Monday, July 25, 2011

Is Terrelle Pryor Eligible for the NFL Supplemental Draft?

It appears that former Ohio State Star Quarterback Terrelle Pryor may not be eligible for the NFL's supplemental Draft. In a Email sent to by NFL Spokeman Greg Aiello "It is for players whose circumstances have changed in an unforeseen way after the Draft. It is not a mechanism for silly bypassing the regular draft." He went on with some examples describing 'unforeseen' changes as players who were kicked off their college team, declared academically ineligible or graduated and then decided to leave school. So according to Aiello Pryor does not fit into those guidelines.
This comes as an end is in sight for the lockout and I'm sure is a huge blow to Pryors camp. But by no means is this a done deal. If the NFL rules on this I'm sure Pryor Agent Drew Rossenhouse will take it to court. The word unforeseen seems to fit Pryors circumstances to me. He had full intentions of returning to Ohio State this season, the heat just got to hot for him so he had to leave. I'm sure Pryor did not 'foresee' sports Illustrated reporting all his wrong doings to the world.
If Pryor isn't allowed into the Supplemental draft this seems all to familiar for Ohio State fans, of course I'm speaking of Maurice Clarett. Pryor could be a great NFL player and has way more talent then Clarett I think. Pryor can play Quarterback, Tightend, Reciever, or in a wild cat setting. He has great size, 6'6 230 pounds, and a cannon for an arm. So regardless when he is allowed into the league he will get a chance to start at some point, I just hope it is this season.

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