Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pay for play in college sports

The topic of paying college athletes has really heated up since the tattoo scandal at Ohio State broke. I've always been against this, but I never really sat down and actually looked at revenue lines and options for paying the kids til now. Just recently I have drastically change my mind.
Everyone has always said there paid in a free college degree and that is worth it, but the amount of money the NCAA and the conferences bring in annually is gross. The PAC-10's new TV deal bring in annually over $250 million. The Big Ten brings in $252 million, the Big-12 brings in over $150 million and they have lost allot of there teams. The SEC seems to be a bargain at $205 million. That is just conference tv rights, University's of radio and local tv spots, teams like Texas may have there own Network.
Now once this is started there isn't any going back so it is very important to get it right. There has been such things as let the student athlete license there name, to pay all the kids the exact same amount, to pay scale's based on talent. I personally think the kids should be allowed to license there name but that wouldn't help a majority of the collegiate athletes. So what I think will work is a pay scale buy instead of based on talent it should be based upon Class. Frosh make the least, Senoirs make the most. Simple, it will reward the kids that stick around for time served, while giving freshman some spending cash. With that I also think athletes should be able to also license there name aswell, that will give the bigger name kids more income while not making it the school or the NCAA reaponsibility to fund that extra money. I think legally that would help the NCAA from getting to position were kids are sueing them wanting a piece of the revenue.
No idea is full proof but onething is for sure the NCAA is getting rich along with University's and it seems fair, but we don't want NCAA lock outs.

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