen Winslow
6.) Tony Gonzalez
7.) Marcedes Lewis
8.) Brandon Pettigrew
9.) Zachary Miller
10) Jermichael Finley

Top Left Tackles

Top NFL Left Tackles

1.) Joe Thomas
2.) Jake Long
3.) D'Brickashaw Ferguson
4.) Ryan Clady
5.) Michael Roos
6.) Jordan Gross
7.) Chad Clifton
8.) Matt Light
9.) Jason Petters
10) Marcus McNeill

Top NFL Offensive Players

Top Offensive Players

1.) Adrian Petterson
2.) Andre Johnson
3.) Chris Johnson
4.) Calvin Johnson
5.) Maurice Jones-Drew
6.) Roddy White
7.) Arian Foster
8.) Larry Fitzgerald
9.) Jamaal Charles
10) DeSean Jackson

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Best Home Field Advantage in the NFL

  1. Lambeau Field
  2. Soldier Field
  3. Heinz Field
  4. Superdome
  5. Arrowhead Stadium
  6. Oakland Coliseum
  7. Gillette Stadium
  8. Qwest Field
  9. Metrodome
  10. Invesco at Mile High

Top NFL Coaches

  1. Bill Belichick
  2. Mike McCarthy
  3. Mike Tomlin
  4. Andy Reid
  5. Rex Ryan
  6. Lovie Smith
  7. Sean Payton
  8. John Harbaugh
  9. Jim Caldwell
  10. Tom Coughlin

Top NFL Cornerbacks

  1. Nnamdi Assomugha
  2. Charles Woodson
  3. Derrelle Revis
  4. Asante Samuel
  5. Tramon Williams
  6. Antoine Winfield
  7. Champ Bailey
  8. Antonio Cromartie
  9. Leon Hall
  10. Cortland Finnegan

Top NFL Linebackers

  1. DeMarcus Wall
  2. Clay Matthews
  3. Patrick Willis
  4. Ray Lewis
  5. James Harrison
  6. Jerod Mayo
  7. Jon Beason
  8. LaMarr Woodley
  9. Brian Urlacher
  10. Terrell Suggs

Top Pass Rushers

  1. Jared Allen
  2. DeMarcus Ware
  3. Clay Matthews
  4. Dwight Freeney
  5. John Abraham
  6. Mario Williams
  7. Robert Mathis
  8. Julius Peppers
  9. LaMarr Woodley
  10. Tamba Hall

Top NFL Safties

  1. Troy Polamalu
  2. Ed Reed
  3. Eric Berry
  4. Nick Collins
  5. Adrian Wilson
  6. Antrel Rolle
  7. Malcom Jenkins
  8. LaRon Landry
  9. Eric Weddle
  10. Michael Griffin
    The top 2 seem obvious, but there are question out there that this could be Ed Reeds last season. And another thing just a few years ago Bob Sanders was a top Saftey,  he has spent more time rehabing then on the playing the past few seasons, maybe San Diego can get his carreer going again.

Top 10 NFL Defensive Players

                                                      Top Defensive NFL Players

  1. Troy Polamalu
  2. Clay Matthews
  3. DeMarcus Ware
  4. Nnamdi Assmugha
  5. Derrelle Revis
  6. Julius Peppers
  7. Ndamukong Suh
  8. Charles Woodson
  9. Patrick Willis
  10. James Harrison

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 AFC Divisional Predictions

The AFC is still the powerhouse Conference. The AFC East North and West each have a couple teams that could contend this season. The pending free agency will decide allot and most likely change all this.

Winner: New England Patriots, The Pats had another solid draft this year, and may attract a few free agents as well. There are league officials that have told us that they may have interest in bringing Randy Moss back. They may not go 14-2 again but they will take the division.

Runner up: New York Jets, Reciever is a concern this season, they may not be able to resign Edwards. Plaxico has been linked to the Jets but who knows.

Buffalo Bills, Miami fans will be disappointed, but an improved Bills team will knock Them to last in the Division.

Miami Dolphins, So many questions, Brandon Marshall really didn't pan out either.


Winner: San Diego Chargers, Oakland went undefeated in this division last year yet missed they playoffs, the chargers who also missed the playoffs last season are finally going to get over that hump. Malcom Floyd and a Franchise Taged Vincent Jackson will tear up secondaries this season.

Runner up: Kansas City Chiefs, great backfield, good young quaterback and good receivers. They will continue to improve, there close to a few year run of dominance.

Oakland Raiders, Will Darren McFadden stay healthy? Will gradkowski be back? Too many questions.

Denver Broncos, not sure Tebow taking Orton's place was fair after the numbers Orton produced last season. Brandon Lloyd will continue to produce but too few play makers.


Winner: Indianapolis Colts, though we believe Houston will hold it together all season for a change, We expect one more big Peyton Manning year.

Runner up: Houston Texans, they wont fall apart in the second half this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew can't do it all.

Tennessee Tittans, Nothing much to point out here.


Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers, this is the most competitive division in Football, the Steelers and Ravens will battle though for the top spot.

Runner up: Baltimore Ravens, this could be the season that Flacco and Rice get this Offense putting up big numbers.

