Monday, July 25, 2011

Let Free Agency Begin

Finally the NFL lockout is over and the NFL season is set to open. No more labor stoppage talk, no more focusing on the Billions of dollars the NFL generates or how it is divided.
So now with Free Agency set to begin, and camps ready to open, signings and trades are going to begin to pop off in an astounding way. Players are already behind, so teams will won't to sign players as quickly as possibly in order to get players into camp. I believe first and foremost though teams must get the Rookie draft picks signed and into camp, there really going to struggle early.
So the next few days we will do our best to keep our readers updated as signings and trades happen and a few times a day we will be posting a run down on all the moves and rumors that we get through our contacts. So stay tuned, the next 5-7 days promise's to be some of the most exciting day's in NFL Preseason history.

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