Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2011 NFC Divisional Predictions

The NFC has 4 teams that we believe are truly contenders for the Conference. The more news we hear coming out of Atlanta the more we like the Falcons, it really sounds like the camps the players have been running has went well especially for Julio Jones. So here is our NFC divisional Predictions and Wild Card predictions.
Winner: New York Giants, they drafted well this year, and though we feel Philly is more

talented, can Vick stay health for 16 games? That could possibly be the deciding factor.
Runner Up: Philadelphia Eagles, there is no doubt they are talented, but what happend if Kolb is gone and Vick is injured?
Dallas Cowboys, Miles Austin And Dez Bryant are talented, but there running game isn't all that impressive, and Tony Romo isnt that great!
Washington Redskins, not much to say here there bad.

Winner: Green Bay Packers, they didn't win the division last year, but the Bears aren't going to get so lucky this season.

Runner up: Chicago Bears, and we think barely taking 2nd over the Lions by the way.
Detroit Lions, Lions fans are excited for this season and they should be things are looking up.
Minnesota Vikings, Adrain Peterson is great but unless he can run for 4,000 yards don't expect more than 6-7 wins this year.

Winner: New Orlean Saints, there Running game will be much improved, but they will have a fight with the Falcons for the top spot.

Runner Up: Atlanta Falcons, Julio Jones Sounds like he is having great work outs, this could be a crazy receiver group. Matt Ryan maybe the luckiest QB in the league.
Tampa Bay, like the Lions there fan base is very excited for this season, but they aren't a playoff team just yet.
Carolina Panthers, another rough season is set for these guys.

Winner: St. louis Rams, Sam Bradford has weapons including Stephen Jackson, they will benefit from a poor league.

Runner Up: San Fransisco 49ers, we've gone back and forth on SF and Seattle being runners up, but who ever it is it won't matter St Louis will be the only team in this division with a winning record.
Seattle Seahawks, there are so many questions that need to be answered about these guys.
Arizon Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald can't pass and catch so there in trouble!

Philadelphia EAGLES and the Atlanta Falcons

Left out
Chicago bears, Tampa Bay, Detroit Lions

Are playoff winners will come tomorrow.

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