Friday, July 1, 2011

Charlie Sheen and Steroids

  So it appears that the former 'Two In a Half Men' star Charlie Sheen, was also apart of Major League Baseballs steroid buzz of the late 80's.  In a new interview Sheen admitted that while shooting 'Major League' in 1989 he took steroid "for like six or eight weeks"  Everyone remembers Sheen's charactor  Ricky 'Wild Thing' Vaughn,  not just Indians fans,  though that probably was the best thing that Indians fans had going on at the time for sure.
   Sheen claims that by taking them his fast ball went from topping off at 79mph to going up to 85mph. So tell me again that if Roger Clemens was taking steroids it wouldn't of improved his numbers,  if a average guy can get 6mph over a 2month period just think what a world class guy can do with trainer's and pitching coaches.  Truth be told who knows if this is even true, I mean it isn't coming from the most reliable source,  kind of like Jose Canseco when his book was released,  Sheen is now looking for work and he could just be trying to keep his name in those headlines a little while longer so he could finally close some sort of deal down.
   Either way it don't change the fact that 'Major League' was and is a great sports film, one of the best baseball films,  and since it is just a movie not real life, his steroid use didnt have any effect on anything other than his kidneys but Im sure the cocaine has cleared up that problem.

what do you guys think? and what are the greatest sports and baseball movies of all time?

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