Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week 1 recap

Week one was full of many suprises. I don't think anyone though Ben Roethlisberger would look so bad in the Steelers opener, horrific! How about Mike Tolbert getting more targets then Vincent Jackson and Antonio Gates. Certainly the Bengals come from behind win was suprising.
Then you had the Norm, ADrian Peterson pounding attack, Tom Brady looking poised and showing why he is the best in football. And MJD with a very solid outing.
Already we have received emails wondering if Cam Newton is a must own, absolutely not! He looked good Sunday but I would bet the in the next 2 weeks he won't total the same yardage combined. Also people emailed us after last notes Broncos game saying that they were going to drop Orton, don't even think about doing that you will regret it!
Alot of people have to be concerned if you have any of the Colts receivers, Chris Johnson, and jamaal Charles. But I promise it is just week one, but with that other than Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark the rest of Indys guys are dropable, and need to be dropped.

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