Thursday, June 30, 2011

2011 fantasy football rankings: Quarterbacks

1.) Aaron Rodgers, he Is consistent he has big playmakers and he will have Ryan Grant back to
Help keep the secondary honest. I think the Green Bay offense will put up huge numbers this year.
2.) Michael Vick, he is probably number 1 on most list, and after a year like last it is deserved. Personally I won't touch him, though I don't doubt he will put up some numbers, the risk of him being injured is to high.
3.) Peyton Manning, his weapons are all back, but some concern of the runningbacks, and offensive line. But he is Peyton Manning.
4.) phillip Rivers, the amount of weapons the chargers have is astonishing, if they get better production from the backfield, and if they make the Vincent Jackson situation work, this could be his best season.
5.) Tom Brady, alot of targets for Tom again this year may not have another 36td and 4int season but you know Tom Brady will find his receivers.
6.) Drew Brees, I dont expect another 22int's, Brees will be hungry for redemption after last year
7.) Ben Rothlisberger, no offseason personal distraction for him, I think big ben may have a career year, him and mike Wallace are going to do big things this season!
8.) Matt Schaub, he burnt allot of fantasy owners early last year, including me, but he had a great 2nd half of the season. And he is throwing to Andrea Johnson, Owen Wilson, Arisn Foster.
9.) Tony Romo, his collar bone won't be a problem, he has big weapons around him, bit can Dez Bryant and miles Austin co exist?
10.)Josh Freeman, He has good targets, big play receiver and tightend, and this guy has some wheels so he will get you some rush yards, he finished 2nd for QB rushing behind Vick last year.
I would say if In your draft if your coming into the last few rounds and you like your positional players and need a back up QB get Tim Tebow!

Defense/Special teams combo rankings

In some leagues that do defense and special teams combo scoring, you must have a the defense in order to get return points. This confuses allot of people if your in a league like this you don't want to draft a WR or RB because of there return threat because you will not get points for there returns. Basically if I was in a league like this and say I have Josh Cribs, well if cribs returns 3 punts for 185 yards and scored once, I won't get points for any of that, I will only get points for what Cribs did while on the offensive side of the ball. Then whoever, if anyone, in my league has the browns defense would get the points for his or anyone on Clevelands team. Seriously be sure you know your leagues scoring inside and out! So here are our top defensive and special team combo rankings.

1.) Packers
2.) Steelers
3.) Jets
4.) Bears
5.) Eagles
6.) Ravens
7.) Patriots
8.) Falcons
9.) Raiders
10.) Chiefs
11.) Chargers
12.) Saints
13.) Giants
14.) Cowboys
15.) Browns

NBA lock out

With the NBA lockout Looming that is all you hear about on sports radio. Asking if they will get a deal done before midnit, common, it is very clear the owners and players are so far away there isn't a chance for any sort of agreement today. There is allot of changes need to be made. The average salary is 8.5 mill, that is absurd! And these max deals have got to get lowered, the owners want the max deal all the way down to right around 10 million a year. That is a huge difference from now. You gotta wonder if there will be a season this year? Also if the max deals get lowered that much how many of these guys willgo over seas and play, they could now make more then they do play here in the states so that could be a real concern!
Everyone knows NBA players more so then NFL players are flashy and loose with there money there are going to be some desperate players if they miss an entire season.
One thing that must change is age for entering the draft. I think they need to make these kids stay til there sophomore or junior season! College basketball is so different now TE talent level is diminished. The only way to fix it is to keep them around a few season's. And I think by lowering that gauranteed money it could help and obviously by restricting it it would help. So don't be expecting any sort of labor deal anytime soon if your a NBA fan, it could be a long while!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cliff Lee's dominance

Cliff Lee has a June era of .21 and he has pitch 32 straight scoreless innings. Absolute dominance! His last few games has been again Boston St Louis and Chicago, all scoreless pitching! This guy is doing it with out a over powering pitch he is a finese pitcher, like a Greg Maddux. On the season he is 7-5 with a 2.33 Era but even those stats lie abit,
There has been a few starts he didn't get much production out of his outfield.
I think cliff lee has been the most dominant pitcher in baseball the past 3 to 4 years, and I'm curious what you guys think? Who do you believe has been a hotter pitcher, or do you agree leave comments, email comments, go to message board and start a discussion.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The DH in baseball

The DH in major league baseball is a big topic this time of the year, with interleague play going on. Every talks about how NL teams have a big advantage when playing at home against the AL. I think the AL Also has just as big of an advantage when they play at home against the NL. Think about it, the AL builds there teams to have a DH player, how many NL teams have an extra bat on their bench that can truely make a difference,? Not that many. I think alot of teams use these games to give some of there older players a break by not playing the field.
I also hear some argument that both leagues should switch to using the DH, I pray that this never happens! Baseball is a sport were the intricate parts make a big part of the fun watching it. When your pitcher has to bat for instance, and he is pitching well and your going into the 8th up 1 run and he bats lead off, do you pull him or a pinch hitter to try to increase the lead but then bring in a reliever? Do you let him bat so he can continue to pitch? These are the type of situations that baseball presents and I love it!!
Plus the world series is much more interesting it is baseball at its purest. I can't watch American league games because of the DH I find it boring.
What do you guys think should the DH be in both leagues? Should it be thrown out of baseball like marge Schott? What are your thoughts? Also there is a thread started on this comment on our message board make your voice heard!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Reader's emails

