Thursday, July 14, 2011

Steroid's in Baseball

Steroid's in Major League Basball seemed more like a which hunt or a communist trial in the middle of last century. While MLB's probe into steroid's was needed the federal government's 'probe' was a witch hunt. They spent 10's of millions of dollars on hearings, and trials, all for re elections. As if the hearings weren't bad enough, putting these guys up for perjury trials is absurd. Asking these guys to say there guilt was an injustice that should of been stopped, and hopefully Roger Clemons doesn't get tried again!
Simple fact is there is a separation in government and sports for a reason, otherwise George Bush could of owned the Rangers and ran the country. Simply put this is a crime and a waste of tax payer money! In a time of economic hardship you would think Senator's of all people would focus on important matters! While steroids are illegal all the major sports has had there time with them being in heavy use, it shouldn't take away from the amazing feats we seem during these times. Though some feats may have been enhanced, they all were great athletes that have left us with amazing memories that will now be tainted. The government needs to focus on health care and leave sports to people who truely care about them!

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