Cleveland Browns, though the browns won't get into the playoffs this season, it will be a promising season for them. Honestly if they get a few breaks this year they oils knock the ravens out which would be great for browns fans.

Cincinnati Bengals, so many question marks on this squad. It willbe years til they make the playoffs again.

Wild Cards

Kansas City af Baltimore

Team just Left Out

New York Jets, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 NFC Divisional Predictions

The NFC has 4 teams that we believe are truly contenders for the Conference. The more news we hear coming out of Atlanta the more we like the Falcons, it really sounds like the camps the players have been running has went well especially for Julio Jones. So here is our NFC divisional Predictions and Wild Card predictions.
Winner: New York Giants, they drafted well this year, and though we feel Philly is more

talented, can Vick stay health for 16 games? That could possibly be the deciding factor.
Runner Up: Philadelphia Eagles, there is no doubt they are talented, but what happend if Kolb is gone and Vick is injured?
Dallas Cowboys, Miles Austin And Dez Bryant are talented, but there running game isn't all that impressive, and Tony Romo isnt that great!
Washington Redskins, not much to say here there bad.

Winner: Green Bay Packers, they didn't win the division last year, but the Bears aren't going to get so lucky this season.

Runner up: Chicago Bears, and we think barely taking 2nd over the Lions by the way.
Detroit Lions, Lions fans are excited for this season and they should be things are looking up.
Minnesota Vikings, Adrain Peterson is great but unless he can run for 4,000 yards don't expect more than 6-7 wins this year.

Winner: New Orlean Saints, there Running game will be much improved, but they will have a fight with the Falcons for the top spot.

Runner Up: Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones Sounds like he is having great work outs, this could be a crazy receiver group. Matt Ryan maybe the luckiest QB in the league.
Tampa Bay, like the Lions there fan base is very excited for this season, but they aren't a playoff team just yet.
Carolina Panthers, another rough season is set for these guys.

Winner: St. louis Rams, Sam Bradford has weapons including Stephen Jackson, they will benefit from a poor league.

Runner Up: San Fransisco 49ers, we've gone back and forth on SF and Seattle being runners up, but who ever it is it won't matter St Louis will be the only team in this division with a winning record.
Seattle Seahawks, there are so many questions that need to be answered about these guys.
Arizon Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald can't pass and catch so there in trouble!

Philadelphia EAGLES and the Atlanta Falcons

Left out
Chicago bears, Tampa Bay, Detroit Lions

Are playoff winners will come tomorrow.

The Best of the NFL

Starting this evening we will be posting our Best of the NFL. We will be Breaking down each Division team by team. We will be releasing power Rankings on the best Linebackers, Pass Rushers, Safties, Corner backs, and the Twelth man which Stadiums give the best home field advantage. We will also list all the top up and coming assistants out there, who will be filling in the next round of voids. It is basically a pre-season know all that we like to call A Summer NFL Frenzy.
Who will win the NFC? The more we look at those Atlanta Falcons the more we like them, so be sure to check back and let us know your thoughts.

Fantasy Sleepers 2011

Every year there are guys who fly into the drafts under the radar, some known and some unknown. Here are some skill position guys we expect to be big fantasy guys this season.

Josh Freeman, Quarterback, TB, this guys made big plays last year and he is surrounded by targets and play makers.

Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, NYJ, possibly throwing to Plaxico this year, expect him to continue to progress. He makes smart plays.

Roy Helu, RB, Wash, the rookie Runningback is set to be in a Runningback by committee with Ryan Torain, Torain can't stay healthy so expect good production.

Mikel LeShoure, RB, Det, another rookie splitting time, the Lions have Jahvid Best who is a big play maker but LeShoure could be the teams work horse.

Jonnathon Stewart, RB, Carolina, DeAngelo Williams is expected to be gone, so he will be the premier Runningback.

Julio Jones, Wr, ATL, Atlanta gave up 4 draft pics to move up and grab this guy. With Roddy white and Tony Gonzalez ATL will be putting the ball in the air. Jones is 6-3 220 pounds and physical he is going to be a monster!

Greg Little, Wr, Cle, he is expected by people with in the organization to become McCoys go to guy.

Mike Thomas, Wr, Jax, in his second year he became Garrards go to guy, this season expect much of the same with improvements.

Jacoby Ford, Wr, Oakland, Ford is just explosive, he will score you points as a reciever and a return man.

Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Compiled NFL Power Rankings

Here is our compiled rankings, there are a few differences, mainly the Falcons. So here you go.
1.) Green Bay Packers, clear NFC favorite.
2.) New England Patriots, kicked out of last season playoffs early after a 14-2 start expect a hungry Patroits. Tom Brady is just coming into his prime, which is a scary thought.
3.) New Orleans Saints, they addressed there running game by taking Alabama's Mark Ingram in the draft.
4.) New York Jets, Defensive Line has improved drastically.
5.) Indianapolis Colts, the Need Austin Collie to stay healthy, they addressed there offensive line concerns, oh yea they have Peyton Manning too.
6.) Pittsburgh Steelers, they do have serious offensive line concerns, but they are deep in defense.
7.) Philadelphia Eagles, all rides on Vick staying healthy.
8.) Atlanta Falcons, think about this Matt Ryan not only has Roddy White, but he now has Julio Jones too.
9.) New York Giants, won 10 games last season and missed the playoffs, expect them to be competting for a divisional tittle.
10) San Diego Chargers, top offense in the league they have weapons every where.
11) Chicago Bears, drafting Gabe Carimi will help the offensive line greatly.
12) Kansas City Cheifs, great running game, and up and coming receivers and QB.
13) Baltimore Ravens, Solid Defense, and they have play makers all around Flacco who is solid and keeps improving
14) Tampa Bay Bucaneer, Josh Freeman looks poised to take the Bucs back to the playoffs.
15) Houston Texans, they seem to fall apart every season, but Arian Foster and Andre Johnson are top Tier guys.
16) Dallas Cowboys
17) St. Louis Rams
18) Detroit Lions
19) Miami Dolphins
20) Cleveland Browns
21) Oakland Raiders
22) Jacksonville Jaguars
23) Seattle Seahawks
24) Minnesota Vikings
25) SanFransisco 49ers
26) Tennessee Titans
27) Denver Broncos
28) Buffalo Bills
29) Arizona Cardinals
30) Carolina Panthers
31) Cincinnati Bengals
32) Washington Redskins

NFL Free Agency Teams to Set Market Value

News that NFL owner's and players have agreed to a 3 day grace period at the start of Free Agency, for teams to have first go at there own players. What that means is with in the first 3 days of free agency the market value will be set. Will teams allow inflated contracts in order to resign guys?
Hopefully NFL owners have some sort of mutual agreement in place that they won't over pay guys. Now allot of players will test the free agency waters no doubt, but once a defensive lineman gets a $60 million dollar deal the chips are in place for the rest of them. Let's hope that GM's aren't spending money like it is last years free agent class.
This class will set a market price from here on out, atleast till then end of the new 10 year CBA agreement. So let's hope they start off right so there not in a hole year 1 of the new agreement.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cedric Benson Adds to Cincinnati's Team Rap Sheet

Ok so technically Cedric Benson is a free agent and not technically a Bengal. But for all purposes here we will just say he is. The arrest came in his home state of Texas, and this was the second consecutive year being arrested while he was home. What a disaster for Benson who by all accounts is wanting to resign with the Bengals. Of course then again will this actually help his case? It seems Cincinnati is getting State funded and or grants in the employee a felon program. So were if Benson wanted to be a let's say Patroit it may hurt his chances but not in Cincinnati, or for 3/4 of the AFC East either.
Either way, if he is or isn't a Bengal next year will not effect there record. But his rap sheet certainly will effect the Bengals street cred!

Email questions to

Can Randy Moss Still Produce

  Recently a few readers have emailed us asking if we thought Randy Moss would have a impact for either a NFL team or for fantasy owners.   All we can say is it depends on a long list of things.  As the emailers noticed Moss wasn't listed on any of our Wide out positional Rankings, and he didn't even make our top 200 list.
  A year ago who would of ever thought how far he would fall in a list of active guys.  He started the season fairly well, and before New England traded him he had a few bad games.  Now when he was traded right before New England's bye week and Minnesota already had theirs I stated that somewhere down the line that was going to cause a serious problem.  Well I'm not sure that had anything to do with it,  from the time he landed back into Minnesota things went bad.  Moss don't forget is already a hall of fame player, and you would think had 2-4 more years of production in him.
  Now as far has his time with the Titans go, Jeff Fisher just seemed not to like Randy.  You cannot tell me that Kenny Britt is now or will ever be has good has Moss.  I think Fisher felt management brought in a guy that he didn't want so he went out of his way not to play him.  Also with a guy like Vince Young who seems like a fragile guy, Moss could of very easily been a destructive force that may of brought Young to another breaking point.
  Do I think Randy Moss still has productive value in him, Yes! honestly if he gets his head right, and ends up in St. Louis, or as a Jet, he could have the chance to put up top 15 Wide out numbers.  He says he is in shape, and from people I know who played with him at Marshall, and who are still in contact with him,  last years struggles seemed to humble him.  If that is the case he could actually have a desire to succeed, and Randy Moss with any dedication is a top 5 receiver of all time!  Also it depends where he plays.  There is some talk that Leslie Frazier actually maybe interested him Moss making another comeback to the Vikings.  This would be the worst fit for Moss,  the Viks don't have anyone who can throw a good out route, let alone a good deep ball Moss thrives off of.  
   All our Fantasy Rankings are currently early or preseason rankings,  between free agency hold outs and finding out what kind of shape players are in, these rankings are sure too change, and probably a few times.
If word was too come out Monday that Randy Moss worked with a strength and conditioning coach all off season and that he is in incrediable shape and running great routes,  I would immediately re work our Wide Out list.  But if I had to answer you right now,  Moss isn't worth anything earlier than your last or next to last pick. 

email questions to:
follow us on Twitter: @jbcodora

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Is Johnny Damon a Hall of Famer?

