Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is the Dallas win the end of the Miami big 3?

What a great end to a great NBA finals! During tonites game I never really thought that it was over for Miami. That is until at 2:27 mark ABC came back from commercials after a Miami timeout and they cut straight to a camera covering Miami's bench, Lebron had a lifeless deer in a head light look. Maybe Eric Spoelstra seen it too and that is why Miami didn't foul or make much effort, may never know the answer too that.
I will be the first to admit I didn't want Lebron to win this tittle, out of spite, but part of me almost feels bad for what he has gone through in the last 12 months. Now granted most of it us self imposed, the decision and win or bust, but I seem a confused player and you can tell he is not comfortable in the role he is forced to take with Miami.
Since the end of January I have adamantly said I thought the front office would have to choose to keep Wade or James, Bosh can play along side either of them I feel bosh is a great number 2 guy. Both Lebron and Dwayne (d-flop) Wade are players who should have the offense built around them and the ball flow through/from them. Both are best and their teams are best when they are making things happen by penatrating and kick out.
Watching the heat at times seems like they do nothing but running iso for one player one trip, and the next trip it is the next guys turn. How can Lebron be expected to get in a rhythm when he is outside he element.
I think there will be major changed to these guys and maybe they 'big three' won't be broken up just yet, Pat Riley may not be ready to admit it isn't going to work, but I think for everyone involved the best thing would be to move one of them. Then the question would obviously be which one? The Heat have deeper ties with Wade, but Wade has been part of 2 championship runs but he never lead them anywhere with him being the guy, well he lead them somewhere but it was too a lottery pick.
No matter what happens I can assure you that all your going to hear about is Miami, Lebron, Lebron and more Lebron. And of course there is nothing you can do to stop it or get them to change the subject

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