Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Metta World Peace

Metta World Peace, I think Denise Rodman maybe disappointed he never changed his name to princess bride, or something Denise Rodman like. Metta world peace don't roll off my tongue.

I just question why the timing is right before the draft, well actually why at all this is worse then ochocinco, which to Chad's credit that was clever bad part of his hole persona he built. Artest is a corky kind of out there guy everyone knows that, this certainly isn't the first crazy thing in the world of Ron. Now I'm not sure this is worse than the time he was producing the girl band or whatever that horrible music was. Ron seems like a smart guy when he talks and I'm sure he is! But things like this don't help your case with people, or the Lakers. I wonder if they are willing to put Peace or World Peace on the back of your jersey?,
But Mr. Metta World Peace your a bigger man then me! Through out my life I wanted to change my name, though almost all during pre teen years. Mine were more traditional name's though, names like Barry Larkin, Chris Sabo, Jalen Rose, Joe Montana, and Eddie George. I look back and know I was irrational and that that any of these name changes though cool would of been a horrible idea, I hope you enjoy and love your new state granted name Mr Peace or Mr World Peace.

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