When we think of Johnny Damon, now of the Tampa Bay Rays, I'm not sure many people think of a future hall of famer. Well we have a few stats to prove that he most certainly is a hall of fame caliber player.
Damon broke into the big leagues at the age of 21 on August 12, 1995 as a Kansas City Royal. Since he has played for them, Oakland, Boston, New York Yankees, Detroit, and now Tampa Bay. Damon currently has 2,665 hits, so he has a great chance to get to 3,000 if he plays a few more years. Currently he ranks 68th in MLB history for all time hits. Which seems to be a good possibility since he still enjoys it and everyone says he is in great shape. Damon has 501 doubles which ranks him 50th in MLB history 1 behind Andre Dawson. He has 1088 RBI's and 224 home runs.
Damon was a big part of the Boston Redsox 2004 world series, and there ALCS 3-1 come back against the Yankees. Then again in 2009 as part of the New York Yankees he again was a big part of a World Series Championship, and in my opinion he should of been series MVP. Don't forget he was the 2004 Sports Illustrated sports man of the year.
One thing is sure Damon who is now 37, and will be 38 later this year, will increase all of his numbers. I believe that he is a Hall of Famer right now, let alone when he retires. Do you agree?

Fantasy Football Factor

With The lockout coming to an end, everything will begin to more quick. From free agents possibly changing the landscape, to training camps and preseason games. That mean it is time to begin to prepare for you fantasy football leagues. We have inDepth fantasy coverage that our readers can depend on! We want to make it as easy as possibly for readers to obtain all information they need. We attempted to make a published page from this blog in hopes we could put multiple post on it, but it is not possible.
So that is the reason for this post, we went some reader feedback. Would it be easier for readers if we started a second blog, dedicated to 100% to fantasy football? Or is it ok how it is now? Since we post on not only fantasy news, but sporting news, it seems some of our fantasy football rankings and columns get lost in the archive. So we would really appreciate some feedback. So everyone knows you do not need to be a member you can post anonymously no login required.
Our goal on the fantasy side is too help everyone from seasoned players to newcomers to the fantasy world. We will be doing weekly rankings, start or sit columns, players to add or drop, and everything people need to know to be successful at running a fantasy football team. So please let us know what you think is the best option.

Deron Williams Signs Deal With Turkish Team

Deron Williams has signed a 1 year $5million deal to play with Beskitas next season, if there is no NBA. This is the same team that Allen Iverson played with last season. This is a concern I have had for over a year, that NBA players will take there talents over seas of time is missed. He certainly isn't the only player that will do this, these players only have so many years to play before the game passes them by. But what happens if guys get hurt over there? Teams will more than likely be taking players through arbitration wanting some money back no doubt.
Something else to keep in mind is if more big named guys decide to follow Williams it could put pressure on NBA owners to give in on something's they want changed. It could even possibly bring the decision to stay the lock out in which case they would 'work' through negotiations. That would be a horrible option, with how far apart the two sides are if the worked through the labor talks, they could play 50 plus games and then end up where we are now no NBA. The best thing for the NBA is to get all their issues worked out before there is anymore games played.
The fact is this lock out is going to last longer than anyone wants. The chances of there being any games for the upcoming season is about 20% we think. Unless something drastically changes atleast. So I guess only time will tell if Deron Williams will be playing with and or against any of his NBA counterparts, but I believe he will play with numerous.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fantasy football top 200 rankings

Our top 200 is a composite of Mike Ryans,  Steven R Clark's, and my combined.  We sat down debated, compromised, example Michael Turner in the top 15, and we came up with the top 200 for the upcoming NFL fantasy season. The three of us have years of experience, competitive league wins, and contacts  in the world of sports.  Soon you will be introduced more  with Mike and Steven, and also soon all our list will be available in a PDF printable file.  A big decision was to rank Michael Vick at 12,  allot of back and forth went into it, but the one thing we all can agree on is his style of play is almost a guarantee for missed time.

