Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fantasy football comeback players

Every year there are over hyped guys who get pre season buzz look good in short preseason outings and get drafted early. Then you have the players who have 1 great year and are expected to progress, and don't. Here we have a few guys who let fantasy owners down in every league out there last season, but we expected to turn things back around this season.

Ryan Grant, he was injured early last year and missed an entire season, and super bowl run. This guy will be hungry, and keep in mind he is a free agent next season so it is a contract year.

Shonn Green, Shonn Green was taking in the First round in nearly every league last year and he burnt every owner! No one expected the resurgence of LT. There has been talk since the end of last season from NYJ coaches that they won't the roles reversed, and they expect Green to get 300+ carries.

Larry Fitzgerald, since he arrived in the league he has been a top 5 receiver, last year the Cardinals offense was horrific! And though there is allot of questions still surrounding the offense you can't hold a talent like him down.

Sidney Rice, most of last years drop off was due to injury, he had 1 monster game after returning late last year. Simple fact is he is fast and he will score!

Owen Daniels, he came back way to early last season from his torn acl. The Texans love to pass and he is a great tightend.

Those are just a few guys that will help any fantasy owner's team this upcoming season, like any players, if drafted in the right possition. We will continue to give you updated fantasy news. And continue to email us your question all will be answered,
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