Monday, June 27, 2011

Reader's emails

  A few weeks ago i asked readers to email if they had any fantasy football questions,  and suoprisingly i got a few.  Suprised because though I ve been getting between 250 and 580 page hit's a day not many comments or followers yet, or facebook likes either.  So I hope that changes soon,  getting abit discouraged.

  I recieved a email from Andy G. in Little Rock,. Andy asked me if I thought if Maurice Jones-Drew was still worth someones first round pick.  To this I say absolutely,  look it, this guy managed to pile up 1600 total yards last season in 14 games,  and in those 14 games he had knee problems the entire time.  Some people maybe concerned with Rashard Jennings taking away touches from MJD.  MJD has at least one more big season in him,  I plan to take him in the first round this year even if i have the first overall!!  I'm betting on MJD having 10 plus TD's and pile on between 1800-1900 yards,  I'm telling you guys if you have a chance to get him don't pass on him,  I promise you will regret it!

   Ashley in Bowling Green Kentucky asked:  when is the appropriate time to draft a quarterback? This question is a tough one to answer.  When drafting you fantasy team there are a lot of things that go into when you draft which position, for example,  If your league give QB's 4 points for throwing a touch down, 1 point for every 25 yards passed, well I personally would get a top notch RB and WR before considering a QB and in that third round if there was another good skilled player I may pass again.  But if  your league gives a Quarterback 1 point for every 10 yards passed, 6 points for TD's thrown then top QB's will start to come off the board in the first round.  You should look at your league's score set up and email me back and I can customize a answer for you better.

   Charles W. in Colorado Springs email, 'our league set up has 1 running back 2 wide receiver's then 1 flex, at flex we can play RB WR or TE  I try not to look at projections but i normally go off that and it burns me allot any advice? BTW it is a PPR league....
   A.) For allot of leagues Flex position is a hard one for every team in the league to fill.  Ive been in allot of leagues were people's flex players have been back up tight ends,  not a position you want to put yourself in for starters.  It depends on you bench man to be honest,  do you have more than 1 viable option? and if so put your options next to one another and look at there opponent, allot of times you can get the answer that way.  Take a look at your players tendencies, and the defense they are playing tendencies.  Normally the answer is pretty obvious seriously don't think to much about it. Now has far has projections one word of advice don't let a projection stop you from sitting or starting someone,  projections are exactly what they are could a projection.
    Thanks for the emails,  there are still a few more and I will post again tomorrow to answer a few more of them.
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