  1. Adrian Petterson RB
  2. Arian Foster  RB
  3. Chris  Johnson RB
  4. Jamaal Charles RB
  5. Maurice Jones-Drew RB
  6. Aaron Rodgers QB
  7. Ray Rice RB
  8. LeSean McCoy RB
  9. Rashard Mendenhall RB
  10. Andre Johnson WR
  11. Darren McFadden RB
  12. Michael Vick QB
  13. Roddy White WR
  14. Frank Gore RB
  15. Michael Turner RB
  16. Steven Jackson RB
  17. Drew Brees QB
  18. Peyton Manning QB
  19. Calvin Johnson WR
  20. Tom Brady QB
  21. Matt Forte RB
  22. Phillip Rivers QB
  23. Greg Jennings WR
  24. Hakeem Nicks WR
  25. Ryan Mathews RB
  26. Peyton Hillis RB
  27. Legarrette Blount RB
  28. Reggie Wayne WR
  29. Knowshon Moreno RB
  30. Shonn Green RB
  31. Dwayne Bowe  WR
  32. Jonathon Stewart RB
  33. Mike Wallace WR
  34. Larry Fitzgerald WR
  35. Miles Austin WR
  36. DeSean Jackson WR
  37. Antonio Gates TE
  38. Ahmad Bradshaw RB
  39. Cedric Benson  RB
  40. Tony Romo QB
  41. Vincent Jackson  WR
  42. Mike Williams WR (TB)
  43. Dallas Clark TE
  44. Jeremy Maclin WR
  45. Matt Schaub QB
  46. Steve Johnson WR
  47. Vernon Davis TE
  48. Matt Ryan  QB
  49. Jason Witten TE
  50. Wes Welker  WR
  51. Marques Colston  WR
  52. Ryan Grant RB
  53. Ben Rothlisberger  QB
  54. Santonio Holmes  WR
  55. BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB
  56. DeAngelo Williams RB
  57. Daniel Thomas RB
  58. Brandon Lloyd WR
  59. Fred Jackson RB
  60. Felix Jones  RB
  61. Jahvid Best  RB
  62. Dez Bryant  WR
  63. Jermichael Finley  TE
  64. Josh Freeman  QB
  65. Percy Harvin  WR
  66. Joseph Addai  RB
  67. Joe Flacco  QB
  68. Anquan Boldin  WR
  69. Marshawn Lynch  RB
  70. Sidney Rice  WR
  71. Eli Manning  QB
  72. Mark Ingram  RB
  73. Matthew Stafford  QB
  74. Jay Cutler   QB
  75. Santana Moss  WR
  76. Steve Smith  WR (NYG)
  77. Ryan Torain  RB
  78. Sam Bradford QB
  79. Brandon Marshall  WR
  80. Johnny Knox  WR
  81. Mike Tolbert RB
  82. Mike WIlliams  WR (sea)
  83. Malcom Floyd WR
  84. Pierre Thomas  RB
  85. Steve Smith WR  (car)
  86. Brandon Jacobs  RB
  87. Mario Manningham  WR
  88. Chris Cooley  TE
  89. Matt Cassel  QB
  90. Brandon Pettigrew TE
  91. Ronnie Brown  RB
  92. Marcedes Lewis  TE
  93. James Starks  RB
  94. Zach Miller  TE
  95. C.J. Spiller  RB
  96. Braylon Edwards  WR
  97. Tony Gonzalez  TE
  98. LaDainian Tomlinson  RB
  99. Michael Bush  RB
  100. Chris 'beanie'  Wells  RB
  101. Owen Daniels  TE
  102. Mikel Leshoure  RB
  103. Kellen Winslow  TE
  104. Kenny Britt  WR
  105. Aj Green  WR
  106. Austin Collie  WR
  107. Mike Thomas  WR
  108. Mark Clayton  WR
  109. Jermain Gresham  TE
  110. Thomas Jones  RB
  111. Danny Woodhead  RD
  112. Jordy Nelson  RD
  113. Mark Sanchez  QB
  114. Jerome Simpson  WR
  115. Dustin Keller  TE
  116. Lance Moore  WR
  117. Pittsburgh DEF
  118. Rey Helu  RB
  119. Hines Ward  WR
  120. Ryan Williams  RB
  121. Tim Tebow  QB
  122. Julio Jones  WR
  123. Derrick Mason  WR
  124. Jimmy Graham  TE
  125. Donald Brown  RB
  126. Green Bay DEF
  127. David Garrard  QB
  128. Rob Gronkowski  TE
  129. Donovan McNabb  QB
  130. DeMario Murray  RB
  131. Aaron Hernandez   TE
  132. NYJ  DEF
  133. Montario Hardesty  RB
  134. Tim Hightower RB
  135. Reggie Bush   RB
  136. Brent Celek  TE
  137. Ryan Fitzpatrick  QB
  138. Chad Ochocinco  WR
  139. Willis Mcgahee  RB
  140. Chi Bears DEF
  141. James Jones WR
  142. Ben Tate  RB
  143. Steve Breaston  WR
  144. Davone Bess  WR
  145. Mike Sims-Walker
  146. Randy Moss WR
  147. Jacoby Ford  WR
  148. Nate Burleson  WR
  149. Lee Evans  WR
  150. Robert Meachem  WR
  151. Mike Goodson  RB
  152. Baltimore DEF
  153. NYG DEF
  154. PHI DEF
  155. Kevin Kolb QB
  156. Danny Amendola WR
  157. Kyle Orton QB
  158. Ben Watson  TE
  159. Anthony Armstrong  WR
  160. Jason Campbell QB
  161. Tony Moeaki  TE
  162. Donald Driver  WR
  163. New England DEF
  164. Justin Forsett  RB
  165. Bernard Scott  RB
  166. Rashard Jennings  RB
  167. Tashard Choice  RB
  168. Jason Snelling  RB
  169. SD DEF
  170. Devin Hester WR
  171. Arrelious Benn WR
  172. Louis Murphey  WR
  173. Terrell Owens  WR
  174. Heath Miller TE
  175. Emmanuel Sanders  WR
  176. Greg Olsen TE
  177. Cadilac Williams  RB
  178. David Gettis WR
  179. Danario Alexander  WR
  180. Alex Smith  QB
  181. Plaxico Burress WR
  182. Dal DEF
  183. Jordan Shipley  WR
  184. Chad Henne  QB
  185. Chester Taylor  RB
  186. ATL DEF
  187. Matt Hasselbeck  QB
  188. Carson Palmer QB
  189. Nate Washington  WR
  190. DET DEF
  191. Cam Newton  QB
  192. Chris Ivory  RB
  193. Brandon Tate  WR
  194. Jabar Gaffney  WR
  195. Roy Williams  WR
  196. Josh Morgan  WR
  197. Legedu Naanee WR
  198. Kevin Walter  WR
  199. Jeremy Shockey  TE
  200. Jacoby Jones  WR

