Monday, June 27, 2011

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Los Angelas Dodgers

Mark Cuban owner of the Los Angelas Dodgers? I say absolutely! This guy is a outspoken guy and that scares Selig and the rest of the owners, that's why he didn't get the cubs franchise. But it is time for this to happen. He will bring this franchise back to were it should be, top of it division. Since Cuban bought the Maverics they haven't missed the playoffs they have been to two NBA finals and won a champion ship. A Maverics team keep in mind that never truly competed in the NBA before his take over.
His players and his fan base love the guy and I thin that is the number 1 quality in a owner. Baseball don't like those attributes in there owners, look at how they drove poor old Marge Schott out of Cincy! But the fact of the matter is he will take the dodger's over and immediately spend the money to get big name guys there. And you all know that players will want to play for him!
Honestly baseball messed up when they turned him down to buy the cubs, that is a city and a franchise that with his help, could of finally took that step to get out of there world series drought. So I say Selig, MLB owners, and fans embrace this guy into baseball and he will improve revenue, ratings, and eventually those tv deals will get even bigger!

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