Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fantasy Draft Day

  Our first live draft with our fantasy readers took place today, and for some it was a succesful draft, for others not so much.  You can alwasys tell what people are new, and what people come into a live draft with a plan and that have done some research.
  Now while I feel my team would compete with most any fantasy teams anywhere,  that maybe bias.  But lets take a look here.  Im going to break down my team by position, not by draft order.

At Quarterback I drafted Matt Schaub,  I have been saying for a few months that i thought this was going to be the season Schaub finally lives up to all the preseason hype of the past.  I also like him in a middle round rather than using a second or third pick on a Brady, Brees type QB.  As a back up I was able to snag Joe Flacco in the 10th round.  I also had the last pick of the draft and went on a limb and took Kyle Orton.  With the last pick worth a shot.

At  Runningback I feel I made my biggest impact,  I got Adrian Peterson, Derren McFadden, Cedric Benson, Thomas Jones, and took a shot on Reggie Bush.  AP needs no explanation, McFadden is also solid if he stays healthy!  Now Benson's stock is falling in allot of fantasy leagues, but keep in mind this guy will get 300 carries this season, most average backs will put up descent points with that ammount of carries, and at best he is my 3rd runningback.  Thomas Jones holds little value, but if Jamaal Charles goes down he will fill any for him and could be a big time contributor.  Reggie Bush I feel has a chance to turn his carreer around but Im not going to be hurting if he dont produce since Im 5 deep, and chances are he is going to be released soon by me anyhow.

At  Reciever I got Greg Jennings, Anquan Boldin, AJ Green, and Lance Moore.  Mark my words Jennings will be the number 1 reciever at seasons end, I would bet the farm.  Anquan Boldin will finaly produce as a top 10 guy, I got Brandon Llyod correct last season this year my guy is Boldin.  Aj Green has a chance to put up really nice numbers as cincys #1 guy but questions at QB could hold him back especially if they start Dalton, If Gradkowski plays he could have a really nice year.  Lance Moore is in a contract season, on a team that will pass 40 plus times a game.

At tightend I took Dallas Clark, Zach Miller.  Dallas Clark is extremely safe especially with the offensive line problmes Indy is looking at, Manning could be dumping the ball off to clark allot.  Zach Miller too Seattle I think was a good move, but dont take him too early, and dont rely on him as a number 1 tightend you will get burnt.

Kicker I took just one Nate Kaeding.  San Diego will score allot he will get me descent points.  I dont believe in drafting 2 kickers at all.  There are alwasys kickers on the wire.

Defense I took the Pittsburgh Steelers,  easy for me here,  dont look to much into kick off returns when picking you defense because kicking from the 35 will bring far to few kick off return oppurtunities.  The only time i will ever take multiple defenses during a draft is if i have a chance to get a top 5 or 6 defense late. Now during the regular season I will keep 2 on my squad but No need to jump into bed with two of them through your draft.

Kyle Jackson,  was the big winner out of all the readers,  He scored Arian Foster, Mario Manningham, and Calvin Johnson,  I will be seeing you in the tittle game.
    We have 2 more leagues we are going to have for our readers so if interested you must contact us soon

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