Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chris Johnson Still a No Show

Chris Johnson is one of the most electric players in the NFL, and one of the fastest runners. He is the first back that can be compared to Barry Sanders with his speed and latteral ability. So you would have to think that the Tennesse Titans Front Office, Coaches, and Players are nervous about the possibility of playing with out him.
Last season this was a concern of the Titans, people speculated he would of held out before last season, well the should of given Johnson a contract up to his value then! Simple fact is this guy is a franchise guy, just like DeSean Jackson, he is set to make just under $600,000 this year which is the last year of both their rookie contracts.
Though I do feel people need to honor contracts and I hate seeing guys hold out for more money while they are tenured, the simple fact is Runningbacks have a small window in the NFL.
The shelf life of an NFL Runningback is the age of 30, then they are looked at as invaluable, example LT. So that means they will really have just one big contract. So with Johnson a year away from his big money and again only set to make $600k on a team where he is there go to guy I understand why he is holding out.
What else you have to keep in mind is that looming around always is that pesky franchise tag. So that is concern for these guys, if a team tags a player they will get the leagues top average at there position but it is only a 1 year deal so if they were to get injured the will take a massive long term hit.
As far as a fantasy football, this could have a huge effect on every single league. If it is looking like a deal may not be reached do you still take him in the first round? If not someone will steal him in the second and or third and probably be the favorite in your league.
I don't believe for a second that he will sit the entire season, and I do believe that Titans front office will step up and do what is right for a guy who sells tickets. Let's hope it gets done soon!

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