Thursday, June 23, 2011

2011 fantasy football defensive rankings

For the rest of you who get special teams points only if you own, and start the player that score, rather than obtaining them through the defense this list is for you guys! Having a good defense with a favorable match up can steal up 15-20 points and in most leagues,(minus ppr leagues because those scores can be in the high 170's) that is enough to pull away from you opponent. I always like to play with that waiver line when it come to defenses. If your defense is on by or they have a unfavorable match up don't release your team and expect them to be sitting there next week waiting. Im always telling people if someone does that too pick there team up, if you can afford to drop a bench player. Sometimes the best offense is a defense, or in this case blocking someone out from a good defensive option. That really applies to all positions but we will talk about that more soon. So here is our list of the top 15 defenses. Now soon we will post all our list in a printable form with the top 35-50 at each position then a top 200, so you can take them with you too your draft. Are list will also separate for people in PPR leagues and people playing in a defensive/ special teams combo league, because believe it or not those to things make huge differences in were a player sits value wise. So here we go.....
1.)Green Bay, the got play makers on the defensive side!
3.)New York Jets
4.)Baltimore, maybe getting up there in age but they still intimidate for a reason
6.)Chicago Bears
7.)New England, They just make plays
8.)San Diego
9.)New York Giants
10)Dallas Cowboys
11)Arizona, believe it or not they are strong on this side of the ball
12)Detroit Lions
14)New Orleans
15)Cleveland Browns, great secondary expect a new way in Cleveland this year

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