NFL Free Agent Frenzy

The upcoming NFL Free Agency period is going to be one of the most exciting, news breaking times in NFL history. No matter if there are the 500 free agents or not we know that at very least 4 year tenured players will be free agents and that is something like 120 players. The balance of power could sway dramatically during this period. A middle of the road team could become a contender. Think about it some teams that are currently favorites could loose 20+ key guys and fall apart.
A few teams that are on the brink could benifit the most here, teams like the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns, and the St Louis Rams. With so many skilled position players set to be free agents it is almost impossible to predict what will happen. Espn and the NFL network will be working overtime for sure. Free Agency is normally a very interesting time in the NFL anyway, and that is in 4-5 months. So just think of how much fun it is going to be to watch this all work out in a matter of weeks. It is already the middle of July and once an agreement is made they will want to get the players into camp quick so it will happen fast.
With the flood of free agents though the one person it will effect negatively is the players. With the amount of free agent there won't be monster deals, so there could be some big name guys holding out hoping for a Multiple year big money contract. Honestly I don't believe there will be too many of those this year.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rookie pay scale agreement

The rookie pay scale was thought to be the issue that would hold up the lock out. Breaking new's from ESPN's Adam Schefter is that an agreement on this issue has been agreed upon by both sides today. No detail have been made, but you can be sure that they won't make the type of money today vets made. Someone said today that the owners and players, are going to set back the next generations pay scale to Cover up the ignorance of this generations players? Possibly some truth to that statement!

Steroid's in Baseball

Steroid's in Major League Basball seemed more like a which hunt or a communist trial in the middle of last century. While MLB's probe into steroid's was needed the federal government's 'probe' was a witch hunt. They spent 10's of millions of dollars on hearings, and trials, all for re elections. As if the hearings weren't bad enough, putting these guys up for perjury trials is absurd. Asking these guys to say there guilt was an injustice that should of been stopped, and hopefully Roger Clemons doesn't get tried again!
Simple fact is there is a separation in government and sports for a reason, otherwise George Bush could of owned the Rangers and ran the country. Simply put this is a crime and a waste of tax payer money! In a time of economic hardship you would think Senator's of all people would focus on important matters! While steroids are illegal all the major sports has had there time with them being in heavy use, it shouldn't take away from the amazing feats we seem during these times. Though some feats may have been enhanced, they all were great athletes that have left us with amazing memories that will now be tainted. The government needs to focus on health care and leave sports to people who truely care about them!

Top 200 fantasy football rankings

Later today we will be releasing our top 200 fantasy rankings. All 3 of our fantasy guys sat down and compiled this list, you will be introduced to them later in the week. This will also be available in a PDF file to print and take to your draft with you. So check back tonite. You may think it is early but what people need to realize is there will be am agreement soon, and once that agreement is reached everything is goof to move extremely fast!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

James Harrison rips Roger Goodell

 James Harrison is a all-pro Linebacker who hits hard on the field, and has always hit hard off the field.  In a recent interview Harrison called Goodell a "crook" "the Devil" and he even went as far has saying, "if thatman was on fire and I had to piss him out, I wouldn't"  even further he says "I hate him and will never respect him"
'stupid' 'puppet' dictator' finished out his description of Roger Goodell.
 Now Harrison has plenty of history of bad feelings towards Goodell before the Lockout ever started.  He was fined last season over $100k for illegal hits and that didn't sit well with him at all.  Some of what he said I think is probably correct, but Harrison also made some racial accusations that seems absurd.  He brought up that he had hit Vince Young Illegally and got fined 5k but when he hit Drew Bree's illegally he was fined $20k.To that I say 1 the hit on Bree's was much dirtier, and 2 as a league you protect your stars so obviously Bree's would bring a bigger fine then Young.
 In what seems a little more concerning, Harrison in the same interview called out his star Quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and star Running back Rashard Mendenhall.  He called Mendenhall a fumble machine though he only fumbled twice last season, so certainly not justifiable.  With Rothlisberger his focus was basically saying he hung the Defense out to dry during last seasons Super Bowl.  Both seem absurd and he seemed abit desperate to talk to anyone that would listen.  Harrison is a force to be reckoned with on the field, he is a General on a defense that is extremely talented.  But socially, off the field, this guy says some of the most absurd things.  I don't think his comments on the commissioner is a fineable offense, but the team or league should be able to do something to prevent him and other outspoken guys from publicly making fools of themselves.  Somethings are just better kept to ones self.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pay for play in college sports

