Monday, July 11, 2011

NFL contract year players 2011

While fantasy owners must consider this years free agent market, who is holding out who ends up where, it is nearly as important to know who is playing in a contract year. Players playing in a contract year can be a good bet a good portion of the time. Some guys come out of a rookie contract and hungry to get a huge deal, some players are coming into there biggest contracts. So here is a list of players in contract years, in no particular order.


Michael Vick, Eagles, believe it or not this guy has another upside, it is a contract year and everyone must know he is hungry to get his first big contract since getting out of prison.

Kevin Kolb, Eagles, though he is unlikely to be a Eagle this season, the fact is where ever he plays he has allot to prove, but he has a chance to get big bucks.

Drew Brees, NO, no question he will be a Saint, but playing for a max deal bet he will produce, look at the amount of weapons he has around him to help.

Kyle Orton, Den, he is likely to be moved as Tim Tebow is set to take over after Orton had a career year. There has been talk of Orton to Arizona but I believe Kolb will be a much better fit. I think it is much more likely he will end up in either Cincinnati, or Seattle. But either place he will continue to put up good numbers in this play off season.


Reggie Bush, NO, who knows were Reggie will play this year. But he is versitile fast and a great talent. Reggie is ready for a big deal.

Matt Forte, Chi, now some of our staff may not be big fans of Forte, but this guy had been a value for Chicago. He is set to make $550,000 this being his last year of his rookie contract. You can bet he will want to prove he is worth a big contract.

Frank Gore, SF, he has always been a fantasy owner favorite, wether there in a PPR league or not. The Hip is 100% according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus. He is already hungry to prove he still has some gas left in his tank. He will earn a new big contract.

Ryan Grant, GB, they say his ankle is 100% so this guy is not only going to start off the season sharing carries with Starks, but playing to earn a contract. Expect both to go in his favor.

LaDainian Tomlinson, NYJ, allot of talk that he will take a step back this year to Shonn Green, but he is playing for what will more than likely be his last contract.

Thomas Jones, KC, we have heard from a few contacts in the league that this could be his last season, but either way he is only tenured through this season.


Dwayne Bowe, KC, did last season's monster year come a season to early? We don't think so expect monster number for Bowe this season as he works twards a monster deal in 2011.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona, With Arizonas lack of talent, people would expect them to just use the franchise tag on Fitzgerald for the 2012 season. But he had a clause in his contract where if he gets franchised he will make $23 million, so don't expect that.

Marques Colston, NO, he has shown spurts of greatness here and there but with him and his QB playing for a contract it maybe a monster season for both.

Robert Meachem, NO, with 2 Wideouts playing for a contract the Saints may benifit the most.

Mario Manningham, NYG, he maybe the most interesting player in this category we think. If Steve Smith departs buy Manningham because it will be a monster year.

Reggie Wayne, IND, believe it or not he still had 111 grabs for 1300+ yards last year, he will earn one last monster deal.

Chang Ochocinco, Cin, once he is done wrestling gator, bull riding, be assured he will be ready to earn on the field, no matter who his QB is.

Wes Welker, NE, maybe a very important year for Welker, Coach Belichicks track record shows he allows vets leave before there production drops. He needs to prove his value!


Mercedes Lewis, JAX, Fresh off his break out season if he continues he will get paid.

Jermichael Finley, GB, greenbay drafted Dj williams so was that a hint that Finely maybe on his way out? Either way good play he will be paid somewhere.

Greg Olsen, chi, Bears officials say he is their second priority behind Forte, so more good play will help him and fantasy owners in 2011.

Visanthe Shaincoe, MIN, The vikings drafted a young TE which may not be a good sign a him or fantasy owners. More will be known once camp finally opens but it could be a sticky situation in Minnesota for him.

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