Saturday, July 16, 2011

Deron Williams Signs Deal With Turkish Team

Deron Williams has signed a 1 year $5million deal to play with Beskitas next season, if there is no NBA. This is the same team that Allen Iverson played with last season. This is a concern I have had for over a year, that NBA players will take there talents over seas of time is missed. He certainly isn't the only player that will do this, these players only have so many years to play before the game passes them by. But what happens if guys get hurt over there? Teams will more than likely be taking players through arbitration wanting some money back no doubt.
Something else to keep in mind is if more big named guys decide to follow Williams it could put pressure on NBA owners to give in on something's they want changed. It could even possibly bring the decision to stay the lock out in which case they would 'work' through negotiations. That would be a horrible option, with how far apart the two sides are if the worked through the labor talks, they could play 50 plus games and then end up where we are now no NBA. The best thing for the NBA is to get all their issues worked out before there is anymore games played.
The fact is this lock out is going to last longer than anyone wants. The chances of there being any games for the upcoming season is about 20% we think. Unless something drastically changes atleast. So I guess only time will tell if Deron Williams will be playing with and or against any of his NBA counterparts, but I believe he will play with numerous.

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