Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can Randy Moss Still Produce

  Recently a few readers have emailed us asking if we thought Randy Moss would have a impact for either a NFL team or for fantasy owners.   All we can say is it depends on a long list of things.  As the emailers noticed Moss wasn't listed on any of our Wide out positional Rankings, and he didn't even make our top 200 list.
  A year ago who would of ever thought how far he would fall in a list of active guys.  He started the season fairly well, and before New England traded him he had a few bad games.  Now when he was traded right before New England's bye week and Minnesota already had theirs I stated that somewhere down the line that was going to cause a serious problem.  Well I'm not sure that had anything to do with it,  from the time he landed back into Minnesota things went bad.  Moss don't forget is already a hall of fame player, and you would think had 2-4 more years of production in him.
  Now as far has his time with the Titans go, Jeff Fisher just seemed not to like Randy.  You cannot tell me that Kenny Britt is now or will ever be has good has Moss.  I think Fisher felt management brought in a guy that he didn't want so he went out of his way not to play him.  Also with a guy like Vince Young who seems like a fragile guy, Moss could of very easily been a destructive force that may of brought Young to another breaking point.
  Do I think Randy Moss still has productive value in him, Yes! honestly if he gets his head right, and ends up in St. Louis, or as a Jet, he could have the chance to put up top 15 Wide out numbers.  He says he is in shape, and from people I know who played with him at Marshall, and who are still in contact with him,  last years struggles seemed to humble him.  If that is the case he could actually have a desire to succeed, and Randy Moss with any dedication is a top 5 receiver of all time!  Also it depends where he plays.  There is some talk that Leslie Frazier actually maybe interested him Moss making another comeback to the Vikings.  This would be the worst fit for Moss,  the Viks don't have anyone who can throw a good out route, let alone a good deep ball Moss thrives off of.  
   All our Fantasy Rankings are currently early or preseason rankings,  between free agency hold outs and finding out what kind of shape players are in, these rankings are sure too change, and probably a few times.
If word was too come out Monday that Randy Moss worked with a strength and conditioning coach all off season and that he is in incrediable shape and running great routes,  I would immediately re work our Wide Out list.  But if I had to answer you right now,  Moss isn't worth anything earlier than your last or next to last pick. 

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