  A few weeks ago i asked readers to email if they had any fantasy football questions,  and suoprisingly i got a few.  Suprised because though I ve been getting between 250 and 580 page hit's a day not many comments or followers yet, or facebook likes either.  So I hope that changes soon,  getting abit discouraged.

  I recieved a email from Andy G. in Little Rock,. Andy asked me if I thought if Maurice Jones-Drew was still worth someones first round pick.  To this I say absolutely,  look it, this guy managed to pile up 1600 total yards last season in 14 games,  and in those 14 games he had knee problems the entire time.  Some people maybe concerned with Rashard Jennings taking away touches from MJD.  MJD has at least one more big season in him,  I plan to take him in the first round this year even if i have the first overall!!  I'm betting on MJD having 10 plus TD's and pile on between 1800-1900 yards,  I'm telling you guys if you have a chance to get him don't pass on him,  I promise you will regret it!

   Ashley in Bowling Green Kentucky asked:  when is the appropriate time to draft a quarterback? This question is a tough one to answer.  When drafting you fantasy team there are a lot of things that go into when you draft which position, for example,  If your league give QB's 4 points for throwing a touch down, 1 point for every 25 yards passed, well I personally would get a top notch RB and WR before considering a QB and in that third round if there was another good skilled player I may pass again.  But if  your league gives a Quarterback 1 point for every 10 yards passed, 6 points for TD's thrown then top QB's will start to come off the board in the first round.  You should look at your league's score set up and email me back and I can customize a answer for you better.

   Charles W. in Colorado Springs email, 'our league set up has 1 running back 2 wide receiver's then 1 flex, at flex we can play RB WR or TE  I try not to look at projections but i normally go off that and it burns me allot any advice? BTW it is a PPR league....
   A.) For allot of leagues Flex position is a hard one for every team in the league to fill.  Ive been in allot of leagues were people's flex players have been back up tight ends,  not a position you want to put yourself in for starters.  It depends on you bench man to be honest,  do you have more than 1 viable option? and if so put your options next to one another and look at there opponent, allot of times you can get the answer that way.  Take a look at your players tendencies, and the defense they are playing tendencies.  Normally the answer is pretty obvious seriously don't think to much about it. Now has far has projections one word of advice don't let a projection stop you from sitting or starting someone,  projections are exactly what they are could a projection.
    Thanks for the emails,  there are still a few more and I will post again tomorrow to answer a few more of them.
If you have any fantasy or sports questions email us @  we will answer all emails!
also follow us at twitter @jbcodora, and like our facebook page.  Our giveaways start in july so stay

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Los Angelas Dodgers

Mark Cuban owner of the Los Angelas Dodgers? I say absolutely! This guy is a outspoken guy and that scares Selig and the rest of the owners, that's why he didn't get the cubs franchise. But it is time for this to happen. He will bring this franchise back to were it should be, top of it division. Since Cuban bought the Maverics they haven't missed the playoffs they have been to two NBA finals and won a champion ship. A Maverics team keep in mind that never truly competed in the NBA before his take over.
His players and his fan base love the guy and I thin that is the number 1 quality in a owner. Baseball don't like those attributes in there owners, look at how they drove poor old Marge Schott out of Cincy! But the fact of the matter is he will take the dodger's over and immediately spend the money to get big name guys there. And you all know that players will want to play for him!
Honestly baseball messed up when they turned him down to buy the cubs, that is a city and a franchise that with his help, could of finally took that step to get out of there world series drought. So I say Selig, MLB owners, and fans embrace this guy into baseball and he will improve revenue, ratings, and eventually those tv deals will get even bigger!
A fine collection of billingsgates in a glass fronted display box

Sunday, June 26, 2011

2011 fantasy football tight end PPR rankings

2011 fantasy football tight end PPR rankings

Tight end is a position that if played right you can pull away in week to week match up's. In most cases games are close so this is where you can really begin to separate yourself. Here is our 2011 fantasy football tight end PPR rankings.

