Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Draft Day

  Our first live draft with our fantasy readers took place today, and for some it was a succesful draft, for others not so much.  You can alwasys tell what people are new, and what people come into a live draft with a plan and that have done some research.
  Now while I feel my team would compete with most any fantasy teams anywhere,  that maybe bias.  But lets take a look here.  Im going to break down my team by position, not by draft order.

At Quarterback I drafted Matt Schaub,  I have been saying for a few months that i thought this was going to be the season Schaub finally lives up to all the preseason hype of the past.  I also like him in a middle round rather than using a second or third pick on a Brady, Brees type QB.  As a back up I was able to snag Joe Flacco in the 10th round.  I also had the last pick of the draft and went on a limb and took Kyle Orton.  With the last pick worth a shot.

At  Runningback I feel I made my biggest impact,  I got Adrian Peterson, Derren McFadden, Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, and took a shot on Reggie Bush.  AP needs no explanation, McFadden is also solid if he stays healthy!  Now Benson's stock is falling in allot of fantasy leagues, but keep in mind this guy will get 300 carries this season, most average backs will put up descent points with that ammount of carries, and at best he is my 3rd runningback.  Thomas Jones holds little value, but if Jamaal Charles goes down he will fill any for him and could be a big time contributor.  Reggie Bush I feel has a chance to turn his carreer around but Im not going to be hurting if he dont produce since Im 5 deep, and chances are he is going to be released soon by me anyhow.

At  Reciever I got Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin, AJ Green, and Lance Moore.  Mark my words Jennings will be the number 1 reciever at seasons end, I would bet the farm.  Anquan Boldin will finaly produce as a top 10 guy, I got Brandon Llyod correct last season this year my guy is Boldin.  Aj Green has a chance to put up really nice numbers as cincys #1 guy but questions at QB could hold him back especially if they start Dalton, If Gradkowski plays he could have a really nice year.  Lance Moore is in a contract season, on a team that will pass 40 plus times a game.

At tightend I took Dallas Clark, Zach Miller.  Dallas Clark is extremely safe especially with the offensive line problmes Indy is looking at, Manning could be dumping the ball off to clark allot.  Zach Miller too Seattle I think was a good move, but dont take him too early, and dont rely on him as a number 1 tightend you will get burnt.

Kicker I took just one Nate Kaeding.  San Diego will score allot he will get me descent points.  I dont believe in drafting 2 kickers at all.  There are alwasys kickers on the wire.

Defense I took the Pittsburgh Steelers,  easy for me here,  dont look to much into kick off returns when picking you defense because kicking from the 35 will bring far to few kick off return oppurtunities.  The only time i will ever take multiple defenses during a draft is if i have a chance to get a top 5 or 6 defense late. Now during the regular season I will keep 2 on my squad but No need to jump into bed with two of them through your draft.

Kyle Jackson,  was the big winner out of all the readers,  He scored Arian Foster, Mario Manningham, and Calvin Johnson,  I will be seeing you in the tittle game.
    We have 2 more leagues we are going to have for our readers so if interested you must contact us soon

