Friday, August 12, 2011

NFL Preseason First Take

You always here people say that you cannot take much from preseason games, to that I say watch me. I believe you can get as much info from the little bit the stars play to the multiple drives the second team plays. We got some really good insight last nite into some of the big questions. Let's start in Denver, I do understand Tim Tebow didn't see all of The Cowboys Starting Defense but he had such confidence and seemed extremely comfortable in the huddle last nite. He had good timing with his receivers, he went through his progressions extremely well, and moved in the pocket like a veteran. After last nite I believe Orton will be moved with in the next few weeks and the Tim Tebow era will begin by week one. There are allot of people who just don't like this guy but he is probably one of the hardest working guys out there, and he is physically a beast.
In Philedelphia my concerns were proved true, it doesn't matter what kind of secondary you got if your linebackers aren't that good. The lack of defensive line pressure, lack of pass rushing, and lack of linebacker ability will have the Eagles playing in high scoring games still this season.
In Arizona Kevin Kolb looked comfortable and in his little play moved the ball down the field. Larry Fitzgerald is poised to make up for last season and blow up, though loosing Breaston will hurt, it won't be too hard to surpass last seasons numbers.
How about those Seahawks, I have to admit 2 weeks ago I honestly believed they were one of the worst 3 teams in the League. But now I can admit I was wrong. The signing's of Zach Miller and Sidney Rice will prove to be huge, and it don't hurt to be in the NFC West. Them and the Cardinals will battle for the Division.
The most impressive performance last nite goes too?... No Suprise here the New England Patriots. Ryan Mallett was exceptional, so any concerns about what will happen if Brady gets hurt should be gone. Mallet is the future of the Patriots, or so you would think. Tom Brady still has 5 years maybe more of exciting ball left in him so it will be interesting to see if the Patriots can hold on to the both of them. But the way they moved the ball with ease was astonishing to me. Rex Ryan has to be worried about what was seen last night, but he certainly would never say that.

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