Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 NFL season free agency

I'm sure everyone who reads this is like us, we are ready for some football. Though training camp isn't the most exciting time of the season this year will be much different. Regardless if all 4,5,6 year tenure players will be free agents or not we know that as many as 500 and as few has 110 players will be free agents once the agreement is reached! A normal free agent market is spread over a 4-5 month spam, so this is going to be special.
An agreement is going to happen soon, they are almost to the point of lost revenue and they won't let that happen, they could miss 1 to 2 pre season games but we dont think that will happen. The simple fact is that any preseason games missed decreases the salary cap for this year. Players don't want lower caps, and owners don't want to loose ticket, beer, and food revenue.
So soon we will have our beloved NFL back, and there will be a free for all free agent spree that follows. Stay tuned for the most interesting free agency sweep stakes in the history of sports.

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