Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Factor

With The lockout coming to an end, everything will begin to more quick. From free agents possibly changing the landscape, to training camps and preseason games. That mean it is time to begin to prepare for you fantasy football leagues. We have inDepth fantasy coverage that our readers can depend on! We want to make it as easy as possibly for readers to obtain all information they need. We attempted to make a published page from this blog in hopes we could put multiple post on it, but it is not possible.
So that is the reason for this post, we went some reader feedback. Would it be easier for readers if we started a second blog, dedicated to 100% to fantasy football? Or is it ok how it is now? Since we post on not only fantasy news, but sporting news, it seems some of our fantasy football rankings and columns get lost in the archive. So we would really appreciate some feedback. So everyone knows you do not need to be a member you can post anonymously no login required.
Our goal on the fantasy side is too help everyone from seasoned players to newcomers to the fantasy world. We will be doing weekly rankings, start or sit columns, players to add or drop, and everything people need to know to be successful at running a fantasy football team. So please let us know what you think is the best option.

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  1. I think its not a bad approach to start a new blog for the fantasy football purpose.I wish that we will see the new blog with better arrangements and materials.All the best.