Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA lock out

With the NBA lockout Looming that is all you hear about on sports radio. Asking if they will get a deal done before midnit, common, it is very clear the owners and players are so far away there isn't a chance for any sort of agreement today. There is allot of changes need to be made. The average salary is 8.5 mill, that is absurd! And these max deals have got to get lowered, the owners want the max deal all the way down to right around 10 million a year. That is a huge difference from now. You gotta wonder if there will be a season this year? Also if the max deals get lowered that much how many of these guys willgo over seas and play, they could now make more then they do play here in the states so that could be a real concern!
Everyone knows NBA players more so then NFL players are flashy and loose with there money there are going to be some desperate players if they miss an entire season.
One thing that must change is age for entering the draft. I think they need to make these kids stay til there sophomore or junior season! College basketball is so different now TE talent level is diminished. The only way to fix it is to keep them around a few season's. And I think by lowering that gauranteed money it could help and obviously by restricting it it would help. So don't be expecting any sort of labor deal anytime soon if your a NBA fan, it could be a long while!

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