Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fantasy Football Draft Q&A

We have recieved over 50 emails from readers regarding the upcoming fantasy football season and draft. We answered a good amount by email already but these following questions we thought would help allot of readers.
Darrin from Colorado Springs asked, I have the last pick in the first round of my fantasy draft, then I also have the first pick of the second round. Are points system is a basic point system 6points for every touchdown 1 point for every 10 yards, then for QB's 4 points for every 25 yards passed. My question is should I take the best 2 available or should I take a RB and a QB?
This is a good question, so much of the answer depends on what happened in the 11 picks before your picks come up. Personally I would take the best available, but keep in mind there is 22 picks before you get you picks again. If a Vick or Rodgers falls too you it would be hard to pass, especially on Vick because he will score rush and pass points. But it is imperative you get a RB at this point! Honestly if Ray Rice or Maurice Jones-Drew was there I would go with best available Runningback and I would almost certainly take either a second runingback, depending on who is left, or best wide out. With those picks guys like Greg Jennings and Calvin Johnson should be available. Simple put if Vick was to fall to you take him and best available Runningback, if Vick isn't there take either RB WR or RB RB. You can always score a quarterback in later rounds, guys like Matt Schaub who I think is finally going to have a monster season.
Carmine from Toledo emailed us and asked, is it more imperative to have a top 10 quarterback or a top 10 Runningback?
Almost all the time it is far more important to have a top 10 Runningback. A good portion of leagues give Runningbacks 1 point for every yard from scrimmage, and 6 points for every TD. Then in allot of leagues QB's get anywhere from 4-6 points for each TD thrown, 6 points for each TD rushed, and 1 point for every 25 yards. So if my Runningback rushes for 90 yards and a TD he got me 15 points. If a QB passes for 250 and a touchdown that could be as little as 14 or as many as 16. In most cases a top tier RB will out score a top tier QB. Unless Vick rushes for 8tds this season you can bet on that.
David for Illinois emailed and asked, we are starting a new league this year and it is going to be a keeper league I have pulled the first pick and obviously want to draft someone who will be apart of my team for years to come. I want that guy to be Chris Johnson but I'm worried he won't play the hole season due to his current hold out. What SFO you suggest?
Great question, and in every fantasy draft this is a concern keeper or not. There is no way the Titans are going to let Johnson miss any significant time. But he could be abit rusty early on but for the long term he is a safe bet. And he has allot to prove this season, in a keeper league I like him more than ADrian Peterson. Just keep an eye on the lockout but unless anything changes I say take him! Onething though, I believe next season Ray Rice maybe the Number 1 or 2 ranked Runningback in the league, he is going to be a monster for the next 4-6 years.

We will be answer another 6 reader emails tomorro, keep the question coming in. Email us at one of the following: jbcodora@gmail.com or Mryans@yahoo.com. Also we still have open spots for readers who would like the chance to win a $300 dicks gift card by winning in one of our readers fantasy leagues.

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