Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The DH in baseball

The DH in major league baseball is a big topic this time of the year, with interleague play going on. Every talks about how NL teams have a big advantage when playing at home against the AL. I think the AL Also has just as big of an advantage when they play at home against the NL. Think about it, the AL builds there teams to have a DH player, how many NL teams have an extra bat on their bench that can truely make a difference,? Not that many. I think alot of teams use these games to give some of there older players a break by not playing the field.
I also hear some argument that both leagues should switch to using the DH, I pray that this never happens! Baseball is a sport were the intricate parts make a big part of the fun watching it. When your pitcher has to bat for instance, and he is pitching well and your going into the 8th up 1 run and he bats lead off, do you pull him or a pinch hitter to try to increase the lead but then bring in a reliever? Do you let him bat so he can continue to pitch? These are the type of situations that baseball presents and I love it!!
Plus the world series is much more interesting it is baseball at its purest. I can't watch American league games because of the DH I find it boring.
What do you guys think should the DH be in both leagues? Should it be thrown out of baseball like marge Schott? What are your thoughts? Also there is a thread started on this comment on our message board make your voice heard!!!

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