1.) Antonio Gates, SD
2.) Dallas Clark, IND
3.) Vernon Davis, SF
4.) Jason Witten, Dal
5.) Jermichael Finley, GB
6.) Owen Daniels, Hou
7.) Mercedes Lewis, Jax
8.) Kellen Winslow, TB
9.) Zachary Miller, Oak
10) Brandon Pettigrew, Det
11) Tony Gonzalez, ATL
12) Jimmy Graham, NO
13) Ben Watson, Cle
14) Dustin Keller, NYJ
15) Tony Moeaki, KC

Fantasy football options if no season, according to Rick Riley

Anyone who has ever read Any of Rick Riley's columns or his tv broadcast Homecoming probably has some sort of opinion on him. Ive read a lot of people's comments on him, and it seems like he rubs some people the wrong way. Me personally, I've never really had a real dislike for the man, though I have disagreed with a good portion of his columns.
He wrote a column talking about if there wasn't any NFL played this year that basically he wasn't worried because he had some great ideas to fill the hole left with out fantasy football. Here are a few of his ideas, 'Fantast fantasy football' the basic primus is you pick any season from 1958-1979 then you agree as a league not to do any research, you pick players from that season then whoever the commissioner of your league is, each Sunday they pull that seasons respective box scores. 1 big problem with this, after the draft there isn't any real interactive thing for anyone to do other than the commissioner.
The next 'idea' was fantasy UFL, he brings up the CulPepper plays in the league, I admire anyone who can sit and way a UFL game! I can't stand the thought of it at all! Then he rambles about a league where you guess what will be Ron Artest next name change, pop Warner fantasy football soccer fantasy football, and on and on. One I idea he had in which I thought was funny and abit clever, was the Ray Lewis crime wave fantasy league.
Personally I look at Craig Segar and Rick Riley the same way, the both talk for shock value and I only tune in or read to see what the will say next, or in Segars case see what god awful suit he is wearing now.
I know there will be fantasy football this year, not many people question that fact at this point. But a couple months ago when we weren't sure me and a few friends set up fantasy leagues in college football. Made out point scales, broke it down by conferences. We haven't decided if we are going to combine A few conferences and play 2 leagues or do a big ten big 12 and PAC10 league, but we were prepared with real viable options!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

2011 NFL bye weeks

The 2011 NFL bye weeks

When drafting your fantasy team you always want the NFL bye week schedule next to you. The 2011 NFL bye schedule can be a very helpful tool if used correctly. You never want to put yourself in a postion where your back up's have the same bye week as your starters. So print your self a copy of the 2011 NFL bye weeks and have it handy during your drafts. It is a very frustrating position to be in, if at the end of your draft your 2 big players have the same bye week, or if you starting and there back up does.
Now with that said there are people who go out of there way to draft a team where to big time players have the same bye week. This could be tricky because there is a good change you wouldn't be taking best available at times. I try to make sure I get a back up QB RB and TE with different bye's then my starter. The waiver line can normally get you a receiver to get you through a week if need be.
Another tip, playoff contenders. I've always been a firm believer that playoffs should end by week 14. This is were a little preparation goes a long way. You have to be smart especially with QB's and RB's since they are more likely to sit when a playoff spot is clinched. We Will touch more on this soon but something for everyone to keep on mind.

Week 5: Baltimore, Cleveland, Dallas, Miami, St. Louis, Washington
Week 6: Arizona, Denver, Kansas City, San Diego, Seattle, Tennessee
Week 7: Buffalo, Cincinnati, New England, NY Giants, Philadelphia, San Fransisco
Week 8: Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, NY Jets, Oakland, Tampa Bay
Week 9: Carolina, Detroit, Jacksonville, Minnesota,
Week 10 No bye weeks scheduled
Week 11 Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Pittsburgh

2011 fantasy football receiver rankings for PPR leagues

PPR league members really can benefit from having a prime receiver! Normal leagues I would argue against taking a wide out in the first round, but in a PPR league 6 grabs for 60 yards is 12 points were as a normally scored league 12 points is 60 yards with a TD. So a big named wide out who goes out gets you 9 catches for 95 yards and a score just bagged you 24 points. Here is our top 16 receivers for PPR leagues, only going to highlight guys who playing in a contract year. We will be releasing a more indepth round of list soon. Also be watching for our spread sheets for everyone to print and take to their respective drafts.

1.) Andrea Johnson, Houston
2.) Roddy White, ATL
3.) Hakeem Nicks, NYG, this guy is a beast but one thing to keep in mind Eli has had different 100 catch recur we each of the last 3 years.
4.) Calvin Johnson, Det
5.) Larry Fitzgerald,Ari, Contract year
6.) Reggie Wayne, Ind
7.) Greg Jennings, GB
8.) Wes Welker, NE, i think his value increases more than anyothet player in PPR rankings
9.) Dwayne Bowe, KC
10) DeSean Jackson, Phi
11) Brandon Marshall, Mia
12) Mike Wallace, Pitt
13) Vincent Jackson, SD, if before you draft they are saying he is happy with his situation and is going to play a hole season he is a top 5 guy!
14) Brandon Lloyd, Den
15) Steve Johnson, Buf
16) Sidney Rice, Min, I'm sure people will think we are crazy for having Rice here but he is in a contract year and he is coming into this season healthy again.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantasy football Runningback rankings for PPR leagues

PPR leagues change everything! It can take a Runningback in the low teens normally and project him into the top 5. Here are our 2011 fantasy football runningback's rankings for all PPR leagues.
1.)Arson Foster, while Im not sold he will produce another 2000 total yards this season he will get allot of carries, and he caught 66 passes last season for over 600 yards.

