Friday, July 15, 2011

NFL Free Agent Frenzy

The upcoming NFL Free Agency period is going to be one of the most exciting, news breaking times in NFL history. No matter if there are the 500 free agents or not we know that at very least 4 year tenured players will be free agents and that is something like 120 players. The balance of power could sway dramatically during this period. A middle of the road team could become a contender. Think about it some teams that are currently favorites could loose 20+ key guys and fall apart.
A few teams that are on the brink could benifit the most here, teams like the Detroit Lions, the Cleveland Browns, and the St Louis Rams. With so many skilled position players set to be free agents it is almost impossible to predict what will happen. Espn and the NFL network will be working overtime for sure. Free Agency is normally a very interesting time in the NFL anyway, and that is in 4-5 months. So just think of how much fun it is going to be to watch this all work out in a matter of weeks. It is already the middle of July and once an agreement is made they will want to get the players into camp quick so it will happen fast.
With the flood of free agents though the one person it will effect negatively is the players. With the amount of free agent there won't be monster deals, so there could be some big name guys holding out hoping for a Multiple year big money contract. Honestly I don't believe there will be too many of those this year.

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