Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Compiled NFL Power Rankings

Here is our compiled rankings, there are a few differences, mainly the Falcons. So here you go.
1.) Green Bay Packers, clear NFC favorite.
2.) New England Patriots, kicked out of last season playoffs early after a 14-2 start expect a hungry Patroits. Tom Brady is just coming into his prime, which is a scary thought.
3.) New Orleans Saints, they addressed there running game by taking Alabama's Mark Ingram in the draft.
4.) New York Jets, Defensive Line has improved drastically.
5.) Indianapolis Colts, the Need Austin Collie to stay healthy, they addressed there offensive line concerns, oh yea they have Peyton Manning too.
6.) Pittsburgh Steelers, they do have serious offensive line concerns, but they are deep in defense.
7.) Philadelphia Eagles, all rides on Vick staying healthy.
8.) Atlanta Falcons, think about this Matt Ryan not only has Roddy White, but he now has Julio Jones too.
9.) New York Giants, won 10 games last season and missed the playoffs, expect them to be competting for a divisional tittle.
10) San Diego Chargers, top offense in the league they have weapons every where.
11) Chicago Bears, drafting Gabe Carimi will help the offensive line greatly.
12) Kansas City Cheifs, great running game, and up and coming receivers and QB.
13) Baltimore Ravens, Solid Defense, and they have play makers all around Flacco who is solid and keeps improving
14) Tampa Bay Bucaneer, Josh Freeman looks poised to take the Bucs back to the playoffs.
15) Houston Texans, they seem to fall apart every season, but Arian Foster and Andre Johnson are top Tier guys.
16) Dallas Cowboys
17) St. Louis Rams
18) Detroit Lions
19) Miami Dolphins
20) Cleveland Browns
21) Oakland Raiders
22) Jacksonville Jaguars
23) Seattle Seahawks
24) Minnesota Vikings
25) SanFransisco 49ers
26) Tennessee Titans
27) Denver Broncos
28) Buffalo Bills
29) Arizona Cardinals
30) Carolina Panthers
31) Cincinnati Bengals
32) Washington Redskins

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