Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fantasy football 2011 top Tightends

The Tightend position is very under rated in fantasy football. A consistent Tightend can be the difference between a playoff run, and a middle of the pack fantasy line up. Allot of fantasy owners over look this position, and end up getting 2-3 points a week out of that slot, this is where a owner who does there research can gain some ground and pull away from the average fantasy football owner. Now our TE rankings are based on a league that doesn't include PPR in there scoring system, if you are in a PPR league adjust accordingly we will be releasing a list of ppr rankings for RB, WR, TE soon

1.)Vernon Davis, he is the #1 target for his team, he is consistent and reliable. If your in a ppr league his value is even greater.
2.) Dallas Clark, Indy has serious O-line concerns expect allot of dumps and he can make plays!
3.) Antonio Gates, he will score double digits weekly.
4.) Jason Witten, the only guy on This team I trust.
5.) Jermichael Finley, he will be hungry this season, and healthy!
6.) Mercedes Lewis, he broke out last season and he will continue to improve
7.) Zach Miller, he was inconsistent last season but I believe he is ready for a break out year.
8.) Jimmy Graham, NO, they pass allot and he has moved into there #1 TE
9.) Dustin Keller, expect his red zone targets to increase
10.) Owen Daniels, this is Finally going to be his season!
Guys we are down on Chris Cooley, and Tony Gonzalez. Age and a lack of offensive production will decrease there value. Cooley could be great but not in this offense. A few guys to watch Jermaine Gresham, depending on Palmer he could become a household name by seasons end. Brandon pettigrew, the lions are going to move the ball this year if Mathew Stafford stays healthy watch out he can be a top 5 guy. Now the 2 guys in New England, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski, these guys will be valuable but only as a fill in role. I wouldn't suggest drafting either of these guys as you number 1 TE but I would recommend drafting either of them as a bench guy. They both will have weeks were they pay off huge! Be sure to read the rest of our rankings through are archive, kickers return guys defense and IDP coming soon.

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