Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The New York Jets Make Free Agency Splash

I didn't buy into the rumors that Holmes could end up in Washington. Especially now that McNabb has been shipped to the Viking's. So I wasn't suprised by the signing, I was surprised though by the deal. Reportedly the deal is a 5 year $50 million with $24 million garunteed. They have now set the price for receivers and it is hefty! But with that said it is a move they needed, and according to sources they aren't done.
The rumor that the Jets are interested in throwing a huge number at Nnamdi Asomugha is a scary thought. Can you imagine him and Revis together, that would intimidate the best Quarterbacks in the league. The one problem I see with this is in order for them to sign him, it will take more that Revis' $11.5 million a year deal, and that could cause internal problems with Revis' ego. But if they figure out how to get Asomugha signed the Jets would have to be one of the favorites to win the AFC.
There is also a rumor that the Jets have interest in Randy Moss. I don't believe for one second that Moss is done, I truely believe he still is and can be one of the premier receivers in the League. Moss would be the deep threat they need to open the field up. That will make things easier on an aging LaDanian Tomlinson, and Shonn Green who the Jets hope take over the bulk of the carries this year.
The Jets could end up being the winner of the Free agency Frenzy this year, they could be set up for a great playoff run this year for sure!

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