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Q&A

We have recieved over 50 emails from readers regarding the upcoming fantasy football season and draft. We answered a good amount by email already but these following questions we thought would help allot of readers.
Darrin from Colorado Springs asked, I have the last pick in the first round of my fantasy draft, then I also have the first pick of the second round. Are points system is a basic point system 6points for every touchdown 1 point for every 10 yards, then for QB's 4 points for every 25 yards passed. My question is should I take the best 2 available or should I take a RB and a QB?
This is a good question, so much of the answer depends on what happened in the 11 picks before your picks come up. Personally I would take the best available, but keep in mind there is 22 picks before you get you picks again. If a Vick or Rodgers falls too you it would be hard to pass, especially on Vick because he will score rush and pass points. But it is imperative you get a RB at this point! Honestly if Ray Rice or Maurice Jones-Drew was there I would go with best available Runningback and I would almost certainly take either a second runingback, depending on who is left, or best wide out. With those picks guys like Greg Jennings and Calvin Johnson should be available. Simple put if Vick was to fall to you take him and best available Runningback, if Vick isn't there take either RB WR or RB RB. You can always score a quarterback in later rounds, guys like Matt Schaub who I think is finally going to have a monster season.
Carmine from Toledo emailed us and asked, is it more imperative to have a top 10 quarterback or a top 10 Runningback?
Almost all the time it is far more important to have a top 10 Runningback. A good portion of leagues give Runningbacks 1 point for every yard from scrimmage, and 6 points for every TD. Then in allot of leagues QB's get anywhere from 4-6 points for each TD thrown, 6 points for each TD rushed, and 1 point for every 25 yards. So if my Runningback rushes for 90 yards and a TD he got me 15 points. If a QB passes for 250 and a touchdown that could be as little as 14 or as many as 16. In most cases a top tier RB will out score a top tier QB. Unless Vick rushes for 8tds this season you can bet on that.
David for Illinois emailed and asked, we are starting a new league this year and it is going to be a keeper league I have pulled the first pick and obviously want to draft someone who will be apart of my team for years to come. I want that guy to be Chris Johnson but I'm worried he won't play the hole season due to his current hold out. What SFO you suggest?
Great question, and in every fantasy draft this is a concern keeper or not. There is no way the Titans are going to let Johnson miss any significant time. But he could be abit rusty early on but for the long term he is a safe bet. And he has allot to prove this season, in a keeper league I like him more than ADrian Peterson. Just keep an eye on the lockout but unless anything changes I say take him! Onething though, I believe next season Ray Rice maybe the Number 1 or 2 ranked Runningback in the league, he is going to be a monster for the next 4-6 years.

We will be answer another 6 reader emails tomorro, keep the question coming in. Email us at one of the following: or Also we still have open spots for readers who would like the chance to win a $300 dicks gift card by winning in one of our readers fantasy leagues.

Friday, August 12, 2011

NFL Preseason First Take

You always here people say that you cannot take much from preseason games, to that I say watch me. I believe you can get as much info from the little bit the stars play to the multiple drives the second team plays. We got some really good insight last nite into some of the big questions. Let's start in Denver, I do understand Tim Tebow didn't see all of The Cowboys Starting Defense but he had such confidence and seemed extremely comfortable in the huddle last nite. He had good timing with his receivers, he went through his progressions extremely well, and moved in the pocket like a veteran. After last nite I believe Orton will be moved with in the next few weeks and the Tim Tebow era will begin by week one. There are allot of people who just don't like this guy but he is probably one of the hardest working guys out there, and he is physically a beast.
In Philedelphia my concerns were proved true, it doesn't matter what kind of secondary you got if your linebackers aren't that good. The lack of defensive line pressure, lack of pass rushing, and lack of linebacker ability will have the Eagles playing in high scoring games still this season.
In Arizona Kevin Kolb looked comfortable and in his little play moved the ball down the field. Larry Fitzgerald is poised to make up for last season and blow up, though loosing Breaston will hurt, it won't be too hard to surpass last seasons numbers.
How about those Seahawks, I have to admit 2 weeks ago I honestly believed they were one of the worst 3 teams in the League. But now I can admit I was wrong. The signing's of Zach Miller and Sidney Rice will prove to be huge, and it don't hurt to be in the NFC West. Them and the Cardinals will battle for the Division.
The most impressive performance last nite goes too?... No Suprise here the New England Patriots. Ryan Mallett was exceptional, so any concerns about what will happen if Brady gets hurt should be gone. Mallet is the future of the Patriots, or so you would think. Tom Brady still has 5 years maybe more of exciting ball left in him so it will be interesting to see if the Patriots can hold on to the both of them. But the way they moved the ball with ease was astonishing to me. Rex Ryan has to be worried about what was seen last night, but he certainly would never say that.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chris Johnson Still a No Show

