Friday, July 8, 2011

Josh Hamilton foul ball toss

Anyone who knows Josh Hamilton's story and the recovery that he has made had to respect the guy! At the sametime anyone who has seen or heard about what happend in Arlington yesterday has to feel sorry for him! The fact that he played in tonight's game is amazing I think!
Not only did he watch the guy fall to his death after attempting to toss him a ball in the 2nd inning, but Hamilton said he heard his the mans son yelling for his daddy! What a terrible thing, a father sharing a day at a ball park should be a life time of good memories, instead for this kid it will be a life time of bad memories.
For Hamilton being a former addict you can only hope that this tramatic event want cause any sort of relapse! For any former addict something like this would haunt them right back to a fix! So while everyone prays for the family, be sure to add Josh Hamilton in your prayers because I'm sure this will weigh very heavy on him!

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