The topic of paying college athletes has really heated up since the tattoo scandal at Ohio State broke. I've always been against this, but I never really sat down and actually looked at revenue lines and options for paying the kids til now. Just recently I have drastically change my mind.
Everyone has always said there paid in a free college degree and that is worth it, but the amount of money the NCAA and the conferences bring in annually is gross. The PAC-10's new TV deal bring in annually over $250 million. The Big Ten brings in $252 million, the Big-12 brings in over $150 million and they have lost allot of there teams. The SEC seems to be a bargain at $205 million. That is just conference tv rights, University's of radio and local tv spots, teams like Texas may have there own Network.
Now once this is started there isn't any going back so it is very important to get it right. There has been such things as let the student athlete license there name, to pay all the kids the exact same amount, to pay scale's based on talent. I personally think the kids should be allowed to license there name but that wouldn't help a majority of the collegiate athletes. So what I think will work is a pay scale buy instead of based on talent it should be based upon Class. Frosh make the least, Senoirs make the most. Simple, it will reward the kids that stick around for time served, while giving freshman some spending cash. With that I also think athletes should be able to also license there name aswell, that will give the bigger name kids more income while not making it the school or the NCAA reaponsibility to fund that extra money. I think legally that would help the NCAA from getting to position were kids are sueing them wanting a piece of the revenue.
No idea is full proof but onething is for sure the NCAA is getting rich along with University's and it seems fair, but we don't want NCAA lock outs.

Ohio State Football Down Fall

Script Ohio   

The Down Fall for Ohio State's football team seems to have new updates daily. Certainly things were not done right, and all this could have been avoided. You have to wonder though if Coach Treassel wasn't viewed in such a high respect would his resignation been needed. Dignity, honest, respect were all words people used to describe Tressel and that outlook of him I think was too high for anyone let aloe a college coach.
Coach Treassel was a beloved Buckeye nation figure, and if he could of continued his Ohio State career he could of very well been in the same light as Archie Griffin and Woody Hayes, Eddie George. It is a unfortunate outcome for not only the team the university and the man, but for College football in a hole.
So today word that ESPN has filed a lawsuit again the University over them not releasing information on the NCAA Investigation only brings more bad publicity to them. Remember too this is just a day after Ohio State lost a prized recruit to the rival Michigan, Kyle Kalis.
That may not be the end of the world but it is a fairly big deal. Ohio state with questions about who will be the coach of the future, and what penalties will be droped on them, cannot afford to loose there hold on recruiting in Ohio or on the top tier classes.
Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chief Linebacker, and former Ohio State stand out announced he was retiring from the NFL and becoming the linebackers coach for The Ohio State University, which is a great move. He is intense and loved by the fans. Also the have Vacated all of last seasons wins. So what's next! There is allot of talk out there that they are going to get a firm punishment, worse than USC received, that is absurd! Ohio State violation though bad weren't as bad as USC's. USC was giving cash buying houses they had a direct hand in there violations. Where as OSU was indirect, they didn't participate in what the student athlete did, though the did lie, and not inform the appropriate party's.
Honestly I think with OSU loosing there coach, there QB the 5 game suspensions, the vacating of last years wins and bowl game all they will get is they will be ineligible for a bowl game this year, and possibly for go all wins. They could loose a few recruits and they will be on pobation for awhile, but Ohio State will play in a bowl game again next season, let's just hope they don't loose to may recruits between now and then.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute kitty Cats

Cute Kitty Cats? Ok so he obviously isn't a Kitty cat, but he is a Bengal. A very disorderly one at that. As if he hasn't had enough legal issues, he again was arrested Sunday morning For disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and resisting arrest. Now he claims his wife was punched by another women and he broke it up, and the cops approached him as if he did something wrong and that is when he went off. Even if that were true his record incriminates him. Some call it racial profiling, I call it looking at a track record. I'm a firm believer in you dress a certain way or act a certain way, then you are perceived a certain way.
Also on Monday former Bengal Runningback David 'deacon' Turner was shot and killed by officers in California after a scuffle. The NFL is firm in punishing guys for legal troubles, and then giving them another chance. At some point these guys chances need to run out!

2011 NFL Power Rankings

Here is our PRESEASON 2011 NFL Power Rankings
1.) Green Bay Packers, Repeat!! They have everyone back including Ryan Grant, which is huge!
2.) Pittsburgh Steelers
3.) New England Patriots
4.) Baltimore Ravens
5.) Indianapolis Colts
6.) New Orleans Saints, allot of skill players in a contract year may help
7.) New York Jets
8.) San Diego Chargers
9.) Philadelphia Eagles
10) New York Giants
11) Houston Texans
12) Dallas Cowboys
13) Tampa Bay Bucs, watch out world!
14) Kansas City Chiefs
15) Detroit Lions, like Tampa they could make a run
16) Atlanta Falcons
17) San Fransisco 49ers
18) St Louis Rams
19) Oakland Raiders
20) Cleveland Browns, tough division for a young team
21) Miami Dolphins
22) Arizona Cardinals
23) Chicago Bears
24) Denver Broncos, The Tim Tebow era begins
25) Carolina Panthers, could Claussen end up like Brees after being pushed out of SD
26) Buffalo Bills
27) Jacksonville Jags
28) Cincinnati Bengals
29) Minnesota Vikings
30) Tennessee Titans
31) Seattle Seahawks, big drop off from last season
32) Washington Redskins, Not even Shannahan can fix this franchise!