Chris Johnson is one of the most electric players in the NFL, and one of the fastest runners. He is the first back that can be compared to Barry Sanders with his speed and latteral ability. So you would have to think that the Tennesse Titans Front Office, Coaches, and Players are nervous about the possibility of playing with out him.
Last season this was a concern of the Titans, people speculated he would of held out before last season, well the should of given Johnson a contract up to his value then! Simple fact is this guy is a franchise guy, just like DeSean Jackson, he is set to make just under $600,000 this year which is the last year of both their rookie contracts.
Though I do feel people need to honor contracts and I hate seeing guys hold out for more money while they are tenured, the simple fact is Runningbacks have a small window in the NFL.
The shelf life of an NFL Runningback is the age of 30, then they are looked at as invaluable, example LT. So that means they will really have just one big contract. So with Johnson a year away from his big money and again only set to make $600k on a team where he is there go to guy I understand why he is holding out.
What else you have to keep in mind is that looming around always is that pesky franchise tag. So that is concern for these guys, if a team tags a player they will get the leagues top average at there position but it is only a 1 year deal so if they were to get injured the will take a massive long term hit.
As far as a fantasy football, this could have a huge effect on every single league. If it is looking like a deal may not be reached do you still take him in the first round? If not someone will steal him in the second and or third and probably be the favorite in your league.
I don't believe for a second that he will sit the entire season, and I do believe that Titans front office will step up and do what is right for a guy who sells tickets. Let's hope it gets done soon!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

">Printable Quarterback Rankings

With everyone's fantasy drafts fast approaching we not only wanted to rank each player we wanted to make printable list for our readers. So each positional, combined, PPR, Defense, special teams, and our top 200 will all have a link in which readers can follow and then print. Above is the link to our quarterback rankings. We will post all by tomorro, and then on Wednesday our updated top 200 rankings will be released. If anyone has any problems opening the link, and or printing the sheet please let us know.
Also anyone with fantasy question email me at or email mike at We are also looking for ore readers to take part in with us!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fantasy football PPR Rankings

Fantasy Football PPR Rankings

1. Arian Foster Hou
2. Chris Johnson Ten
3. Ray Rice Bal
4. LeSean McCoy Phi
5. Andre Johnson Hou
6. Jamaal Charles KC
7. Adrian Peterson Min
8. Maurice Jones-Drew Jac
9. Roddy White ATL
10 Aaron Rodgers GB
11 Frank Gore SF
12 Michael Vick Phi
13 Steven Jackson Stl
14 Peyton Hillis Cle
15 Larry Fitzgerald Ari
16 Darren McGadden Oak
17 Drew Brees NO
18 Matt Forte Chi
19 Hakeem Nicks NYG
20 Greg Jennings GB
21 Tom Brady NE
22 Calvin Johnson Det
23 Dallas Clark IND
24 Reggie Wayne IND
25 Rashard Mendenhall Pit
26 Antonio Gates SD
27 Peyton Manning IND
28 Wes Welker NE
29 Mike Wallace Pit
30 Dwayne Bowe KC
31 Jahvid Best Det
32 Phillip Rivers SD
33 Jason Witten Dal
34 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG
35 Miles Austin Dal
36 DeAngelo Williams Car
37 Dez Bryant Dal
38 Vincent Jackson SD
39 Jermichael Finley GB
40 Vernon Davis SF
41 Felix Jones Dal
42 Michael Turner ATL
43 Knowshon Moreno Den
44 Ryan Matthews SD
45 DeSean Jackson Phi
46 Jeremy Maclin Phi
47 Matt Schaub Hou
48 Brandon Marshall Mia
49 Tony Romo Dal
50 Steve Johnson Buf

Fantasy Football Defense Special Teams Rankings

Defense Special Teams Combo Rankings
1. Green Bay Packers
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Baltimore Ravens
4. New York Jets
5. Philadelphia Eagles
6. New England Patriots
7. Atlanta Falcons
8. Chicago Bears
9. San Diego Chargers
10 New Orleans Saints
11 Kansas City Chiefs
12 New York Giants
13 Detroit Lions
14 Miami Dolphins
15 Oakland Raiders
16 Dallas Cowboys
17 St Louis Cardinals
18 Cleveland Browns
19 Minnesota Vikings
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21 Seattle Seahawks
22 Cincinatti Bengals
23 San Fransisco 49ers
24 Tennessee Titans
25 Indianapolis Colts
26 Houston Texans
27 Buffalo Bills
28 Denver Broncos
29 Arizona Cardinals
30 Washington Redskins
31 Jacksonville Jaguars
32 Carolina Panthers

