Friday, June 10, 2011

first blog,

      This is normally my favorite time of the year,  the NBA is coming to an end,  MLB is in full effect,  and NFL training camp is finally here which in most any other year would mean it was about time to start thinking about fantasy football.  Oh yea,  and of course,  NHL is almost finally over therefore no more wasted time on watching hockey highlights.  Now MLB is in full effect but my Reds are playing dismal baseball,  NBA finales are here but Lebron still could possibly when his first title,  and of course the NFL is still locked out.
After last nites Finales game I felt a little better with the mavs going up 3 game's to 2 on the Heat,  the thought of  Lebron winning a ring just one year removed from quitting in last years playoff, and of course the
throw up in the back of my throat known as "The Decision". 
      Don't get me wrong here,  if Lebron was too win a NBA tittle this year I would take some enjoyment from it,  but only in telling all the people i know who believe in karma and horoscopes, that once and for all karma clearly doesn't exist.  How could anyone with any sense say it does if he was too win a tittle.  Cleveland may not of been the best team in the league last year, though the records suggest other wise,  but they were a much better and younger squad then Boston.  I get why he couldn't win  if  Lebron even made it to the Finals and lost,  how could he have possibly left Cleveland for Miami.  So Lebron quit,  and all people have talked about since game 3 of this years Finals is how he has disappeared,  but it isn't nearly has evident
has last years Lebron flop he took.  By leaving he not only broke the heart of an entire fan base but he effected a city and regions economy. 
        Last  July's "The Decision",  or as I regularly call it, the throw in the back of my throat,  is one the most talked about debated and questioned transactions in free agency history.  It is one that a city my never recover from,  and it is the one underlining thing that Lebron will always be remembered for, no matter how many rings he does or does not win. 
        Lebron may have the ability to be considered one of the best of all time when it is all said and done,  but he doesn't have the maturity,  stability, and or the closing instinct to be a all time great.  The greats want to ball in the hand in the closing moment's of the biggest games,   the greatest don't deffer the ball to other players,  and the greatest certainly don't leave a team in there prime to go play on someone else's team.  Lebron  lost the killer instinct when he left the Cav's  he went from the offense running through him to have a iso every third or fourth possession. 
       I just hope that if the Heat win the tittle this year it is a unfullfiling for Lebron being a role play rather than it being his team

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