Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2011 AFC Divisional Predictions

The AFC is still the powerhouse Conference. The AFC East North and West each have a couple teams that could contend this season. The pending free agency will decide allot and most likely change all this.

Winner: New England Patriots, The Pats had another solid draft this year, and may attract a few free agents as well. There are league officials that have told us that they may have interest in bringing Randy Moss back. They may not go 14-2 again but they will take the division.

Runner up: New York Jets, Reciever is a concern this season, they may not be able to resign Edwards. Plaxico has been linked to the Jets but who knows.

Buffalo Bills, Miami fans will be disappointed, but an improved Bills team will knock Them to last in the Division.

Miami Dolphins, So many questions, Brandon Marshall really didn't pan out either.


Winner: San Diego Chargers, Oakland went undefeated in this division last year yet missed they playoffs, the chargers who also missed the playoffs last season are finally going to get over that hump. Malcom Floyd and a Franchise Taged Vincent Jackson will tear up secondaries this season.

Runner up: Kansas City Chiefs, great backfield, good young quaterback and good receivers. They will continue to improve, there close to a few year run of dominance.

Oakland Raiders, Will Darren McFadden stay healthy? Will gradkowski be back? Too many questions.

Denver Broncos, not sure Tebow taking Orton's place was fair after the numbers Orton produced last season. Brandon Lloyd will continue to produce but too few play makers.


Winner: Indianapolis Colts, though we believe Houston will hold it together all season for a change, We expect one more big Peyton Manning year.

Runner up: Houston Texans, they wont fall apart in the second half this year.

Jacksonville Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew can't do it all.

Tennessee Tittans, Nothing much to point out here.


Winner: Pittsburgh Steelers, this is the most competitive division in Football, the Steelers and Ravens will battle though for the top spot.

Runner up: Baltimore Ravens, this could be the season that Flacco and Rice get this Offense putting up big numbers.

Cleveland Browns, though the browns won't get into the playoffs this season, it will be a promising season for them. Honestly if they get a few breaks this year they oils knock the ravens out which would be great for browns fans.

Cincinnati Bengals, so many question marks on this squad. It willbe years til they make the playoffs again.

Wild Cards

Kansas City af Baltimore

Team just Left Out

New York Jets, Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns

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