Monday, July 18, 2011

NFL Free Agency Teams to Set Market Value

News that NFL owner's and players have agreed to a 3 day grace period at the start of Free Agency, for teams to have first go at there own players. What that means is with in the first 3 days of free agency the market value will be set. Will teams allow inflated contracts in order to resign guys?
Hopefully NFL owners have some sort of mutual agreement in place that they won't over pay guys. Now allot of players will test the free agency waters no doubt, but once a defensive lineman gets a $60 million dollar deal the chips are in place for the rest of them. Let's hope that GM's aren't spending money like it is last years free agent class.
This class will set a market price from here on out, atleast till then end of the new 10 year CBA agreement. So let's hope they start off right so there not in a hole year 1 of the new agreement.

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