Friday, July 1, 2011

NFL Lockout agreement

So what will happen after the new CBA is signed and the NFL proceeds with business? Well I will tell you, it will be one of the most exciting times the NFL has ever had. There is a good possibility that when an agreement is made there could be as many as 500 free agents, talk about a signing freenzy!! It will be complete and utter chaos for management, and great TV for us fans. The way it is now players at the 4 year mark become restricted free agents, well there is allot of talk about year 5&6 now too.
The entire power could swing in the NFL. There are a few teams who have had horrible 3-5 year runs that are on the brink that could become front runners, like Detroit, the Rams, Oakland, Cleveland, just too name a few. Some experts are saying in order for teams to try and resign there guys there maybe a 3 day grace period after the lockout ends were only a players team can talk too them.
All I know is that this would be better than March Madness, and sports center would be as busy as they ever have been I don't think Chris Mortenson can keep up.

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