Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ignore this post! Working, sorry!

Please ignore this and a few other things that will be showing up looking out of place, we are getting our changes made Finaly. Be sure to subscribe and check back here, once we get moving foward we be providing informative sports/fantasy news. We have some inSiders we trust and we will be able to break news from time to time.
We will have all the fantasy football stats and info you will ever need! Everything from draft ranks, what position/player to draft when. Then once the drafts are over we will have injury news, we will have daily updates on sleepers, player's to start and or sit, and which free agents can get you through those bye-weeks.
With 'fantasy ' experts doing guest blogs, and myself (8 time league champ) though I may not be an 'expert' I do have allot of experience and game day knowledge.
So hopefuly we start getting comments on here, we encourage all that visit us to start a topic or conversation. If you think we are wrong tell us! And if anyone has any interesting topics they want a post started of then for all means comment on it and we will get it started.

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