Monday, June 20, 2011

Fantasy football top Recievers

1.) Andre Johnson, he is constant year to year expect the norm from him.

2.) Calvin Johnson, 12 TD's last year, with a healthy Matthew Stafford the lions will be moving the ball next season!

3.) Greg Jennings, I took Jim early last year and it paid off I will do it again this season, I believe he will produce monster numbers this season

4.)DeSean Jackson, 1000 yards last year with only 47 grabs, he will have more receptions yards and TD's this year and if you get return points then he is a big time fantasy player!

5.) Roddy White, he will consistently put up 10+ points!

6.) Mike Wallace, he is a premier talent, him and big Ben will connect early and often this year.

7.) Dwayne Bowe, he may not match his 15 tds this season but KC will move the ball through him.

8.)Reggie Wayne, he is getting older but he still runs great routes and the guy throwing to him is Payton manning.

9.) Hakeem Nicks, guy is a beast just like Calvin Johnson, one down fall is he is injury prone.

10.) Mike Williams, Bucs, huge red zone target and now that the Bucs have got a running game that can move the ball that should open him up for some big play's.

A few guys I'm scarred of taking to early Larry fitzgeral, just because we don't know who there signal caller will be. Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, Im not sure they can co-exist.

A few guys I like Kenny Britt, Brandson Lloyd, I gambled on him last year and it paid off big time, I believe he can put up good numbers again!

And then there is Vincent Jackson, if he gets traded or if the chargers figure out how to make him happy and he plays the entire season I think he belongs ranked at number 4.! He could lead the league in allot of categories if he plays a hole season!

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