2.)LeSean McCoy, in non PPR league's McCoy isn't this far up the board but this guy caught 78 balls last year for over 600 yards. Then hit for over 1000 rushing yards.

3.)Maurice Jones-Drew, people maybe scarred of Rashard Jennings steal carries this year, I say don't be. The hold out also will push Jennings progression. With year long knee problem's and what was considered a down year he produced over 1600 total yard with 7 td's. He missed a few games keep in mind too. Knee is fixed and I think you can expect larger output across the board for this guy.

4.)Chris Johnson, he may of only had 200 yards receiving but he had 44 catches, he will put up big numbers again this year.

5.)Jamaal Charles, 1900 total yards last year, people are scarred to take him because of Thomas jones being there, he will get his game in and game out, and too be honest so won't Jones, but I would put jones in the mid to late 20's. Honestly I feel like he could be the best Runningback option, but we will have to see what happens. But I've heard there is a chance jones could be on his way out if that is the case rank him 1 or 2

6.)Adrian Peterson, his receiving numbers will improve this year, as will his carries, as long has he holds onto the football.

7.)Ray Rice, slow start last year but he got it going finally. Expect good things this year from a guy who pulled in 63 receptions last season.

8.)Darren McFadden, last season 1600+ yards with 10 TD's. 500 yards through the air, he was targeted 61 times. If Bush isn't there he could easily be a top 5 guy!

9.)Frank Gore, though he had a down season last year, plus injury problems, he still racked up 1300 total yards, he will be healthy and hungry!

10)Peyton Hillis, 1200 yards rushing 11 TD's and 61 grabs for 477 yards with 2 more TD's not bad for a 'fullback'

11)Steven Jackson, last year with a rookie QB he went over 1200 yards with 6 rushing TD's, and 383 receiving yards. He still has some good years

12)Matt Forte, the only way I would suggest drafting him is if your in a PPR league, he had 51 grabs for 547 yards and 3 TD's. He did rush for over 1000 yards with 6 TD's.

Curious who I missed, who you guys think I left off here! Leave a comment or click our message board and start a thread.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How PPR effects fantasy rankings

When talking about a PPR league everything changes as far as rankings and draft strategy goes. If in a PPR league a top receiver could be a safe way to go with your first pick, depending on your QB point set up and if any of the RB's left are catching threats.
Think about it a wideout can go out catch 8 balls for 60 yards, and he got you 14 points with out a score. PPR scoring makes Wes Welker easily a top 7 receiver, and a guy like Dallas Clark look better than he already does. Some people say these leagues are for beginners but if you find it fun then do it, that is why we play!
A PPR league can transform a sad fantasy day into a pretty good day, but like I said, it changes all the rankings. We will now move into ranking WR TE and RB for all PPR leagues. You maybe asking why are we re ranking Runningbacks, well your still getting your points per possession so it changes the RB's as well. For me if your in a PPR league Adrian Peterson falls bellow Maurice Jones-Drew and maybe abit further.
So check back and we will get all this out in the next few days!! Also if anyone has any fantasy questions please email us at the link on the page and we will answer on a column, and we will answer all questions! We have received around 15 but we want many many more! And go to the facebook fan page link and give us a like!!

2011 fantasy football defensive rankings

For the rest of you who get special teams points only if you own, and start the player that score, rather than obtaining them through the defense this list is for you guys! Having a good defense with a favorable match up can steal up 15-20 points and in most leagues,(minus ppr leagues because those scores can be in the high 170's) that is enough to pull away from you opponent. I always like to play with that waiver line when it come to defenses. If your defense is on by or they have a unfavorable match up don't release your team and expect them to be sitting there next week waiting. Im always telling people if someone does that too pick there team up, if you can afford to drop a bench player. Sometimes the best offense is a defense, or in this case blocking someone out from a good defensive option. That really applies to all positions but we will talk about that more soon. So here is our list of the top 15 defenses. Now soon we will post all our list in a printable form with the top 35-50 at each position then a top 200, so you can take them with you too your draft. Are list will also separate for people in PPR leagues and people playing in a defensive/ special teams combo league, because believe it or not those to things make huge differences in were a player sits value wise. So here we go.....
1.)Green Bay, the got play makers on the defensive side!
3.)New York Jets
4.)Baltimore, maybe getting up there in age but they still intimidate for a reason
6.)Chicago Bears
7.)New England, They just make plays
8.)San Diego
9.)New York Giants
10)Dallas Cowboys
11)Arizona, believe it or not they are strong on this side of the ball
12)Detroit Lions
14)New Orleans
15)Cleveland Browns, great secondary expect a new way in Cleveland this year

Tonites NBA draft

Tonites NBA draft is huge for the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Word now is they are looking to obtain a 3rd lottery pick, I question is there value in a 3rd. I'm posting this hoping to get some reaction from readers. What do you guys think they should do in today's draft? Will they keep the 1st and the 4th? Will they grab another lottery spot will they trade the fourth? And who will they take with the first overall? Leave your thoughts and start a debate!

