Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fantasy football options if no season, according to Rick Riley

Anyone who has ever read Any of Rick Riley's columns or his tv broadcast Homecoming probably has some sort of opinion on him. Ive read a lot of people's comments on him, and it seems like he rubs some people the wrong way. Me personally, I've never really had a real dislike for the man, though I have disagreed with a good portion of his columns.
He wrote a column talking about if there wasn't any NFL played this year that basically he wasn't worried because he had some great ideas to fill the hole left with out fantasy football. Here are a few of his ideas, 'Fantast fantasy football' the basic primus is you pick any season from 1958-1979 then you agree as a league not to do any research, you pick players from that season then whoever the commissioner of your league is, each Sunday they pull that seasons respective box scores. 1 big problem with this, after the draft there isn't any real interactive thing for anyone to do other than the commissioner.
The next 'idea' was fantasy UFL, he brings up the CulPepper plays in the league, I admire anyone who can sit and way a UFL game! I can't stand the thought of it at all! Then he rambles about a league where you guess what will be Ron Artest next name change, pop Warner fantasy football soccer fantasy football, and on and on. One I idea he had in which I thought was funny and abit clever, was the Ray Lewis crime wave fantasy league.
Personally I look at Craig Segar and Rick Riley the same way, the both talk for shock value and I only tune in or read to see what the will say next, or in Segars case see what god awful suit he is wearing now.
I know there will be fantasy football this year, not many people question that fact at this point. But a couple months ago when we weren't sure me and a few friends set up fantasy leagues in college football. Made out point scales, broke it down by conferences. We haven't decided if we are going to combine A few conferences and play 2 leagues or do a big ten big 12 and PAC10 league, but we were prepared with real viable options!

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