Fantasy Football Kickers Rankings

Fantasy Football Kickers

1. Neil Rackers Hou
2. Josh Brown Stl
3. Nate Kaeding SD
4. Stephen Gostkowski NE
5. Rob Bironas Ten
6. Billy Cundiff Bal
7. Garrett Hartley NO
8. Mason Crosby GB
9. Nick Folk NYJ
10 Alex Henery Phi
11 Sebastian Janikowski Oak
12 Adam Vinatieri IND
13 Matt Bryant ATL
14 Ryan Longwell Min
15 Dan Carpenter Mia
16 Jay Feely Ari
17 David Buehler Dal
18 Robbie Gould Chi
19 Jeff Reed SF
20 Shaun Suisham Pit

Saturday, August 6, 2011

2011 Tightend Fantasy Football Rankings

Tightend Rankings

1. Antonio Gates SD
2. Dallas Clark IND
3. Jermichael Finley GB
4. Vernon Davis 49ers
5. Jason Witten Dal
6. Owen Daniels Hou
7. Kellen Winslow TB
8. Marcedes Lewis Jac
9. Greg Olsen Car
10 Chris Cooley
11 Jimmy Graham NO
12 Brandon Pettigrew Det.
13 Zach Miller Sea.
14 Tony Moeaki KC
15 Tony Gonzalez ATL
16 Dustin Keller NYJ
17 Rob Gronkowski NE
18 Ben Watson NE
19 Aaron Hernandez NE
20 Jared Cook Ten
21 Jermaine Gresham Cin
22 Todd Heap Ari
23 Brent Celek Phi
24 Heath Miller Pit
25 Visanthe Shiancoe Min
26 Anthony Fasano Mia
27 Kyle Rudolph Min
28 Ed Dickson Bal
29 Fred Davis Was
30 John Carlson
31 Lance Hendricks Stl
32 Jacob Tamme IND
33 Joel Dreesen Hou
34 Jeremy Shockey Car
35 Tony Schefflwe Det
36 Dante Rosario Den
37 Evan Moore Cle
38 Shawn Nelson Buf
39 Martellus Bennett Dal
40 Travis Beckum NYG

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantasy Football Reciever Draft Rankings

Here are our Fantasy Football Reciever Draft Rankings. When Drafting a Reciever in anygiven round we suggest taking the best available via our rankings. We will also be releasing our top 200 combined rankings soon.

1. Andre Johnson Hou
2. Roddy White ATL
3. Greg Jennings GB
4. Calvin Johnson Det
5. Larry Fitzgerald Ari
6. Hakeem Nicks NYG
7. Vincent Jackson SD
8. Mike Wallace Pit
9. Miles Austin Dal
10 DeSean Jackson Phi (watch status of his holdout)
11 Reggie Wayne IND
12 Dwayne Bowe KC
13 Mike Williams TB
14 Dez Bryant Dal
15 Brandon Lloyd Den
16 Steve Johnson Buf
17 Jeremy Maclin Phi
18 Marques Colston NO
19 Wes Welker NE
20 Santonio Holmes NYJ
21 Mario Manningham NYG
22 Percy Harvin Min
23 Kenny Britt Ten
24 Anquan Boldin Bal
25 Brandon Marahall Mia
26 Austin Collie Ind
27 Pierre Garçon IND
28 Sidney Rice Sea
29 Steve Smith Car
30 Santana Moss Was
31 Braylon Edwards 49ers
32 AJ Green Cin
33 Michael Crabtree 49ers
34 Chad Ochocinco NE
35 Mike Thomas Jac
36 Johnny Knox Chi
37 Malcontent Floyd FA
38 Julio Jones ATL
39 Lance Moore NO
40 Jordy Nelson GB
41 Robert Meachem NO
42 Roy Williams Chi
43 Plaxico Burress NYJ
44 Mike Williams Sea
45 Mike Sims-Walker Jac
46 Davone Bess Mia
47 Deion Branch NE
48 Hines Ward Pit
49 Steve Breston KC
50 Donald Driver GB

Fantasy Football Runningback Pre-Draft Rankings

Here are our 2011 Fantasy Football Pre-Draft Runningback rankings. When looking for any position we recommend you take best available from our list. Also to help you further we will be releasing our top 200 combined rankings.

