Monday, June 13, 2011

The Ohio State University, what is in store for the program

Monday, June 13 6:53pm

     Listening to today's press conference was very strange,  a very unfamiliar voice,  but yet saying very much familiar things.  You can tell this guy had been groomed by Tressel for sure.  I just don't see how this can end will for Luke Fickell,   he is stepping onto a sideline filling big shoes, and a tight sweater vest.  Good coach or not he is not a big enough name for The' Ohio State University to keep him there permanently.  It looks to me that Osu is using coach Fickell as a scape goat,  let him coach until the point that we know what are sanctions will be and then have him step back down and bring in Urban Myer, Tony Dungy,  or whoever
actually does become the next "full-time" Ohio State Buckeye Coach.
     At that time you got to wonder if Fickell will stick around or if he will move on and further his career in the NCAAF ranks.  If the Buckeye's go out next year and still win 8-9 game's that would have to be considered a successful season with all that has happened, but I don't think a successful season would give Fickell the job.
     I have wondered for the past few day's if any of Ohio State's higher up's regret the John Cooper firing at this point.  Coach Cooper did stuff by the book, or at least as far as we know nothing as ever come to the surface otherwise,   the one thing Cooper just couldn't seem to do is finish out the season the, he couldn't beat Michigan.  Cooper had the Buckeye's continuously in the top 5 but the Wolverines brought allot of really good possibly tittle buckeye teams down.  But the Buckeye's played in allot of new year's day bowl game's under him,  keep in mind this was before the BCS made college football play til the 10th of January and made New years day loose it's reason for allot of hung over people to get out of bed.
    Now as far as sanctions go it is all going to depending on how much of the SI story is true and how much was fabricated.  I don't believe for a second that Osu will get sanctions laid down on them as bad has USC's were.  Ohio State wasn't  buying parents home's for the son's to play football for them,  there wasn't cash being handed to the kids.  I believe last years win's including bowl game will be forfeited, maybe loose a few scholar ships, and a post season band that is 1-2 years long.  Im curious what my readers think about this, 
what sanctions do you guys believe the NCAA will enforce against Ohio State,  do you think Finkell could actually loose the interm tag and become the head coach at The Ohio State university?

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