Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 NFL Power Rankings

Here is our PRESEASON 2011 NFL Power Rankings
1.) Green Bay Packers, Repeat!! They have everyone back including Ryan Grant, which is huge!
2.) Pittsburgh Steelers
3.) New England Patriots
4.) Baltimore Ravens
5.) Indianapolis Colts
6.) New Orleans Saints, allot of skill players in a contract year may help
7.) New York Jets
8.) San Diego Chargers
9.) Philadelphia Eagles
10) New York Giants
11) Houston Texans
12) Dallas Cowboys
13) Tampa Bay Bucs, watch out world!
14) Kansas City Chiefs
15) Detroit Lions, like Tampa they could make a run
16) Atlanta Falcons
17) San Fransisco 49ers
18) St Louis Rams
19) Oakland Raiders
20) Cleveland Browns, tough division for a young team
21) Miami Dolphins
22) Arizona Cardinals
23) Chicago Bears
24) Denver Broncos, The Tim Tebow era begins
25) Carolina Panthers, could Claussen end up like Brees after being pushed out of SD
26) Buffalo Bills
27) Jacksonville Jags
28) Cincinnati Bengals
29) Minnesota Vikings
30) Tennessee Titans
31) Seattle Seahawks, big drop off from last season
32) Washington Redskins, Not even Shannahan can fix this franchise!


  1. make a few predictions will you ... these are all safe predictions.The good Power ranking go against the average. After years of watching football there are going to be top teams that tank and bottom feeders that rise and shock everyone . The cowboys can't get past the owner for Jerry alone I think you placed them to high . I love Dallas but well not to hip on ol Jerry 20 year and 5 good ones and that was because of JImmy..

  2. Personally I agree on your point on Dallas, but I don't think it is too far off. I think they needed to be switched with Kansas City.

  3. I agree that there isn't any surprises on the board, but I don't believe this year will have nearly as much parody as last season. But later today our compiled power rankings will be out, maybe this list will be more too your liking.