Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free Agency Question Marks

With News that the Seahwaks have signed former Minnesota Vikings Reciever Sidney Rice makes my question the Tavaris Jackson move that much more. If they were planning on bringing in talent why wouldn't they go after a free agent QB, or maybe a Kevin Kolb? I do realize Jackson and Rice have a history from play together at the Vikings, but Im not buying into Tavaris Jackson as a consistent NFL starter. Then news that Matt Leinart resigned with the Texans means that he will not be reunited with Coach Pete Carrol.
The Patriots traded draft pics to the Washington Redskins for Albert Haynesworth, if anyone can straighten this guy out it would be the Patroits fanchise, they kept Randy Moss focused for a while. If the Patriots are able to get Haynesworth back into shape he could be back to the pro bowl caliber talent he was just 2 seasons ago while he was apart of the Tennesee Titans Franchise.
The Reggie Bush to Miami rumors could be huge! In Miami he will get more touches no doubt, I think Bush if given the chance, could benefit from 15 plus touches a game. If the Dolphins are able to trade for Kyle Orton Miami could be a very improved squad, as long as Brandon Marshall plays an entire season they could be making a run at the Jets and Pats for the Division.
Then of course you have the holdouts, Chris Johnson, DeSean Jackson, and Frank Gore. I don't believe many people are surprised about Jackson and Johnson, there 2 of the biggest play makers in the NFL today and there both scheduled to make under $600,000. All 3 of these guys could be holding out for a while so it is something to watch because all three of these guys are Fantast Football impact players. I expect Jackson to be in camp soon but it sounds like Gore and Johnson could be awhile.

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