Monday, June 20, 2011

Getting ready for your fantasy drafts

When getting ready for an upcoming fantasy football season most people do very little more than by a book and take that book to their draft and checking off players and taking best available according to a book. If your in a league were you take the time to actually do a draft your probably in a pay league, I strongly suggest taking a few factors into consideration. First of all know schedules, people who are having contract issues, players who are in a contract years and possible injury issues. Second, and I think more importantly, know your leagues point set up! The point structure of a league should more than anything determain what position you draft first.
For example if your in a league that is a PPR league, points per reception, I receiver or a runningback who gets catches could give you more production than a QB. Make sure you know your quarterback scoring, some league only give QB's 4 points for throwing a TD 1 point for every 25 yards passed, but 6 for rushing TD's and 1 point for every 10 yards they rush. If that is the case someone like Rodgers Vick or even Josh Freeman could work in a later round.
If you learn your leagues point system up and down and then incorporate that into your draft strategy it will pay off in your league. Just a little research before you draft can give you a full year worth of bragging rights amongst co-workers friends and family.
Be sure to check out our top 10 by positions columns, coming later today will be our tightend list then our kickers defendsive list and out individual defensive player list aswell. Please leave comments and suggestions, what do you think about our top 10's? Do you have any advice for fantasy drafts? Any questions people would like us to answer email us at and we will answer in a column, we will answer all questions!

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