Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ohio State Football Down Fall

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The Down Fall for Ohio State's football team seems to have new updates daily. Certainly things were not done right, and all this could have been avoided. You have to wonder though if Coach Treassel wasn't viewed in such a high respect would his resignation been needed. Dignity, honest, respect were all words people used to describe Tressel and that outlook of him I think was too high for anyone let aloe a college coach.
Coach Treassel was a beloved Buckeye nation figure, and if he could of continued his Ohio State career he could of very well been in the same light as Archie Griffin and Woody Hayes, Eddie George. It is a unfortunate outcome for not only the team the university and the man, but for College football in a hole.
So today word that ESPN has filed a lawsuit again the University over them not releasing information on the NCAA Investigation only brings more bad publicity to them. Remember too this is just a day after Ohio State lost a prized recruit to the rival Michigan, Kyle Kalis.
That may not be the end of the world but it is a fairly big deal. Ohio state with questions about who will be the coach of the future, and what penalties will be droped on them, cannot afford to loose there hold on recruiting in Ohio or on the top tier classes.
Mike Vrabel, Kansas City Chief Linebacker, and former Ohio State stand out announced he was retiring from the NFL and becoming the linebackers coach for The Ohio State University, which is a great move. He is intense and loved by the fans. Also the have Vacated all of last seasons wins. So what's next! There is allot of talk out there that they are going to get a firm punishment, worse than USC received, that is absurd! Ohio State violation though bad weren't as bad as USC's. USC was giving cash buying houses they had a direct hand in there violations. Where as OSU was indirect, they didn't participate in what the student athlete did, though the did lie, and not inform the appropriate party's.
Honestly I think with OSU loosing there coach, there QB the 5 game suspensions, the vacating of last years wins and bowl game all they will get is they will be ineligible for a bowl game this year, and possibly for go all wins. They could loose a few recruits and they will be on pobation for awhile, but Ohio State will play in a bowl game again next season, let's just hope they don't loose to may recruits between now and then.

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  1. Sorry for the technicall problems with the pics we are working on it everyone! What is your thoughts on the penaltys the NCAA will hand down to Ohio State?