Wednesday, July 13, 2011

James Harrison rips Roger Goodell

 James Harrison is a all-pro Linebacker who hits hard on the field, and has always hit hard off the field.  In a recent interview Harrison called Goodell a "crook" "the Devil" and he even went as far has saying, "if thatman was on fire and I had to piss him out, I wouldn't"  even further he says "I hate him and will never respect him"
'stupid' 'puppet' dictator' finished out his description of Roger Goodell.
 Now Harrison has plenty of history of bad feelings towards Goodell before the Lockout ever started.  He was fined last season over $100k for illegal hits and that didn't sit well with him at all.  Some of what he said I think is probably correct, but Harrison also made some racial accusations that seems absurd.  He brought up that he had hit Vince Young Illegally and got fined 5k but when he hit Drew Bree's illegally he was fined $20k.To that I say 1 the hit on Bree's was much dirtier, and 2 as a league you protect your stars so obviously Bree's would bring a bigger fine then Young.
 In what seems a little more concerning, Harrison in the same interview called out his star Quarterback Ben Rothlisberger and star Running back Rashard Mendenhall.  He called Mendenhall a fumble machine though he only fumbled twice last season, so certainly not justifiable.  With Rothlisberger his focus was basically saying he hung the Defense out to dry during last seasons Super Bowl.  Both seem absurd and he seemed abit desperate to talk to anyone that would listen.  Harrison is a force to be reckoned with on the field, he is a General on a defense that is extremely talented.  But socially, off the field, this guy says some of the most absurd things.  I don't think his comments on the commissioner is a fineable offense, but the team or league should be able to do something to prevent him and other outspoken guys from publicly making fools of themselves.  Somethings are just better kept to ones self.

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