There's A Stat For That: Congrats Derek Jeter - The Most Unlikely 3000th Hits.

There's A Stat For That: Congrats Derek Jeter - The Most Unlikely 3000th Hits.

Defense special teams combo rankings

In some leagues that do defense and special teams combo scoring, you must have a the defense in order to get return points. This confuses allot of people if your in a league like this you don't want to draft a WR or RB because of there return threat because you will not get points for there returns. Basically if I was in a league like this and say I have Josh Cribs, well if cribs returns 3 punts for 185 yards and scored once, I won't get points for any of that, I will only get points for what Cribs did while on the offensive side of the ball. Then whoever, if anyone, in my league has the browns defense would get the points for his or anyone on Clevelands team. Seriously be sure you know your leagues scoring inside and out! So here are our top defensive and special team combo rankings.

1.) Packers
2.) Steelers
3.) Jets
4.) Bears
5.) Eagles
6.) Ravens
7.) Patriots
8.) Falcons
9.) Raiders
10.) Chiefs
11.) Chargers
12.) Saints
13.) Giants
14.) Cowboys
15.) Browns

NFL contract year players 2011

While fantasy owners must consider this years free agent market, who is holding out who ends up where, it is nearly as important to know who is playing in a contract year. Players playing in a contract year can be a good bet a good portion of the time. Some guys come out of a rookie contract and hungry to get a huge deal, some players are coming into there biggest contracts. So here is a list of players in contract years, in no particular order.


Michael Vick, Eagles, believe it or not this guy has another upside, it is a contract year and everyone must know he is hungry to get his first big contract since getting out of prison.

Kevin Kolb, Eagles, though he is unlikely to be a Eagle this season, the fact is where ever he plays he has allot to prove, but he has a chance to get big bucks.

Drew Brees, NO, no question he will be a Saint, but playing for a max deal bet he will produce, look at the amount of weapons he has around him to help.

Kyle Orton, Den, he is likely to be moved as Tim Tebow is set to take over after Orton had a career year. There has been talk of Orton to Arizona but I believe Kolb will be a much better fit. I think it is much more likely he will end up in either Cincinnati, or Seattle. But either place he will continue to put up good numbers in this play off season.


Reggie Bush, NO, who knows were Reggie will play this year. But he is versitile fast and a great talent. Reggie is ready for a big deal.

Matt Forte, Chi, now some of our staff may not be big fans of Forte, but this guy had been a value for Chicago. He is set to make $550,000 this being his last year of his rookie contract. You can bet he will want to prove he is worth a big contract.

Frank Gore, SF, he has always been a fantasy owner favorite, wether there in a PPR league or not. The Hip is 100% according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus. He is already hungry to prove he still has some gas left in his tank. He will earn a new big contract.

Ryan Grant, GB, they say his ankle is 100% so this guy is not only going to start off the season sharing carries with Starks, but playing to earn a contract. Expect both to go in his favor.

LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ, allot of talk that he will take a step back this year to Shonn Green, but he is playing for what will more than likely be his last contract.

Thomas Jones, KC, we have heard from a few contacts in the league that this could be his last season, but either way he is only tenured through this season.


Dwayne Bowe, KC, did last season's monster year come a season to early? We don't think so expect monster number for Bowe this season as he works twards a monster deal in 2011.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona, With Arizonas lack of talent, people would expect them to just use the franchise tag on Fitzgerald for the 2012 season. But he had a clause in his contract where if he gets franchised he will make $23 million, so don't expect that.

Marques Colston, NO, he has shown spurts of greatness here and there but with him and his QB playing for a contract it maybe a monster season for both.

Robert Meachem, NO, with 2 Wideouts playing for a contract the Saints may benifit the most.

Mario Manningham, NYG, he maybe the most interesting player in this category we think. If Steve Smith departs buy Manningham because it will be a monster year.

Reggie Wayne, IND, believe it or not he still had 111 grabs for 1300+ yards last year, he will earn one last monster deal.

Chang Ochocinco, Cin, once he is done wrestling gator, bull riding, be assured he will be ready to earn on the field, no matter who his QB is.

Wes Welker, NE, maybe a very important year for Welker, Coach Belichicks track record shows he allows vets leave before there production drops. He needs to prove his value!


Mercedes Lewis, JAX, Fresh off his break out season if he continues he will get paid.

Jermichael Finley, GB, greenbay drafted Dj williams so was that a hint that Finely maybe on his way out? Either way good play he will be paid somewhere.

Greg Olsen, chi, Bears officials say he is their second priority behind Forte, so more good play will help him and fantasy owners in 2011.

Visanthe Shaincoe, MIN, The vikings drafted a young TE which may not be a good sign a him or fantasy owners. More will be known once camp finally opens but it could be a sticky situation in Minnesota for him.