Runningback Rankings

1. Adrian Peterson Min
2. Arian Foster Hou
3. Chris Johnson Ten (watch hold out status)
4. Maurice Jones-Drew Jac
5. Jamaal Charles KC
6. Ray Rice Bal
7. Rashard Mendenhall Pitt
8. Frank Gore SF
9. Steven Jackson STL
10 Michael Turner Atl
11 LeSean McCoy Phi
12 Peyton Hillis Cle
13 Darren McFadden Oak
14 Matt Forte Chi
15 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG
16 Ryan Matthews SD
17 DeAngelo Williams Car
18 LeGarrette Blount TB
19 Jonathon Stewart Car
20 Knowshon Moreno Den
21 Cedric Benson Cin
22 BenJarvis Green-Ellis NE
23 Felix Jones Dal
24 Shonn Green NYJ
25 Jahvid Best Det
26 Ryan Grant GB
27 Frew Jackson Buf
28 Mark Ingram NO
29 James Starks GB
30 Daniel Thomas Mia
31 Ryan Williams Ari
32 Mikel LeShoure Det
33 Marshawn Lynch Sea
34 Pierre Thomas NO
35 Ryan Torian Was
36 Mike Tolbert SD
37 Joseph Addai IND
38 Chris 'Beanie' Wells Ari
39 Michael Bush Oak
40 C.J. Spiller Buf
41 Willis McGahee Den
42 LaDanian Tomlinson NYJ
43 Brandon Jacobs NYG
44 Reggie Bush Mia
45 Roy Helu Was
46 Thomas Jones KC
47 Danny Woodhead NE
48 Montario Hardestry Cle
49 Darren Sproles NO
50 Ronnie Brown Phi

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Top Fantasy Quarterbacks

1. Aaron Rodgers GB
2. Drew Brees NO
3. Michael Vick Phi
4. Tom Brady NE
5. Phillip Rivers SD
6. Peyton Manning IND
7. Matt Schaub Hou
8. Ben Roethlisberger Pitt
9. Matt Ryan ATl
10. Josh Freeman TB
11. Tony Romo Dal
12. Eli Manning NYG
13. Sam Bradford Stl
14. Joe Flacco Bal
15. Matt Cassel KC
16. Matthew Stafford Det
17. Kevin Kolb Ari
18. Jay Cutler Chi
19. David Garrard Jac
20. Mark Sanchez NYJ
21. Tim Tebow den
22. Ryan Fitzpatrick Buf
23. Donovan McNabb Min
24. Jason Campbell Oak
25. Kyle Orton Den
26. Matt Hasselbeck Tenn
27. Chad Henne Mia
28. Colt McCoy Cle
29. Bruce Gradkowski Cin
30. Alex Smith SF
31. Tavaris Jackson Sea
32. Cam Newton Car
33. Vince Young Phi
34. Blaine Gabbert Jac
35. Shaun Hill Det
36. Josh Beck Was
37. Matt Flynn GB
38. Jake Locker Ten
39. Jimmy Clausen Car
40. Christian Ponder Min

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Randy Moss Retires

With the announcement that Randy Moss has retired from the NFL, we ask our readers is it a bluff? Or has he hung his cleats up for good? Last year Moss had one of the biggest drop offs in production for a star player. The last half of the season the only reason he was brought up in conversation was because Titans coach Jeff Fisher refused to play him. I still believe he has football left in him, his actions not his skills, are what got him benched last season.
It is hard for me to believe that he is done, he size and speed, yes he still has some speed,
I believe still equals a stand out. Obviously he wasn't going to play in Tennessee even with Fisher now gone, so I ask you our readers, is it over for his Hall Of Fame career?
He is undoubtedly one of the greatest receivers ever! He missed time holding out and refusing to play and is still atop alot of receiving catagories. He at times was misunderstood and at other times down right irrational, but his domanence cannot be questioned. But if the right team went to Moss would he say no? Philly, Saint Louis, and possibly Cleveland are some great fits for Randy, and I don't believe for a second he could say no to any of them. Bit what do you think? Is it over or will he play again?