IDP rankings 2011 fantasy football

Here are our top 10 in the IDP picks. Typical IDP league's draft a defensive lineman a linebacker and a DB. Allot of people like these league's better because rather than an entire defense it take's much more research to get points from this point style.

Defensive lineman
1.)Jared Allen, Min
2.)Justin Tuck, NYG
3.)Julius Peppers, CHI
4.)Trent Cole, Phi
5.)Ndamukong Suh, Det
6.)Psi Omenyiora, Nyg
7.)Robert Mathis, IND
8.)Elvis Dumervil, Den
9.)Terrell Suggs, BAL
10.)Charles Johnson, Car

1.)Patrick Willis, SF
2.)Paul Posluszny,Buf
3.)Jerod Mayo, NE
4.)Ray Lewis, Bal
5.)Brian Urlaxher, Chi
6.)Lawrence Timmons,Pit
7.)DJ Williams, Den
8.)Chad Greenway, Min
9.)Derrick Johnson, KC
10.)Brian Cushing, HOU

1.)Eric Berry KC
2.)LaRon Landry, Was
3.)Devin McCourty, NE
4.)TJ Ward, CLE
5.)Michael Griffin, Ten
6.) Charles Woodson, GB
7.)DeAngelo Hall, Was
8.)Tyvon Branch, Oak
9.)Joe Haden, CLE
10.)Troy Polamalu,Pit

How ever you choose your IDP guys, be sure not to be affraid to us the waiver wire and or you bench. In fantasy football every point can be the difference!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fantasy football kicker rankings

When drafting a kicker you want to be sure you get a guy the is part of an offense that moves the ball, and you want the kicker to be accurate. You would expect a guy like Nare Kaeding from San Diego to be a big producing kicker, but he misses and don't get allot of chances. A few pieces of advice, don't wait until the last round to take a kicker, though a kicker isn't a huge scorer, the right kicker can give you 8-12 points a week that sort of production is more than allot of Tightends. Another piece of advice don't be afraid to use the waiver line for kickers. I have in many cases had 2 kickers in my line up. If your starter is on bye or in a tough match up picking up a kicker with a good match up can help score you those extra points needed to win.
Here are our rankings:
1.)Sabastian Janikowski, Oakland
2.)Stephen Goatkowski, NE
3.)David Akers, PHI
4.)Neil Rackers, hou, he was great in Zona, he will be in Houston
5.)Adan Vinatieri, IND
6.)Josh Brown, Stl
7.)Matt Bryan, Atl
8.)Billy Cundiff, Bal
9.)Garret Hartley, NO
10.)Dan Carpenter, Mia
11.)Ron Bironas, Ten
12.)Nick Folk, NYJ
13.) Nate Kaeding, SD
14.)Mason Crosby, GB
15.)Ryan Succop, KC

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fantasy football 2011 top Tightends

The Tightend position is very under rated in fantasy football. A consistent Tightend can be the difference between a playoff run, and a middle of the pack fantasy line up. Allot of fantasy owners over look this position, and end up getting 2-3 points a week out of that slot, this is where a owner who does there research can gain some ground and pull away from the average fantasy football owner. Now our TE rankings are based on a league that doesn't include PPR in there scoring system, if you are in a PPR league adjust accordingly we will be releasing a list of ppr rankings for RB, WR, TE soon

1.)Vernon Davis, he is the #1 target for his team, he is consistent and reliable. If your in a ppr league his value is even greater.
2.) Dallas Clark, Indy has serious O-line concerns expect allot of dumps and he can make plays!
3.) Antonio Gates, he will score double digits weekly.
4.) Jason Witten, the only guy on This team I trust.
5.) Jermichael Finley, he will be hungry this season, and healthy!
6.) Mercedes Lewis, he broke out last season and he will continue to improve
7.) Zach Miller, he was inconsistent last season but I believe he is ready for a break out year.
8.) Jimmy Graham, NO, they pass allot and he has moved into there #1 TE
9.) Dustin Keller, expect his red zone targets to increase
10.) Owen Daniels, this is Finally going to be his season!
Guys we are down on Chris Cooley, and Tony Gonzalez. Age and a lack of offensive production will decrease there value. Cooley could be great but not in this offense. A few guys to watch Jermaine Gresham, depending on Palmer he could become a household name by seasons end. Brandon pettigrew, the lions are going to move the ball this year if Mathew Stafford stays healthy watch out he can be a top 5 guy. Now the 2 guys in New England, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, these guys will be valuable but only as a fill in role. I wouldn't suggest drafting either of these guys as you number 1 TE but I would recommend drafting either of them as a bench guy. They both will have weeks were they pay off huge! Be sure to read the rest of our rankings through are archive, kickers return guys defense and IDP coming soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting ready for your fantasy drafts

