Friday, June 24, 2011

Fantasy football Runningback rankings for PPR leagues

PPR leagues change everything! It can take a Runningback in the low teens normally and project him into the top 5. Here are our 2011 fantasy football runningback's rankings for all PPR leagues.
1.)Arson Foster, while Im not sold he will produce another 2000 total yards this season he will get allot of carries, and he caught 66 passes last season for over 600 yards.

2.)LeSean McCoy, in non PPR league's McCoy isn't this far up the board but this guy caught 78 balls last year for over 600 yards. Then hit for over 1000 rushing yards.

3.)Maurice Jones-Drew, people maybe scarred of Rashard Jennings steal carries this year, I say don't be. The hold out also will push Jennings progression. With year long knee problem's and what was considered a down year he produced over 1600 total yard with 7 td's. He missed a few games keep in mind too. Knee is fixed and I think you can expect larger output across the board for this guy.

4.)Chris Johnson, he may of only had 200 yards receiving but he had 44 catches, he will put up big numbers again this year.

5.)Jamaal Charles, 1900 total yards last year, people are scarred to take him because of Thomas jones being there, he will get his game in and game out, and too be honest so won't Jones, but I would put jones in the mid to late 20's. Honestly I feel like he could be the best Runningback option, but we will have to see what happens. But I've heard there is a chance jones could be on his way out if that is the case rank him 1 or 2

6.)Adrian Peterson, his receiving numbers will improve this year, as will his carries, as long has he holds onto the football.

7.)Ray Rice, slow start last year but he got it going finally. Expect good things this year from a guy who pulled in 63 receptions last season.

8.)Darren McFadden, last season 1600+ yards with 10 TD's. 500 yards through the air, he was targeted 61 times. If Bush isn't there he could easily be a top 5 guy!

9.)Frank Gore, though he had a down season last year, plus injury problems, he still racked up 1300 total yards, he will be healthy and hungry!

10)Peyton Hillis, 1200 yards rushing 11 TD's and 61 grabs for 477 yards with 2 more TD's not bad for a 'fullback'

11)Steven Jackson, last year with a rookie QB he went over 1200 yards with 6 rushing TD's, and 383 receiving yards. He still has some good years

12)Matt Forte, the only way I would suggest drafting him is if your in a PPR league, he had 51 grabs for 547 yards and 3 TD's. He did rush for over 1000 yards with 6 TD's.

Curious who I missed, who you guys think I left off here! Leave a comment or click our message board and start a thread.


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