Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baltimore Ravens Free Agents

There is word that the ravens plan to release some fairly big name players that could help allot of NFL team. Names like Heap, McGahee, and Mason. All three are guys who will have an impact elsewhere. Mason had a strong second half of the season, I guess the expect Anquan Boldin to step up. Mason I think will end up in either Cincinnati, or possibly New York with the Jets. Both good fits, McGahee is kind of tricky there are a few suitors but with his injury proneness It is hard to tell who will want to step up and pay him. Ive heard from a few sources that the Miami Dolphins could be a strong possibility.
Now Todd Heap is the most interesting of all these guys. The past few season fans have been waiting for him to break out and it just really never happend. But Ive predicted he would finally have a break out year this year, but it looks like it will be else where. With Heap there will be allot of interest across the league, but don't be surprised if he stays in the division!

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