When getting ready for an upcoming fantasy football season most people do very little more than by a book and take that book to their draft and checking off players and taking best available according to a book. If your in a league were you take the time to actually do a draft your probably in a pay league, I strongly suggest taking a few factors into consideration. First of all know schedules, people who are having contract issues, players who are in a contract years and possible injury issues. Second, and I think more importantly, know your leagues point set up! The point structure of a league should more than anything determain what position you draft first.
For example if your in a league that is a PPR league, points per reception, I receiver or a runningback who gets catches could give you more production than a QB. Make sure you know your quarterback scoring, some league only give QB's 4 points for throwing a TD 1 point for every 25 yards passed, but 6 for rushing TD's and 1 point for every 10 yards they rush. If that is the case someone like Rodgers Vick or even Josh Freeman could work in a later round.
If you learn your leagues point system up and down and then incorporate that into your draft strategy it will pay off in your league. Just a little research before you draft can give you a full year worth of bragging rights amongst co-workers friends and family.
Be sure to check out our top 10 by positions columns, coming later today will be our tightend list then our kickers defendsive list and out individual defensive player list aswell. Please leave comments and suggestions, what do you think about our top 10's? Do you have any advice for fantasy drafts? Any questions people would like us to answer email us at and we will answer in a column, we will answer all questions!

Fantasy football top Recievers

1.) Andre Johnson, he is constant year to year expect the norm from him.

2.) Calvin Johnson, 12 TD's last year, with a healthy Matthew Stafford the lions will be moving the ball next season!

3.) Greg Jennings, I took Jim early last year and it paid off I will do it again this season, I believe he will produce monster numbers this season

4.)DeSean Jackson, 1000 yards last year with only 47 grabs, he will have more receptions yards and TD's this year and if you get return points then he is a big time fantasy player!

5.) Roddy White, he will consistently put up 10+ points!

6.) Mike Wallace, he is a premier talent, him and big Ben will connect early and often this year.

7.) Dwayne Bowe, he may not match his 15 tds this season but KC will move the ball through him.

8.)Reggie Wayne, he is getting older but he still runs great routes and the guy throwing to him is Payton manning.

9.) Hakeem Nicks, guy is a beast just like Calvin Johnson, one down fall is he is injury prone.

10.) Mike Williams, Bucs, huge red zone target and now that the Bucs have got a running game that can move the ball that should open him up for some big play's.

A few guys I'm scarred of taking to early Larry fitzgeral, just because we don't know who there signal caller will be. Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Im not sure they can co-exist.

A few guys I like Kenny Britt, Brandson Lloyd, I gambled on him last year and it paid off big time, I believe he can put up good numbers again!

And then there is Vincent Jackson, if he gets traded or if the chargers figure out how to make him happy and he plays the entire season I think he belongs ranked at number 4.! He could lead the league in allot of categories if he plays a hole season!

Be sure to check out our past blogs for our QB and RB rankings!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Top 10 runningbacks 2011
Link to see my top ten quarterbacks.

1.) Adrian Peterson, no Brainer now that Favre isn't there these guys are going to have to run the ball, and run allot. Expecting numbers like 3 years ago.
2.) Chris Johnson, But.. There is allot of talk about him holding out for a new deal, if this is the case be cautious!, no one can afford to loose there first pick for any significant amount of time.
3.) Maurice Jones-Drew, MJD had 1641 yards from scrimmage in just 14 games, now he did have knee problems last year and played through it the entire year atleast until he missed the last two weeks.
4.) Arian Foster, last years top fantasy scorer but I worry that 1, ben Tate may steal some carries from him, and 2 with Owen wilson health and Andrea Johnson Im worried they may go on a pass happy track.
5.) Jamaal Charles, I took him early last year and it paid off, don't worry about Thomas jones like last year Charles will get his points you need from week to week.
6.) Ray Rice, Willis Mcgahee should be gone, I think he will get off to a more constant start this year.
7.) Rashard Mendenhall, 2nd most TDs last year, I expect a monster year from this guy! He will be a top 5 at the end of this year and a top pick next year! Mark those words!
8.) Frank Gore, allot of people are down on this guy, I think he will be ready to go and as sharpe as ever, remember he is in a new offense. Jim Harbaugh's offense could really help this guy explode, look what Toby Gerhart did in it!
9.) Darren McFadden, sure he has injury problems but this guy put up absolute monster numbers last year when healthy. I've heard allot of chatter that Michael Bush maybe gone once the lock out is over.
10.) LeSean McCoy, he doesn't put up monster rushing stats but his total yards from scrimmage make up for it!

