Saturday, July 30, 2011

Are the Eagles Now the Team to Beat

In a matter of two day the Eagles traded Kevin Kolb to Arizona for Rodgers-Cromartie, a great defensive back. Then they signed Nnamdi, out of no where pretty much too. Every was so sure he would end up lining up across from Revis, but instead he will help the Eagles defense.
What these moves have done is take Some pressure off the offense. The Eagles defense gave up points in bulk last year, and as many big plays as Vick made they gave up. Now it would appear that they have just as am explosive of a defense as they do Offense. Now the big question is does this make them the NFC favorite, personally I still like the Packers. The Eagles don't impresse me with there passing game enough, and there D-line isn't that great, and a d-line can break a defense. Andy Reid is a great coach and if Vick stay healthy and DeSean Jackson plays the hole year, and LeSean McCoy produces they will no doubt be a playoff team, and probably in the NFC championship. But I feel Green Bay has a better Defense By far, quarterback is a push, the Packers separate themselves at Reciever though.
No question though, the past two days were huge for the Eagles future, and you got to wonder what the Jets will do with the extra money now.

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  1. I think the Eagles are going to be perceived as the team to beat and they will get everyone's 110% effort. Therefore I think they lose 5 or 6 games and the Cowboys shockingly beat them out for the Division. I hope this don't happen, I like the Eagles especially for the fantasy impact their team has!