Now if Chris Johnson holds out I wouldnt be in a hurry to draft him before the late 2nd or 3rd round. A few guys to watch for is Jahbid Best, the Lions will move the ball this year! He has had injury problems but if he can stay healthy look out! LeGarrette Blount, this guy didn't make his first start until week 7 and he put up over 1000 yards! Ryan grant!, this guy will have a chip on his shoulder expect big things!
Something to keep in mind if Carolina don't franchise DeAngelo Williams, I would rank Jonathon Stewart at number 8! Stewart will have a gigantic season with DeAngelo gone!
2 names I strongly suggest to stay away from, Michael Turner, Matt Forte, I won't and I suggest you don't touch these guys! Hype them up to friends and let them deal with the injuries and lake of scoring!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

2011 fantasy football early ranking's

Just wanted to let all readers know that this evening we will roll out our 'early bird' position rankings for the upcoming fantasy football season. We will rank our top ten in all positions, with some names people maybe surprised to hear. We will have a look at players that people should start to become familiar with, and players to grab late that will help big in your season. So check back and leave messages on your thoughts.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The worst franchise in pro sports

The worst franchise in pro sports

As a Cleveland Browns fan this post should make me happy, but as a sensible sports fan I realize my Beloved Cleveland Browns probably aren't to far behind them.
With that said, Cleveland is in a much better position for the future and for now. Cleveland has a great Offensive line, great runningbacks (who are actually fullbacks) a young but good secondary linebackers, and good young skill players to develop. Colt McCoy may not turn out to be the answer only time will tell, but I'm confident that he will be successful in a offense that will probably run 55-60% of the time.
In cincinnati's case, there a team that is now 2 years removed from the playoffs. I honestly feel that Playoff lose to the Jets set this team back. The T.O pick up effected them in a bad way, Ocho isn't happy I wonder if he will be a Bengal much longer. I'm anxious to see what happens with Carson Palmer, everyone is talk about Kevin Kolb, untested and I feel overrated, Palmer hasn't played for a great team but he is accurate.
Palmer would be a great fit in Minnesota ad Seattle, Seattle has the extra picks to make a trade happen. And remember they made that playoff run and will have some extra swagger going into this season!
I'm curious what you guys think about the situation in Cincy, will they trade him or be to stubborn? What will it take for them to turn around the franchise?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ignore this post! Working, sorry!

Please ignore this and a few other things that will be showing up looking out of place, we are getting our changes made Finaly. Be sure to subscribe and check back here, once we get moving foward we be providing informative sports/fantasy news. We have some inSiders we trust and we will be able to break news from time to time.
We will have all the fantasy football stats and info you will ever need! Everything from draft ranks, what position/player to draft when. Then once the drafts are over we will have injury news, we will have daily updates on sleepers, player's to start and or sit, and which free agents can get you through those bye-weeks.
With 'fantasy ' experts doing guest blogs, and myself (8 time league champ) though I may not be an 'expert' I do have allot of experience and game day knowledge.
So hopefuly we start getting comments on here, we encourage all that visit us to start a topic or conversation. If you think we are wrong tell us! And if anyone has any interesting topics they want a post started of then for all means comment on it and we will get it started.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ohio State University, what is in store for the program

Monday, June 13 6:53pm

     Listening to today's press conference was very strange,  a very unfamiliar voice,  but yet saying very much familiar things.  You can tell this guy had been groomed by Tressel for sure.  I just don't see how this can end will for Luke Fickell,   he is stepping onto a sideline filling big shoes, and a tight sweater vest.  Good coach or not he is not a big enough name for The' Ohio State University to keep him there permanently.  It looks to me that Osu is using coach Fickell as a scape goat,  let him coach until the point that we know what are sanctions will be and then have him step back down and bring in Urban Myer, Tony Dungy,  or whoever
actually does become the next "full-time" Ohio State Buckeye Coach.
     At that time you got to wonder if Fickell will stick around or if he will move on and further his career in the NCAAF ranks.  If the Buckeye's go out next year and still win 8-9 game's that would have to be considered a successful season with all that has happened, but I don't think a successful season would give Fickell the job.
     I have wondered for the past few day's if any of Ohio State's higher up's regret the John Cooper firing at this point.  Coach Cooper did stuff by the book, or at least as far as we know nothing as ever come to the surface otherwise,   the one thing Cooper just couldn't seem to do is finish out the season the, he couldn't beat Michigan.  Cooper had the Buckeye's continuously in the top 5 but the Wolverines brought allot of really good possibly tittle buckeye teams down.  But the Buckeye's played in allot of new year's day bowl game's under him,  keep in mind this was before the BCS made college football play til the 10th of January and made New years day loose it's reason for allot of hung over people to get out of bed.
    Now as far as sanctions go it is all going to depending on how much of the SI story is true and how much was fabricated.  I don't believe for a second that Osu will get sanctions laid down on them as bad has USC's were.  Ohio State wasn't  buying parents home's for the son's to play football for them,  there wasn't cash being handed to the kids.  I believe last years win's including bowl game will be forfeited, maybe loose a few scholar ships, and a post season band that is 1-2 years long.  Im curious what my readers think about this, 
what sanctions do you guys believe the NCAA will enforce against Ohio State,  do you think Finkell could actually loose the interm tag and become the head coach at The Ohio State university?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is the Dallas win the end of the Miami big 3?

What a great end to a great NBA finals! During tonites game I never really thought that it was over for Miami. That is until at 2:27 mark ABC came back from commercials after a Miami timeout and they cut straight to a camera covering Miami's bench, Lebron had a lifeless deer in a head light look. Maybe Eric Spoelstra seen it too and that is why Miami didn't foul or make much effort, may never know the answer too that.
I will be the first to admit I didn't want Lebron to win this tittle, out of spite, but part of me almost feels bad for what he has gone through in the last 12 months. Now granted most of it us self imposed, the decision and win or bust, but I seem a confused player and you can tell he is not comfortable in the role he is forced to take with Miami.
Since the end of January I have adamantly said I thought the front office would have to choose to keep Wade or James, Bosh can play along side either of them I feel bosh is a great number 2 guy. Both Lebron and Dwayne (d-flop) Wade are players who should have the offense built around them and the ball flow through/from them. Both are best and their teams are best when they are making things happen by penatrating and kick out.
Watching the heat at times seems like they do nothing but running iso for one player one trip, and the next trip it is the next guys turn. How can Lebron be expected to get in a rhythm when he is outside he element.
I think there will be major changed to these guys and maybe they 'big three' won't be broken up just yet, Pat Riley may not be ready to admit it isn't going to work, but I think for everyone involved the best thing would be to move one of them. Then the question would obviously be which one? The Heat have deeper ties with Wade, but Wade has been part of 2 championship runs but he never lead them anywhere with him being the guy, well he lead them somewhere but it was too a lottery pick.
No matter what happens I can assure you that all your going to hear about is Miami, Lebron, Lebron and more Lebron. And of course there is nothing you can do to stop it or get them to change the subject

What the future of this all new blog has instore

Just wanted to put a little info on here as we finalize a few things
With our page, and our first round of guest bloggers who will be
Writing some stuff for us. As you can tell the page is still having
Some changes made to it, but with in the next week or so we will have some
Exciting things going on. We have experts in the world of fantasy who will
Be working with us and experts in the 4 major sports who will also be writing
Some columns or blogs for us. Soon as well we will have a weekly live chat
Link with professional athletes, coaches, and sports announcers, these live
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Friday, June 10, 2011

first blog,

      This is normally my favorite time of the year,  the NBA is coming to an end,  MLB is in full effect,  and NFL training camp is finally here which in most any other year would mean it was about time to start thinking about fantasy football.  Oh yea,  and of course,  NHL is almost finally over therefore no more wasted time on watching hockey highlights.  Now MLB is in full effect but my Reds are playing dismal baseball,  NBA finales are here but Lebron still could possibly when his first title,  and of course the NFL is still locked out.
After last nites Finales game I felt a little better with the mavs going up 3 game's to 2 on the Heat,  the thought of  Lebron winning a ring just one year removed from quitting in last years playoff, and of course the
throw up in the back of my throat known as "The Decision". 
      Don't get me wrong here,  if Lebron was too win a NBA tittle this year I would take some enjoyment from it,  but only in telling all the people i know who believe in karma and horoscopes, that once and for all karma clearly doesn't exist.  How could anyone with any sense say it does if he was too win a tittle.  Cleveland may not of been the best team in the league last year, though the records suggest other wise,  but they were a much better and younger squad then Boston.  I get why he couldn't win  if  Lebron even made it to the Finals and lost,  how could he have possibly left Cleveland for Miami.  So Lebron quit,  and all people have talked about since game 3 of this years Finals is how he has disappeared,  but it isn't nearly has evident
has last years Lebron flop he took.  By leaving he not only broke the heart of an entire fan base but he effected a city and regions economy. 
        Last  July's "The Decision",  or as I regularly call it, the throw in the back of my throat,  is one the most talked about debated and questioned transactions in free agency history.  It is one that a city my never recover from,  and it is the one underlining thing that Lebron will always be remembered for, no matter how many rings he does or does not win. 
        Lebron may have the ability to be considered one of the best of all time when it is all said and done,  but he doesn't have the maturity,  stability, and or the closing instinct to be a all time great.  The greats want to ball in the hand in the closing moment's of the biggest games,   the greatest don't deffer the ball to other players,  and the greatest certainly don't leave a team in there prime to go play on someone else's team.  Lebron  lost the killer instinct when he left the Cav's  he went from the offense running through him to have a iso every third or fourth possession. 
       I just hope that if the Heat win the tittle this year it is a unfullfiling for Lebron being a role play rather than it being his team